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Hi, Andrew from Aussie Vac here. Today we’re going to take a
look at how to repair a split vacuum hose. So what we have here is
an old vacuum hose which has got a split just behind the handle. This is going to effect the
suction of the vacuum system and needs to be repaired. The first step is to cut the
damaged piece of hose away. The easiest way to do this
is to cut straight through the split to remove the
handle from the end. Now that we’ve cut through
the split in the hose, we need to concentrate
on removing the small piece of hose that remains in the handle. To do this, we need to
depress the tab that makes the locking ring grip onto the
handle and secure the hose. The hose will now come out of the handle, and we can work on the next stage of the repair. If this piece is glued
on to the remaining hose, unfortunately you can’t use this. You’ll need to throw it
away and get a new one which you can buy on our website to thread onto your hose. In some cases, this part isn’t glued and will simply thread off. The last step is to simply
reassemble the hose. Start by placing the locking ring on, threading on your hose hole, which is a reverse thread. In this case I’m using a new hull but you could use your old hull
if it wasn’t glued on as we discussed earlier. Once it’s threaded on all
the way, place your handle back over and clip it together. And there’s your repair complete. All the parts for this
hose repair are available online at our website or at
our showroom in Melbourne. If you’ve got any further questions, feel free to give us a call or an email. Thanks for watching the video.

Bernard Jenkins


  1. I loved your video but I have a Eureka hose and it appears that the connection had been glued .I cut the hose from where the hole is but what can I get to put it back

  2. Excellent video- especially the explanation about the reverse thread. Fixed my Vax machine reversing the hose back in to the holder.Many thanks…

  3. Hi nice vid mine was glued like you mentinued I managed to unravel out wearing one of my gardening gloves then give it a wipe then fixed it back like you said its fine now many thanks

  4. OMG guys THANK YOU SOO MUCH, you saved me from getting grounded, I ripped the hose by accident while my parents weren't home, so i watched you video and repaired the hose in a matter of minutes. again thank you SO MUCH.

  5. My Dirt Devil Swivel Glide (from the USA) does not have a locking clip to release and replacement parts are no longer available. Any suggestions? Thanks for great video!

  6. Products in the US often don't have replacement parts such as this because they want you to just buy a NEW vacuum..(Good ol capitalism)
    Seems like our Aussie counterparts do business like a real business…
    I should buy me a Aussie vacuum I think🙌🏽

  7. Thank you very much for this! Saved me from having to go to the store and buy duct tape 😂

  8. So much for finding a non-destructive way to repair a split hose. This is literally the opposite of a fix.

  9. Thanks a million guys. Had no idea how to get that clip off? Was trying to screw that hose in forever. Didn’t even realize that it’s reverse thread. THANK YOU

  10. If the hose is plastic, as mine is, I put superglue between the bellows where the split is and pressed them together. This effectively sealed the tear. I did buy an extra hose, which fits on like any other attachment, for extra range and to relieve the stress when stretching.

  11. Repaired mine thanks was going g to buy a new one, I still will as this is rubbish vacuum.

  12. My obsolete old faithful now has a life extension thanks to your easy to understand video. Thank you so much!

  13. I made it by myself. I used woodprix woodworking plans for that.

  14. thanks for sharing your knowledge I wont have to throw it a way or sent it to be repaired so thanks again great info!

  15. Oh thank you, it never would have occurred to me that it was a left-handed thread.

  16. How do you remove the OTHER END of the hose connector? I can't seem to remove the four small latches holding on the hard plastic head. Thanks.

  17. I have a Shark brand vacuum cleaner. The hose section that split is both threaded and (I discovered) glued into a connector that did not have a removable locking ring. The hose is steel wire reinforced. I cut through the plastic part of the hose with a utility knife, as in the video, then snipped the wire with cutters. Since the hose would not thread off, I grabbed the exposed end of the wire reinforcement with pliers, and pulled the wire out first. The plastic was then easy to remove with the pliers. Fortunately, there was only a little glue used by the manufacturer as it did not appear to run the length of the threads. After a little cleanup, I threaded the connector back onto the hose and back in business. I didn't add any glue in case I need to do this again. So far, there doesn't appear to be any vacuum leak.

  18. Haha nice and simple, with a smile. How much do you want to bet my Oreck hose resembles nothing in this video.

  19. Thank you sooooo much we did our vacume hose and you saved us lots of money. May Allah bless you.

  20. I  ripped  my hose about five month go I was strangling I try to put  tape it didn't work I was thinking buying new one and I just saw your video by chance and it took me less then two minute fixed you are life saver you save me money and time I just want say thank you very much.

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