Repair Lesson: How to Remove the Inductor Next to the CPU

remove inductor
tools and materials used in this video used a hot air gun rework station and
install the straight wind nozzle adjust a hot air gun settings temperature 300
degree wind speed 30% remove the sticker with the scrapper
knife and hop you’re gone the scrapper knives should be inserted
vertically to cut out the sticker to avoid damaging the CPU or the inductor remove the sticker with the scrapper
knife and hot air gun adjust a hot air gun to temperature 380 degree
wings be 20% used to inter meet my method to heat the motherboard used to
enter meet my method to heat the motherboard instead and do not heat the
motherboard for too long do not hold the hot air doll muzzle
against the CPU to prevent the sodor boss from being damaged by the CPU over
video use a pair of tweezers to carefully take off the inductor clean up
the modder board with the soldering iron and solder wick finally clean the motherboard with the
PCB cleaner and cotton install the inductor
click the residual sticker of the inductor
used a soldering iron to at low temperatures soda paste on the two sides
of a new conductor to prevent excessive hitting East a low temperature soda
paste a soda will be easier as solar flux on the inductor soda pads on the
motherboard adjust aha Aragon temperature to 380
degree we speak 10% place the new inductor inductor installation completed special
notes welcome to contact us for more repair
training bio info @ h CQ s comm cm if you are interested in learning more
repair skills and method we provide course for iPhone repair training mac
book repair training and broken screen refurbished training comments and
questions are always welcome below you you

Bernard Jenkins


  1. You guys are doing a very important work! Keep it up! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience!

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