Repair of an old German Stradiuarius violin Neuner & Hornsteiner workshop 803

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Bernard Jenkins


  1. thanks again for this beautiful video. Did you – sorry did she! – use Dragon's blood with alcohol based varnish also for this retouch? …..yes! what a beautiful life among all these beautiful ladies and violins;)

  2. UUhat a strange idea to uurite the uery uuell-knouun name of Stradivarius like 'Stradiuarius'. In present-day typesetting, uue haue the v and the w at our disposal. Maybe in Stradivarius' times, the man used the 'u' character to represent the v and the w (or at least his label printer did), but there is no reason for doing so today.

  3. Good morning.
    I'm from Brazil and I am looking for a violin at a price of $ 200.00 to $ 250.00 to buy and have to be German they are of great quality sound.
    I wonder if you don't have any violin used with good conditions of use to send me to Brazil for me I deposit the money in your account at paypau.

  4. She has skilled hands, but a dull knife to shave the cleats with. Rather painful to watch. It's not hard to produce decent edges, especially on a tool like that.

  5. i have antoniusstradiuavarius made germany anno 1709 i wiil shal my ph 082243543962 txs  indonesia

  6. How much did this violin end up selling for? Just curious. Thanks!

  7. Looks identical to mine,which unfortunately has no label. Got mine for £50 in a junkshop!

  8. VERY GOOD WORK … I AM IN ARGENTINA AND WOULD MAKE A CONSULTATION, restore a very old violin gave me that he was very DAMAGED PAINT .. ALL THE SAND AND A FIST and droplets of shellac YOU I WAS GIVING UNTIL MANY HANDS BIE was very .. WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IF THE rECOMMENDED I can pass shellac or varnish or OTHER rECOMMENDED FOR WHAT WOOD vibration. THANK YOU

  9. There was only one Stradivarius and he was Italian.  Also you spelled his name wrong, its a "V" not "U".  Can't wait to buy a Japanese Ferrari.

  10. Antonius Stradiuarius violins are different from violins of the Stradiuarius variety.

  11. .OK!!!.. First of all… i ask you for sorry for my Very Stupid comment before.. Second : there Really exist German and Czechoslovakian made Label called : Antonio Stradiuarius Cremonensis producing omage violins to the Italian master ..still do exist towsend of such ancient fake instruments worth ca. 100$ ..And thirdly, the way to write STRADIUARIUS is the most CORRECT way to write it, this is The original LATIN way the Master Stradivari signed his work by himself. Well this is the really example beter to learn using our brain before we start giving stupid comments,.. including my own. Sorry Again

  12. To trim down the cleats, why not use a dremel. Would be dangerous, but so would a knife slip. Any thoughts?

  13. my daughter just got her first violin,then my dad had one in his attic and took it back to Ireland for me it needs a bit done eg strings,bow but the reed is rattling about inside I took it to our local music shop to be told if the reed was inplace it would cost just over €50 but if iv to get someone to do the reed that alone will cost €100 it's not a big name I only paid €107 for the new one, advice is all I'm looking for.I did get it in place and it stayed in we gave it a bit of a swing about and success it stayed in place till today when I took it out to clean up the body and the dam reed is rattling about in the violin I was told it's all about placement and no glue should be used and I can see there is no sign of glue bits..what to do I'll try replace it again iv a better idea how to go about it now naturally I can't take it apart like you can what do you suggest? thanks,beautiful work by the way

  14. So this is a knock off of a Stradivarius? is there a Cremona Germany? That label was designed to deceive the ignorant?
    The label said 1715 and then they say early nineteenth century what is the story?

  15. I realise that with no repair it will not sound at all, but will these repairs alter the sound of the original instrument in any significant way, will it have a new tone to it afterwards ?

  16. I appreciate skillful use of hand tool as much as anyone but goof grief, I'd be using a dremel to bur down those cleats. Why make them so big in the first place?

  17. Cheap and nasty fake, no matter how you slice it. Stradivari would have used it for firewood.

  18. escutei alguem falando em português do Brasil, onde é essa tenda?

  19. I'm sure the information was good but I couldn't watch the video as it was sooo jerky. Please get a tripod sir.

  20. the varnish on my old german violin glows opaque and pale olive green under uv light. What causes this? the varnish is clear and brown in normal light.

  21. This would have been a great video if the cameraman didn't have Parkinson's disease…

  22. I dont know whats better, repairing a Strad or repairing a Strad in a shop full of super beautiful women!

  23. Ok… "German Stradiuarius" that's surely a thing…

  24. if they's say Strad. Type 1960 Ubitz Germany , or something consistent–

  25. this is like beanie babies 1000 available all ages all woods all color all tagged

  26. Hello everybody!
    Can someone share with me the second part bowing sequence for Sur Le Fil(Yann Tiersen)[14:44] Second part [16:36]? I can't find it, and its too fast to really understand what he is playing. I really want to play this song as this performance. Thank you all!

  27. I would consider calling upon a colleague to apply glue to the body while I apply to the top because of reasons.

  28. I would have liked to see the sound post installed and adjusted. now as for the name. Lots of makers are using similar Strad. name to sell violins. Germany. Poland and many more sadly. but they are not bad violins.

  29. Your English is so excellent. Did you live in an English-speaking country for any length of time?

  30. Did you install the sound post. Did not see it in the video and it was not there when the violin was disassembled.

  31. Wondering why you use a brush to apply the glue and push it into the crack rather that a syringe that would inject the glue into it?

  32. To test if it is a true Strad copy, the tweeter region (left of the left f-hole) needs to be properly carved, as well as, under the fingerboard on the top plate. BTW, cleating completely destroys the delicate nuanced sound of a true Strad. A.S. carved his top plates to 1/10 mm accuracy to the desired topology. This was his trade secret.

  33. it is a Stradivarius "model" from a german workshop made in the 1920's not an original the gentleman says so at the begining of the video

  34. Wow those young people are awesome, a good thing to see them being trained by " The Old Master"

  35. I see 'Straduarius', man, it should be 'Stradiuarius' with "i" before "u" (later in the 1730's also 'Stardivarius' with "iv"), and in this golden period, next to the family name should stay 'Cremonensis' instead of 'Cremona'. Other signs also demonstratively exhibit this is a fake. Despite it seems to be a nice handicraft product or even a masterpiece.

  36. Sorry to see all these stupid comments – mostly from USA users:
    Yes – it's German Stradiuarius copy by the Neuner & Hornsteiner workshop in Mittenwald / Germany …
    Any further doubts?
    Please stop being totally stupid ….

  37. why as if there is no sound post that connects the top plate and the bottom plate?

  38. This is a violin "modeled after" or "copied from" a Stradivarius pattern. It was made in the workshop of Neuner and Hornsteiner in Mittenwald, Germany in the very early part off the Twentieth Century. Neuner and Hornsteiner was a very reputable luthier firm. Their copies are quite good and can run into the thousands of dollars.

  39. Please…It’s a German made Strad model. Period. It’s NOT a Strad.

  40. I'm sure I heard someone listening to Lindsay Stirling early in the video!

  41. Nice video, but you left out the repairs to the neck. Also, why are you always narrating these is if this is your own handiwork, when it seems to always be one or another beautiful young woman who’s actually doing all the work…?

  42. Sir , you have VERY SHAKY hands . Someone who is 40 years younger should take the camers .With great respect to you , sir .

  43. Most of the negative comments are really dumb. That master violin maker died some 300 years ago. Ergo, a violin made in the 1920s could NOT possibly be one of them. Obviously, it is just a ploy to increase hits to this video. The photo of the Stradiuarius label says 1715. Thus even if it was produced in the same workshop, what was made in 1920 wont be the same as something made in 1715. Nor, would a violin repairer give away his trade secrets. What I find shocking is that one German violin maker from around the same time period has moved to China and is now producing cheap production line violins on a mass scale. People with a good ear will pay big money, while those without an ear go for inexpensive violins made in China marketed with a German name.

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  45. Wow, thanks for the full on restoration experience and the sound is great and the playing in the end is beautiful

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