Rose Tico Allegedly Had An Important Role In Rise Of Skywalker

Rose Tico fans can claim a victory, well,
sort of. An alleged summary of the Star Wars: The Rise
of Skywalker script has emerged on YouTube from a former professional screenplay reader
named Robert Burnett. This supposed version of the script is said
to have been written during Colin Trevorrow’s time in the director’s chair, before he lost
his job in 2017 and the entire project started over with The Force Awakens director J.J.
Abrams back at the helm. This script, with the working title The Duel
of the Fates, appears to be a profoundly different movie from the one we received in December
2019, though several of the individual concepts are similar enough that they might have been
repurposed for The Rise of Skywalker. The story itself, however, is entirely different,
and Kelly Marie Tran’s Rose Tico is at its core. “I work behind pipes all day. Doing talking with resistance heroes is not
my forte. I’m Rose.” Fans of Rose, who was introduced in The Last
Jedi, have been upset by how The Rise of Skywalker minimized her presence and insulted the character,
on top of the real-life harassment Tran experienced on social media because of her role. They can perhaps find some bittersweet comfort
in the possibility that, somewhere along the line, someone might have cared about Rose. However, we can’t 100% guarantee that the
alleged script described in the video is genuine. Burnett explains straight away that he won’t
provide proof of the script beyond cropped images of the title page and the original
narration crawl, or any detail as to how he got a hold of it, but if you want to imagine
this is legit, hey, go for it. Let’s take a look at the version of Rose Tico
in The Rise of Skywalker that might have been. This alleged original Rise of Skywalker script
actually opens on Rose Tico and BB-8. A good chunk of the first act has her attempting,
along with Finn, Poe, and eventually Rey, to sabotage the transportation of ore used
for building Star Destroyers at the Kuat Shipyards. Long story short, the sabotage goes very poorly
for our heroes, but with luck, they escape (are you ready for this?) by jacking an entire
freaking Star Destroyer off the lot and peeling out of the shipyards at lightspeed. All the while, Rose is described as being
front and center, doing her best to reorganize when plans A, B, and Z all fail. There are two major teams performing missions
in this alleged script: Rey, Poe, and Chewbacca take off on their own to do their half, while
Rose, Finn, C3PO, and R2-D2 depart for Coruscant to try a desperate gamble. In trying to snuff out the Resistance for
good, the First Order has choked off all intersystem communication at its source. Rey learns from the texts she picked up in
The Last Jedi, however, that the Jedi Temple houses a giant kyber crystal that the Old
Republic used thousands of years ago as a communication system the First Order doesn’t
have the means to control. Lighting this ancient beacon is the last hope
of the Resistance to gather allies, and Rose takes point on this do-or-die mission. Once the beacon subplot is completed on Coruscant,
the alleged Rise of Skywalker script continues on into the city itself. Since the fall of the Republic as we knew
it in the Star Wars prequel trilogy, the city-planet has taken a major hit, with most citizens
falling into scavenging and homelessness. Rose and Finn navigate this underclass and
eventually help incite a revolt. You heard that right: the woman who lost the
only family she had left in a civil war gets to assist inciting the biggest on-screen popular
revolt against fascism in Star Wars, in Coruscant. Quite a climax. This all takes place while a massive battle
occurs in orbit over Coruscant, with General Leia’s forces united by Lando Calrissian. The cherry on top is mentioned in passing
by Burnett as he wraps up the video: Once the First Order is defeated, the remaining
leadership attempt to flee from Coruscant in a giant mobile headquarters. At some point in the story that Burnett doesn’t
describe, Rose messes with the compound’s navigation computers and when the complex
goes to lightspeed, the travel vectors are incorrect and it crashes into a planet, destroying
the Order for good. It’s not as elegant as a one-in-a-million
shot into an exhaust port, but that is wicked cool. Sadly, since there’s no proof that any of
that is actually true, you’re gonna have to take it with a grain of salt. In fact, though it might have existed at one
point, fans of Rose might rather pretend the screenplay draft didn’t. After all, all it would be is a reminder of
something they got cheated out of. The past three years have been tumultuous
for the Star Wars franchise between the backlash over The Last Jedi and failure of Solo, and
Trevorrow’s professional merit seemed to have dropped after his film Book of Henry utterly
bombed at the box office. Being the poster boy for the biggest franchise
on Earth must have been a lot of pressure at the time, and it appears that maybe in
the end, a bunch of fallible humans cracked underneath it. Despite the mixed overall response to The
Rise of Skywalker, many people did in fact enjoy it, and that’s the legacy of Star Wars
as a whole: it’s too many things to too many people, and there’s no way in hell it could
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Bernard Jenkins


  1. no one cares about the frumpy Asian character. She has no personality and her role was pointless before, now, and forever.

  2. Two part question: Do you believe the script leak. Do you think The Rise Of Skywalker needed more Rose Tico?

  3. yeah but the Rise of Skywalker needed MATT SMITH… who was 100% cut from the movie… WAY worse than Tico

  4. Am I the only person who did not hate Rose Truco, but just felt she was porrly written in 8 and underused in 9?

  5. Should have used a hotter actor. Sorry but movies are a fantasy. If someone is normal looking they better be incredible at acting. I thought she had no personality.

  6. So what. Now the Backup dancers want to sing now. Please tell this girl to stay innher lane. She sounds like a freaking snowflake

  7. good actor, garbage character in a garbage movie. No one should care about this.

  8. The character offered nothing. Just imagine she didn't stop fin. His arc was from storm trooper to sacrificing himself to save the resistance

  9. No. She didn’t. No matter what anyone says. She should’ve been killed off immediately after her stupid character was introduced. In fact she should’ve been aborted by her parents.

  10. I would have been Glad if She Died in TRS! Maybe she lost the Will to Live would have made more sense than Padme!!!

  11. This character was one of the worst female characters ever written, and if you like it then you're a certifiable fucking idiot.

    More Ailita. Less whatever the fuck this is.

  12. The actor didn't deserve none of this. She should have been treated better as a character because she was nothing more than a political idea stuffed into this movie so a few people can scream some sort of victory. The Actor is Fantastic. Her character is nothing more than forced propoganda in a Star Wars Movie.

  13. What are we supposed to do with all this info about things that will never be?

  14. I thought the story in The Last Jedi was truly stupid but I didn't hate this character and I do like the actress. I look at her like I look at Ghostbusters 2016, the actresses were and are excellent it is a shame they made the story around them suck so badly.

  15. Colin T had some cool ideas regarding Kylo, but otherwise, the rest of the characters and story seemed pretty bland. I really liked Rise Of Skywalker and thought it did a really good job closing things out. Is it perfect? No, but its quite good considering what it had to do (close out 9 films after The Last Jedi left most story-arcs dead in their tracks). Rise is my fave StarWars film since the original trilogy.

  16. Rose Tico is a useless character. She added zero substance and nothing to the story.

  17. "Star wars is many things to many people, so it never pleases everybody"
    The Mandolorian would like a word with you

  18. Rose Tico's role was ONLY to increase the Chinese audience. Forced diversity isn't diversity.

  19. Everyone liked the Mandalorian and Clone Wars. But keep making excuses for the Disney sequel trilogy Looper.

  20. 2:27 wasn’t courasant destroyed during first order attack in the force awakens?

  21. 🤣… that’s like asking why there wasn’t more Jar Jar, or more Ewoks .. wait… people actually LIKED Ewoks.. n/m.

  22. Rico Tico had to be taken out because that bugbitch kept eating all the Rebel food supplies and almost tipped the scales (pun intended) of the war.

  23. The Rise of Skywalker was the worst ever and Abraham’s needs to quit his day job

  24. So stupid that if you dont like her horrible character then your racist she is not a good actress and her character was useless so why should anyone like her or want her in the movie more

  25. Honestly , most of the characters in this trilogy were complete shit , she just happened to be the icing on the cake 🤣

  26. Keyword: Allegedly
    She added literally nothing to the new trilogy expect plot holes and headaches.

  27. Lol at fans, fuck the left and SJW morons who wanted to push this useless character, this is pretty much damage control at this point

  28. I would pay good money to see this draft. The film that was released was cool, but this sounds a lot better.

  29. Screw Rose. She was an idiotic character that didn't deserve any more screen time at all.

  30. Darth Vader please Use the Force to Choke all ( Marie Sue Character'$ ). Rose Tico = Taco-Bell fans.?????? Hum

  31. She was only added in the last jedi to make the movie racist in addition to its innate sexism. Her and fin, the black man and Asian woman, go on the side quest and fail. The white guys, han and luke would have succeeded. It was racist and we all know it, that wasn't needed again.

  32. She was the only one who actually made me cringe from the movies. Her and finn kissing actually made me LOL it was plotted so fucking bad

  33. The problem is all of Rose's storyline lines in the last Jedi sucked, was irrelevant to anything else happening in the movie or was so idiotic, it took me right out of the movie.

  34. Does somebody actually like her? In all honesty I tried giving Rose Tico a chance but just like Jar Jar they both are just dumpster fire.

  35. When Collin T. was writing the script, LAST JEDI wasn't out yet. Hence the character of Rose Tico had not been created… so this script story is BS.

  36. Star Wars isn’t the biggest franchise on earth. Pokemon is. Wikipedia exists you know

  37. Rey sux, Finn sux, Rose sux, Kylo Ren sux. Somone has to say it. And im a lifelong Star Wars fan. We have a right to say we dont like it. Whole thing makes no scence they think were stupid,

  38. Thank God this shitty character didn't have any major role.
    I am sure actress is a good person, but character of Rose is worse than Jar Jar.

  39. I’ve seen shrubbery with more character and impact on a story than Rose. The actor is great, the Ficus known as Rose is just meh

  40. She wasn’t a relevant character. She was put their for some sort of love interest for Finn. Other than that there was no point for her character.

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