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yeah everybody thanks again for joining us for another
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cool stuff today we’re going to go over Russell Lucian’s and we actually have
some Camaro parts and we’re going to show you how to blast them and and also
stripped them chemically and actually so you want to see from rust to actually
primer epoxy primer recent capsule yep two different methods all live here in
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that what we’re going to do today all right well we got a lot of products on
the table here so let’s talk about it for a little so we got our gel russ’s
Oliver and that’s how you submerge apart and remove us chemical yeah that’s nice
and then a chemical stripper these are the ways you can mechanically
remove for us we have are cylindrical wire brushes which you chuck up in a
drill and then it’s much faster than a hand wire brush and you’re actually
going to see these were actually gonna be using these later on when we strip
with the rest off one of the parts yeah and you have a wide surface area this whole area is in contact with the
surface so it’s much better than using a cup brush you put an angle grinder and
then we also have our bristol disk over here from 3m these are good for not
putting heat in the metal and they come in different grits yes we have a fine
medium and coarse and then over here we have a poly x strip discs these things are awesome yeah I i use
these all the time love them whether you’re stripping paint
or r us these things do a great job they last a good amount of time once if I
have I like to do is take an air nozzle from the compressor blow them out once
in a while every few minutes just to get all the the roster in the paint out of
them clean them up and and they really work and i’ll keep you know and that’s
another way to help keeping the metal down you keep these things there and
they work a lot better and we got an 84 inch that you can put right into your
angle grinder and we also have a four and a half in the seventies and eighties
take a backing pad that we sell as well yeah it’s just a hoot hook-and-loop
fastener yep and with that same backing pad we also saw a red scotch-brite just
for a light rust so you already stripped the color but
you have some surface rust you want to remove that’s what this for they were really that and then we have
our blast out of pocket here this is our new system that has the same gun that a
blast cabinet has so it’s proven it works very well we also an improved pickup tube that
will prevent clogging and we give you some consumers right off the bat so
you’ve ever used tool for a long time and you’re actually going to see this
gun in use because like you said it’s the gun from
our blast cabinet and we use the benchtop last cabinet to clean off some
of these parts were going to show you that footage and behind it also comes in
that blast cabinet which is newly remodeled or cabinet this it’s a sort of
a medium-sized yeah we also that when you buy the cabinet itself it comes with
small lights mounted on top of a bench but then we also offer a light kit if
you want full standing up cabin yeah and then we offer a full full-size last cast
as well so basically you meeting for blasting
from this blast i have a bucket kit to large black cabinet we’ve got you
covered and pressure blasters yeah so and now what so what else we got so this
is how you remove rust so then once you remove their us with
the blaster there’s a stripping this you’re gonna want to etch the surface
and clean it so then we have our fast set and are
after blast the difference between these two the after blast has a mild detergent
in it to help get rid of any of the great left from the abrasive media the
fastest does not but they’re both the phosphor Gaza that leaves a nice coating
to protect the rust to protect the metal from rusting while you’re working on it
will see anything of that this right here is a little sample from
our store if you ever check out our stores pottstown also parma ohio and illinois this is one that they did about
four months ago just show customers you see the surface rust over the entire
thing well right here they sprayed some fast edge that was about four months ago
this thing gets handled by customers all the time and you can still see it’s
still good to bare metal so it’s lasted for months it took it from that to this
when people handling it the humidity is summer everything hasn’t
it still looks great so when it does come time to paint
you’re going to hit everything with pre-painting prep yeah that’s going to take anything left
any excess fast at or any grease from fingers you no-good pink pearl AG center stuff
you have two great prep for paint available in gallons aerosols llovio see
that’s 50 state compliant so we can guess that’s good about in the other so
they’re moving on to our coatings we’re going to start with rust
encapsulator so if you didn’t get all of the rust off the product you got all the
loose scale and you know all the miles Air Force trusted there but you still
have some pitting some areas where you couldn’t get the rust you want to use
our rust encapsulator this is going to encapsulate the rest and make sure it
doesn’t come back it’s almost like a primer but it also
seals in and encapsulate that rocks yeah it’s great like like you said like if
you have pits and we have some pitted metal yeah you can you can put the rest
in caps later over it yeah and then after dry sand it off the
rust encapsulator will stay in those pits exact and then you can prop apply
your epoxy primer over that or it’s great for welding so you see you spray
it like i said stays in the pitch you send it off then you can put like a well
through primer and then you know if you’re doing floor pans are going to be
overlapping them yeah so that way you’ve got them out of
the the pain in the pits you know so then when you can top coat
it that I think it’s encapsulated area that you didn’t blast which is another
reason why you want to blast because blasting is going to get that if
possible you know blessings a good way of actually removing the rest from those
pits and we’ll show you that here in a little bit and if you can’t remove the
rust either chemically and mechanically you need to encapsulate and that’s what
this product for and it comes in a bunch of college yeah we have somebody order a not just
the black that you can see us use safety yellow I think we have clear silver ever red
oxide kind of mimics a red oxide primer if you go to eastwood.com see there’s a
yeah a whole bunch of that yeah we have this
park in gallons court aerosol and then we also have a textured rust
encapsulator and a rubberized rust encapsulator the textured rusting
capture is great if you have pits you’re not looking for a flat finish but
you’re looking to kind of hide the painted surface yeah just go to sleep i
dropped frame yeah it will sort of had its own right
texture so the texture and hated Ross yeah that’s it you know you’re going to
get the texture and it will even that texture out are rubberized is great for
areas wheel wells under car you know it’s good to you say in the
spring and fall right before winter up here in Northeast we get prepared for
winter and we get salt on our roads you come out a winner you clean it up those
areas that are worn down you know you re code them or you know
you get a nice black shiny black coating yeah whatever black coating again
because that’s a combination of encapsulator and an undertaking that but
it was nice too is that it actually cures it’s not like a rubberized
undercoating yesterday’s you know mushy and then next to that we have our
internal frame creating this is a unique product for us here is a very very
popular problem yeah so as we found out also very popular
with cheap guys yeah we would set the GPR last week and a lot of guys liked it yeah so over here we have a little prop
said demo this this is the nozzle that comes with the internal frame coding
it’s about 20 inches long and it has a conical spray pattern so it comes you’re going to find an access hole in
the frame and then you’re going to enter it into the frame and then you’re going
to spray and pull out of the frame and cut allowing on the code holds 60
degrees it’s going to flow it’s designed to move getting all the
nooks and crannies all the little good welding is very thin it’s a very gassy and this this example
here is green that’s original color but now it’s also offered to black yes so we
have both to cover their we actually have some footage of it and use so we
can show you right here as you can see that this is just a test we did in a
pipe of peace of downspout so you can see how it comes out
everywhere and then when it’s done it’s completely coated it almost creates a
fogging effect yeah just make sure your you rotate and here’s here’s one we did
in a in a truck I like to tape up as many of the holes
as possible because like i said it’s running it’ll come out especially this
is a truck somebody was driving and you just tape up as many as you want
fine whole stick it in you know and then just spray and pull the hose push the
hose back and forth until the entire inside you know the frame is coded yeah
and the taping up the holes if you already have your frame coated
and it’s a good thing to do is that way you don’t leave any green but running
out of the hole it’s also good i mean you have other areas the words anyway there any areas in the
car you can’t reach you know it’s also a good way to you know to protect whether
it’s a restoration or or a daily driver it’s actually protected from the inside
out as well yep so moving along over here we have
our direct metal epoxy primer so on parts that you blast and then hit with
fast sketch or after blessed you clean them off of pre you’re going to want to
get them into primer quickly so our epoxy primer is great for that it
is not going to wreck the metal we have it in its low v OC so it’s 50
stay compliant courts gallons and what’s unique we also have this one or two care
of spray this is what we’re going to use today and we’ll have more of that later
it will show you this this is something you got to see an accurate yeah it’s all
relatively durable paint will show you how it works and then once you get
something in epoxy primer you’re going to want to coat it again and we have our
extreme chassis black for that we have this we also offer a chassis black which is
we’ve had forever yeah it works great and then the extreme has more content of
pigment and ceramics that’s a little more durable little harder and we also
have this in 2k + a2 care of spray and a 2k mix in a court as well so let’s get
started yeah so the the first thing we’re going to do
is let’s get started with one we blasted I guess my guide on how we got got this
far yeah it’s down so this is a part of the
Camaro that goes from the reading your support over the defender yeah it’s from the oil under support and
we blasted in our bench top last cabinet and and really it’s it’s so simple we
just use some glass beads and as you can see you know it strips strips the rust
really quick gets into pits strips everything out of the pits and it’s just
it’s really great way to remove all the rust and all the pain yeah and it’s not there because it’s in
a cabinet well one thing’s just having here the last couple days you know we’ve
been handling it and show it to people in a the surface rust already come back just from talking at the world on your
fingers hands because I should have put after blessed
on it right away blasted the only she can help me get Joan here and show you since we have two of these braces here
side by side yeah you can see the one with the water close up you can see what
I was talking about earlier about pits how blasting gets the rust fine so like here you go so you can see you
got cheese ok so here you can see the the pits in the the pits in this brace
that we blasted are clean but this one here with a double whatever with a with
a wire brush you can still see their dark because
there’s still some you know some rust remaining in there but we’re going to
show you how to take care of that and we’re also going to show you how to do
this one here that’s lasted so hand it over to Cody I’m going to check any
questions are and if you just if you just tuned in we’re just showing you how
to take some some parts from rust to paint you have any questions post them
or answer him live on the air and if you share it we’re giving away a bunch of
stuff for giving a wire brushes the Blessed out of a bucket kit internal
frame coding pre-paint prep and rust encapsulator so i have to do share it
and you’re entered to win them you know a bunch of this stuff so let me get some gloves on here there
is a sedan after bless you want to protect yourself matt is there anything we need to answer
on area you pretty much got it but you just told
us to yeah that’s good alright so they needed a little the key to this is to keep it damp crack
yes yes so you want to spray and saturate the park and 30 minutes is
about how long it takes for it to really do its job it but in five to ten minutes
you can really see a change so well that’s wet why don’t we wire
brush tool set up this other one over the other part so we have this that is a bracket that
would hold the windshield washer fluid hit on this 67 Camaro behind us this might be the best up in part of the
car as you can see i’m joking and you can
see this thing heavily rusted definitely northeast hence the Northeast car united states so you can see all this rust here so
we’ll put a device Alec cody has enjoy the job so we’re going to take this wire brush
this off so good still these are staying with wire brushes that we still we
primarily film for welding works very well we’ve got him in a bunch of
different sizes and the whole point with rust
encapsulator to get all the loose scale and rust all the flakes everything you
can get off with the wire brush you want yeah and even though we’re not using the
cylindrical wire brush we will be we will be giving these away and it is much
faster with the cylindrical wire brush yeah yeah I didn’t watching Russ being removed to
be so exciting actually maybe if you Cody maybe we’ve only had 21 people share
this so far that’s and just good it’s just the chances of winning a prize
here we should get out something better get more people to share it are you up for it I efforts we’re going
to give up to date with Saudis I don’t think anybody wants that see giveaway make 135 though you can
make that happen right Thank You yeah we’re giving away a wire
brush is let’s have a bucket bunch of different
paints for sharing it all right so we got the loose for us to scale off this
bracket now we’re going to want to clean it up with some pre pre painting / haha
it again soompi print tap do this without me movie ipad out of the area we do this our way jo can we get in there and see this so
I’m trying to saturate the part and I will come back with a clean rag wipe it
down and see so much rust and dirt you’re moving and we use the regular we were just
using regular prepaying preference that we could use like we said earlier it was checking in
we got we offer a low boc version of three pink prep that 50
state compliant gallons courts aerosols if you just end if you just checking in
and we have a party over there that we already a sprayed after blast on and
we’re like neck here and then we’re going to actually code that in epoxy
primer something you want to miss because will show you the technology
behind r2k areas for a epoxy primer and and then this one we’re going to coat
with our rust encapsulator which is one of our most popular products to show you
cuz there’s two common ways if you have a blaster and you can blast it that’s
the way obviously I recommend we always remove
as much rest as possible a lot of times you don’t have that
option for various reasons and here’s another one just do with a
wire brush like this original into something over our political wire
brushes and you know you can get it down to this to where it’s pretty clean and
then you’re just going to cut it with the rest encapsulator all right so we
got scuffed pretty good we got the loose it still pretty rusty but that’s what
are some calculators designed to work with ok so let’s currently hanging up so
we’ll go over here here this Florida shaker can for a belt is they’re doing
it ok with our paints you definitely want
to shake them thoroughly before he’s cute we recommend two to three minutes so what Randy what are you showing that
hood latch assembly at what he’s shaking so right here is an awesome hood latch
assembly which you may be probably to see it blast in an upcoming video because
really the only way you’re ever going to remove rust from in these areas is with
a blaster yeah maybe we need to dip it and let it
soak in general recipes / – but you know you’re not going to get everything as
good as these brushes are you know you’re not going to get into all these
little tiny areas really with anything other than a blast there and if you’re
looking for blasting supplies like I said we have about everything that you
need including all the different kinds of media types like we pray use maybe
ground glass on this we should so different that’s a different grits and
grounds last earlier when we did the brace we use glass beads guys it’s great
for a cabinet it doesn’t more of the surface much and
removes rust the scale so now after you coaches you put a
couple coats of rust encapsulator on here yeah i would put this first coat on
just nice and light and then i would let it sit for about half an hour and then
top coat was like chassis black well and then I hit with another coat of
rust encapsulator so you’re going to go with the area code I would do two coats
so I’m gonna do this coat wait a half hour and do another coat and leather
fully cure ok and then hit with Chester boy so if
you guys have a lot of questions comments that’s what six to eight hours from now
we can keep going sleek trucks so or otherwise we just
move on to something hours to have first coat a mrs. better yeah whoa the bottom there so now that we got this covered in rust
encapsulator we go back over to check the fast – let me said you should you
got to keep it moist yes you do so let’s hit this one more time keep it
wet Oh like we said if you have any questions
you know post them or you can also let us know what you guys want to see in the
future if you have any ideas for a live video matt has a bunch coming up we got
welding we got English wheel that’s all in the future so make sure you subscribe
make sure you follow us I think later so we’re talking about
doing one on the electric da he had two days from now we have one so friday
afternoon at three you’re going to see us doing one if
you’re in the polishing car you want to see two of our a brand-new sander
actually in use on Friday and we’re gonna try to do a couple of these a week so just make sure your file so you’re
notified and then that we can interact ask us questions live we can answer them
live now thats what its offering it so now
we’re gonna go with pre yeah we’re going to do with the low v OC pre which is an
acetone based product you know whenever you get asked on the metal you want
either neutralized with water or ask – that’s what we recommend saturate or a
and then after we get this clean drive then we’re going to go to and then we’re
going to go to our tu que eres por aquí primer which will definitely show you
how that works because that is like like we’re saying oh that’s a really cool
product just great technology in fact you get such a durable coding out of an
aerosol can so while we let that flesh off show
everybody 18 there soon okay this makes gonna get out here where Joe
can get in and get a good shot so we can show how it works all right
Joe can you see all right so this is our to care or spray gray epoxy primer it
look right now it looks like a typical aerosol can yeah but what’s unique about
this product is the can inside the can that holds a little bit activator to
activate this 13.3 on charger paint so there’s there’s
a seal bladder inside of it yes and when you remove the button from
the top you have a button on the top it sits in there and then you’re
actually going to sit and then it’s and it’s going to puncture the bladder and
introduce the catalyst there now that’s punctured so now the
catalyst and the painter can be mixed together just like this is like a
two-component you’re thinking separating the corner pocket except for an allison and the other
thing they’re great for the side just doing something like this just you put
your car in epoxy primer you’re doing some body work stands true in some areas
you got some bare metal instead of mixed up a whole nother pink gonna report you
to buy canada and tucked up all those spots yet to catch up all the spices
minutes without having the dirty of paint gun and have all all that clean up
all the crap all at the prep here is punctured the bottom up in jail for two
minutes no clean up afterwards and expose the
camera you’re done and this will last for every eight hours for fully cures
and the can so you have 48 hours to use all the products good amount of time yeah the nice thing about this – or
epoxy primer to obtain to clean out of the gun I minutes it it’s strong it’s terrible
and accurate yeah that’s the one thing with our when
you do a court or down with box primer once you’re done with that you
definitely want to clean the paint gun right away and this is nice because that
eliminates that eliminates all extra work but because it is a two component when
you spray it was going to want to where you’re going to want to write that’s not true yeah which is also
available at Eastwood all others yet we carry the SAS bandit respirators as well Kirsten respirator he’s getting on don’t
freak out don’t forget here at Eastwood we run a
daily deal so if you check in on our website you’ll see a little banner for a
daily deal great product every day it’s usually ten
percent off and free shipping so it’s another good reason just to check
Eastwood is you know just you know to see what’s on sale that day what kind of
deal you can get plus we’ve got tons of tech articles you guys what about 1,400
videos a lot of respiration get that needs how to use our products from how
to use a MIG welder how to use it to guelder how to use an English wheel how to make floor pans and the Corvair
you know all kinds of articles are going to help you with your videos and
articles are gonna help your restoration now you got it mixed up ok and like i said to you if you if you
share this you’ll be entered to win we’re giving away a bunch of this stuff
that you see out here on the on the table so I got to share it and we’ll
select some people when this when we’re done with this live video and it will
just notify here later today so this 2 k’s available in a lot of
different colors it’s not just an epoxy primer and we
sell topcoats we offer we offer an engine paint down too well correct I mean we just came out with
that so if you’re paying an engine you want to durable coding and you gotta
check out if you go check out to k arrows spray and you’ll see everything
that we offer it’s not just primer top codes and and
high heat engine paint yep yeah so similar to rust encapsulator
I’d let that first tack coat care for a bit yeah and then I hit it with second coat
and then we will go to the and then we like that fully cure the box from does
take a good bit of time to cure the whole way to get its full strength and
we offer it in the the epoxy primer he sprayed on was gray we have it in black as well yes we do so
well this is so this probably about it but is
anything else with you want to show the fast a CH just sprayed on wipe off once
said that you were good right yeah that’s if we get 0 over here this on
arrow while we’re here we’ll just spray some
fast etch on some of the Russians show you how you can wipe off surface rust
with it like we did on the that example from the from our store yeah we strip this car back in September
just even sitting indoors it’s been a while so why he’s doing that I’m going to
check to see if we have any comments that we need to answer here or do you
think we’re good Matt so with this light surface rust and you
can even see their fingerprints get in here jail there’s just some
fingerprints of stuff just from oils that are left on your fingers and as
you’re moving the car around working on it you’re left with some of
these so i will just spray this product on let it sit for a bit yeah and then just really start wiping it off Israel and now it’s going to be
protected like that piece that we show you from the store that’s been like four
months exactly so that whole area got rid of that
surface resident your protective coating we need coverage areas should check we say about 10 square feet what does yeah so we had one question the coverage
area think it’s probably about 10 10 square feet for this yeah that i would check the product page
on the useful , and confirm but most of our original cans to about tents square
feet well can you know we can confirm that
and get get back to you later so I guess that’s about it for today ok so like I said you got to see all
this stuff if if you missed it will be recorded and
you will get to watch later on facebook or on YouTube and yeah so make sure you
subscribe to that way you know you’re notified we do these videos we took
everything from rust to as you can see rust encapsulator there and epoxy primer
there we got another live video coming up on
friday and we’ve got a couple next week we got our summer classic and we can
have will be live from our summer classic and pottstown our big car show so you tune in that Saturday July
thirtieth 2016 you can get to see everything that’s going on in her car
shows well yeah as long as they’re easy so matt says we have a couple questions
so we’re going to try to take them now rise where’s the finish oh they’re out
of days without the different rust remover and wealthy white film so are fast stretch if you spray it on
what it’s it but don’t let it dry and then wipe it off while it’s wet you’ll be left with the finish you see
there if you let it sit and dry fully it may leave a white finish it may leave a
great waxy finish and that’s just the excess fast that’s sitting on top of the
surface so what you want to do with that is hit
with more facets turn it all back to a liquid and then wipe it off and then you
need to neutralize that surface with water and acetone ok water or a stripe or like our low via
CBS love you super it’s essentially an aerosol sm product that’s great for that what is you need to rinse off the edge priors yes so just like we’re saying here you’d
want to hit it with either water or a stern and then before you paint you’re
still going to hit it with pre and if i was going to a car I mean you’re going
to want to tack cloth we’ve got some videos on how to prep a
car for paint yeah we have Kevin Tate’s doing his entire 1978 camaro so if you want to see how to take it
from they see all the steps of painting prep yes even how to use a spray gun you
check that out yeah there’s a lot of prep is the prep is everything is
painting yeah pre-paint prep the tack cloth and
who yeah anything that’s it cool all right well thanks for joining us for
another live video thanks Cody for all the help and like I
said don’t forget to tune in friday tune in next week and tune in to 34
summer classic yep take care guys

Bernard Jenkins

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