Rydell Car Wash the fast, easy and efficient auto cleaning solution.

I heard about the carwash through Steve Bergh the manager here. I like when you pull up with the car wash that the line is moving it’s pretty simple you don’t have to get out of your vehicle, you get in line the Fast Pass was really nice pull-up the gate goes up and go through so. It’s convenient to get through. What we like to do as a as our company we like to keep our vehicles clean, it’s part of our reputation of the company when I have a nice clean vehicles when we pull up to job sites or customers yards, so the idea is that you can get through and get your trucker car washed efficiently and then everything looking good and professional I would recommend the carwash to other people in fact, I have friends and neighbors and other business and found too, have asked us about the Fast Pass option and you think that’s really a great deal

Bernard Jenkins

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