S. Korean army serviceperson faces discharge for undergoing gender surgery

the South Korean army is considering
whether to discharge a service member who underwent sex reassignment surgery
while on leave this case highlights the military’s perception of gender minority
members Kim Jiyeon has the full story a South Korean army service person having
undergone gender reassignment surgery has expressed a desire to continue
military service as a woman according to local media reports the soldier got the
surgery last year in a foreign country while on leave the Army says the service
person has been treated in a military hospital and it has been inspected by
authorities in pursuant to regulations a review is underway to decide whether to
discharge her or not since specific rules on whether to allow those who
change their gender while in service currently don’t exist currently no such
specific rules exist the service person’s physical changes are now being
evaluated the center for military human rights Korea argued that the military
should accept her request saying the soldier loves the military and is very
loyal to the country the identity of the service person has been withheld except
that she’s a tank pilot serving as a sergeant that is less than two years
experience the army declined a request from Adina used to interview the soldier
which requires the approval by the Army’s chief of staff a South Korean
military source said one of the most important factors the military will
consider in this case is how members of the South Korean military perceived gay
and transgender soldiers who are generally a taboo subject in the
military which is considered one of the most conservative groups in Korean
society last July Amnesty International warned that LGBTI soldiers face violence
and harassment in the South Korean military due to a 1962 law that
criminalizes consensual sex between same-sex servicemen violators can be
punished with up to two years in prison asked about such criticisms Seoul’s
Defense Ministry says it’s waiting for a verdict from the Supreme Court which has
been asked to consider whether the law needs to be repealed were amended Kim
Jiyeon Arirang news

Bernard Jenkins


  1. The military isn’t about self expression or being different from the rest.

    Its about uniformity and teamwork. Distractions are not good for the military.

    If you have a mental illnesses, its probably for the best that they are not put into powerful/important situations

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