Samsung LCD TV Repair – Identifying Samsung T-Con Board Part Numbers – How to Fix Samsung LCD TVs

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  1. Hello My tv keeps turning off and on with a clicking sound but no icture it has been doing this for awhile i dont know which board to replace T-con or power supply i have the Samsung un46d7000 i most likely will buy from shopjimmy if i find the source of the problem.

  2. Jamario: Please call our tech support line for free at 1.877.881.6492

  3. Hello, My Samsung TV LN37A550P3F all of a sudden has problems with the image. The image is saturated and I can't fix it with the controls. Do you think this is the T Con? Have you ever encountered this problem with saturation before? Thanks.

  4. @Favera2003 – Please contact our FREE customer service reps and tech support with any questions!

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  5. @Naveed syed – Please send us a YouTube Message if you hve a question you need help with. Thanks!

  6. @Try my Claws – Unfortunately this sounds like it is a bad panel for your TV. Panels are typically tough to replace, expensive and hard to find. It may be most cost effective to purchase a new TV. Thanks and please let us know if you have any further questions!

  7. I purchased a T Con board from you for my Sony KDL-46WL135. I am still getting 3 to 4 horizontal what I call ghosting image of letters that appear below of text. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help

  8. @adamp2574 Since the T-Con did not fix the problem, I would say the problem is most likely your panel.  Panels are typically hard to find, expensive and difficult to replace.  It may be more cost effective for you to replace the TV.  Thanks and please let us know if you have any further questions! 

    I have a Samsung 60 inch led smart tv model no. UN60ES6100FXZA version HH01. I have vertical lines from water damage 4-5 inches or les from each other…Do you think that the T-conn is what I need to fix these line that seem to shift color depending on the picture on the screen as well? 

  10. hey I have a sony bravia KDL-52w4100 that is doing the same as the tv in the youtube link provided. Is here anything that can be done to fix this? I have heard changing either the T-con unit or backlight inverter would help.  http://youtu.be/69-krUwUzvU

  11. Hi, I have a Sony bravia KDL-40SL140 S/n 8105707 Manufactured in OCT 2008.first problem I started having with the TV was " solarization" according to what I have Learn Thru your videos, them after now I have sound but no picture. And It looks like the screen backlight is coming up , but no display at All. So I guess that is related to the T-COM Board, please Let me know , which part would you recommend to replace for this TV.  Thanks for your help.

  12. I have Samsung (Model code: LE46A566P1WXXE, Serial: ARR63SXQB00059N, Version: AA01) and it's doing exactly same as in this video: Samsung 46" LCD TV screen problem. Bending/hitting/etc. fixes the problem for some seconds/minutes but it comes back several times. After watching about 30 minutes it normally doesn't appear any more. Maybe just a loose connection or failure in a T-Con board? Any help is highly appreciated as I like the TV a lot.

  13. Hi, I have a Samsung LED TV un32eh4003fxza, I had issues with vertical colored lines or part of the picture missing on screen for a bought a week or so, and a few days ago, id didn't want to turn on it flashed the red light but didn't turn over..I unhooked everything like my Blu-ray thinking it might have been a connection problem but it didn't power on..I then unplugged it for a while and attempted to repower it back on and it came back on after a few power tries. Only I have no picture but I hear sound. There is light coming from the screen as well, so I was thinking it was the T-Con from searching here and there and found your video. The only thing is I am having a hard time finding parts for it without actually taking the cover off since I am not my own professional. I have found some info that might be the part number by category search but I cant find that part anywhere

  14. Informative vids. Thanks. My Samsung LN32A330JID TV has a distorted picture. Sound and print on screen is OK but images look like a color negative. I THINK I need a T con board. I watched the vid to ID part # but I do not have a label starting with the digits you describe. My tag reads, M$35-D013932-L$CPR827323622. Please tell me what part # I need to purchase.

  15. My tv wont cut on it cut on than off right away.I had a TV repairman come out to check my 55' flat screen TV Z1QB3CNA0–M# UN55CB000XF he said it was a Power Supply Board and the cost would be $389. when he put the new board in it still didn't work He than said it was the smaller board and could not find that part.is the t-con that small board.I would love to have a TV before Thanksgiving lol
    Thanks hope U can HELP.

  16. I have a Samsung Model LN46A500T1F, with a solarized picture. I also do not have a label beginning with the letters you describe in the video. My t-con board has a tag that reads M$35-D025860-L$KSR8345053C4. Can you please let me now which part I need? Thank you.

  17.    Samsung  model LN46B650T1FXZA  (46" LCD HDTV)-  See photo links: One (1) pixel thick horizontal lines, 1/8" spacing, or one in 6 horizontal pixel lines. Lines more noticeable on the right.  Any idea on a cause?.  If its the panel, I'll ditch it.     http://www.avsforum.com/photopost/data/2310007/b/bd/bd6ff450_P1050866sm.jpeg 
    Close up:   http://www.avsforum.com/photopost/data/2310007/d/df/df89139a_P1050868sm.jpeg

  18. I have an Samsung 46 inch, I just replaced the toon board with one I bought off eBay. That fixed the first problem which was everything was very dark and usually showed only faces in Orange. But now, it seems washed out and has a haze like things are smoothed. But smokey.
    Is this a total loss? I.e. The panel?

  19. Hi jimmy…
    i have a samsung 60 inch lcd model no UA60EH6000M…my problem is i have a light blue line about 3 inches running vertical in middle of my screen from top too bottom,u can see through line,it doesn,t change colour and is not stripes,just solid,it does how ever go slightly darker then lighter???? regards Greg

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  21. Hi Jimmy
    Im having trouble with my Samsung LE32B450CAW.
    The problem is that i have a green tint in the colors everything that has to be white looks green.
    happened just like that.Is this to repair?


  22. We have a Samsung LCD TV Model LE 40 R 88 BD and have replaced a few blown capacitors  and TV is still clicking and not coming on  could you please help

  23. I have a double image and putting the tape on the left ribbon it takes care of the double image but then I get a bleeding image coming from the same side corner. From this video
    I have a un55d8000. I have bought matching ribbon cables and a t-con board from eBay with the same results.

  24. Our Samsung LCD (LN37A550P3FXZA) TV'S picture is all distorted.  The color is all off like someone put bad values into the contrast and saturation settings.  I believe it's our t con board from some research, so I purchased a Samsung 55.37T04.C10 T-Con Board Component kit from your site with a soldering kit.  Are there any tutorials for replacing the chip and fuse on the t con boards?  I have experience soldering, but it's nice to see it first.  Thanks!

  25. My 50 inch Samsung LED Model UN50EH5000 FX Series 5 suddenly went black no picture.  Perfect Sound.  Is this the T-Con Board? or something else.  The warranty went out 8 days ago.  If it is the T-Con is this something I can easily fix myself?  Not much of a DIY girl.  Thanks so much.

  26. Hi,
    I followed your troubleshooting guides and believe I have a bad T-con board on my Samsung TV model UN60EH6050FXZA bought 2 years ago. Hopefully I can find the T-con board available here and have the problem fixed. Thanks,

  27. Need help…Have a Samsung Led TV model no. UN46EH53005F that is 15 months old, has sound but no picture did the flashlight test and can see image, on the back can only see blue lights, no white lights, the TV has 3 panels 1 bigger tan, 1 bigger green and one small green I think it is behind the stand which we didn't take off yet, can you please help

  28. hi my tv is LG 32CS460 i have backlights and sound but dont have picture pliss help

  29. My TV model number is Samsung LN40B750U1F. When I switch on the TV audio and video comes fine for few seconds, then display goes black and audio continues. When I move myself close to the TV I can see the characters moving in very dim black scale. When I turn the TV OFF and back ON same cycle repeats. What could be the problem?

  30. Thanks for watching our TV repair video! Due to YouTube policy changes, we are no longer answering tech support questions in the comments section. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you need additional tech support, please visit FixYa.com or contact your local TV repair shop. Good luck and let's fix your TV today!

  31. Hi Jimmy:  I have a samsung LED TV that the picture went out on.  I do get sound and with the lights off I see there is back light.  When I turn it on I get a second or two of horizontal lines and then just back light.  The power light blinks 3 times.   Model number UN46D6420UFXZA.  I have not taken back off of TV yet.  Do you think this is the T-Con board?

    Thanks Bill

  32. Hi Jimmy,
    My Samsung flat screen TV Model Code LN32A330J1DXZA has a white screen when turned on.  The picture is mostly faded and mostly white, though you can make out some of it. Sound is fine. Can you tell me what part may need replacement and if I can order it through you?  Thank you!

  33. After watching only a couple of You-Tube trouble shooting on our 60" Samsung TV, I contacted shopjimmy.com and OM Goodness, it was indeed the T-Con board as they diagnosed on You-Tube and thanks to them, our TV is fully operational and we are HAPPY HAPPY!  thanks shopjimmy.com.  You are super!!!

  34. Hi Jimmy, I'm having a problem with my Samsung UN50EH5000F.The standby light is paler than normal, and it does not turn on when I activate the power button.When I disconnect the main panel from the power panel, the backlight comes on; However, as soon as I use the 14 pin cable to reconnect the main panel and the power panel, the backlight goes off.I replaced the main panel, but the problem is still going on.Could there be a 14 pin cable issue?  Thanks! Sincerely, Lena

  35. I have a 52 inch Samsung LCD TV model number LN52A750R1FXZA.  It has a dark area in the center that runs from the top to the bottom.  Like a band in the center area that is completely  dark unwatchable.  It also has a double image on the right side of the screen.  It is about 6 Inches lower on the second shadow image.  There were originally 5 horizontal lines that were on the right side of the screen that showed for a while until the TV warmed up.  Is this a repair that a new T-con board would fix?  Any ideal on what would repair it?

  36. Hi Jimmy, I have Samsung LE40D503F7W, don't know what's wrong, while watching TV appeared green lines, then Samsung LOGO, then TV turned off and only red light is lighting on the right corner. What should I do, please give me recommendations.

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  38. This is the model number of my samsung tv. I am experiencing red lines all over the screen. From watching your videos i understand that this is a T-Control Board issue. I have uninstalled my T-Control Board, but am unable to identify the model number, so I can order a new one. Can someone please help me?

  39. My LA32C350D1 is having double image problem and at time the blue color appears as purple. From what I seen on videos like yours I guess it's T-con board issue. My problem is locating it. I've searched all over for a video disassembling this particular model with no luck. I've managed to strip it down to the panel level, but I do not know how to go from there to the T con. If I get there I can get the part number as you have described here and buy it from you. Could you advise me please.

  40. Let me ask you this question I have a Samsung 47 inch TV Model number LN46A530p1FxzA The problem is You can see half the screenAnd the other half is gone. It makes me think That's a t-con card is bad. What do you think If you could send a message back we very much appreciated

  41. Hi how can I trouble shoot my Samsung smart tv it will be on for different amounts of time then turns off. Smetimes it comes sraight back on other times it just keeps trying. Have to unplugge sometimes long other times short time. you can hear a small hlack box/may be a (starter or realay, it clicks as it tries to start

  42. I am about to try the tea con repair or fix on my LCD LN S4095D Samsung, but it seems my symptoms are much different than others I've read about. My display seems to work fine with numerous cable TV boxes, yet when I try to hook up anything else through any other input I get vertical lines. Still TCon? Why cable boxes work?

  43. Hi Jimmy, I had my Samsung UN46EH5300F, my TV only shows complete white screen. I read a little bit, and most of the comments said it could be the t com board. what do you think? it could be the T COM board?

  44. I have samsung led model:UN-32H6800 version AC03 in which the sound system is fine but the display is white and not showing the video then please guide me that how can i repair it.

  45. Hi, I have a Samsung LED Smart TV with a bad T-con board, an N mosfet or diode was bridged, so I replaced the entire T-con board with a new one, and it died within 3 minutes of install, T-con gets power via Mainboard, not directly VIA Power supply, should I replace Mainboard as well next time? I dont want to chance that the New T-con was defective, and have another one die.

  46. hi my samsung le40b530p7wxxh has a blueish color on all inputs!will tcon board fix this?i played with service mode with one parameter i put it 255 and it shows a little better.

  47. Hi perhaps you could shed some light? My SYNCMASTER T240HD monitor/TV was made in TIANJIN CHINA manufactured March 2009. Model Code on back cover is LS24TDNSUV/ZA Has been acting up after it appears to overheat. Either the monitor just freezes the image or it starts to blinking between a set of large horizontal red/white/blue bars and solid white or solid blue screens. It won't switch sources at that point, but turning it off for awhile and back on, it returns to normal. I've proven its the monitor by switching to another one and it doesn't happen so its not my video cards. So something is overheating. From some of your other videos and others I figured it was the TCON card. After opening …the tag on the inside has number LTM24OCT04 and it does NOT have a small tcon, it has one big long card that spans the entire length of the monitor and about 2 inches in width. It has several ribbons direct soldered and that go to the LED. Its part number is 24OCT04S2L V1.4. Have you seen one of these? I can't find any info on this, is this made this way so that it cannot be replaced easily?

  48. 0:41 where3's the wifi module in thois one? i just opened my tv up and i think this is the same model ue55es8005 inside, couldnt locate it so i gave up

  49. Hi can you see my video?…i have samsung tv with a problem…i think is tcon but i dont know…


  50. Hi, my samsung ue32h6400 just keeps coming up with the Samsung log when turning on then after a few seconds does the same and won't do anything else, will this be the t-con board please thanks

  51. I have un65nu7100fxza samsung the left side of screen is dark the rest is ok can the be a t-con board problem if so whta part number do i need to order

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