Samsung TV Repair – Part Number Identification Guide for Samsung Main Boards & Digital Boards

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  2. @Beverly Washington – I am thinking that you may have a bad connection on your main board. If you are able to watch a DVD over the RCA connectors, but not able to watch cable through the TV tuner connection, then I would say your tuner is bad. You may need to replace the main board. Let me know what connections you are using and we can recommend a fix. Thanks!


    If you need help repairing your TV please comment below the ShopJimmy video or feel free to send us a YouTube message. Please include your TV model number and the symptoms or issues your TV is displaying. The more details you can include the faster and more accurate our response will be! You may also call our customer service at (877) 881-6492!

  4. You have a main board for this model of tv samsum un40d6450uf thank you, moitv does not ignite only the red light of the stand blinks by  

  5. I have a samsung un46d6420ufxza led. The sound works but there is no picture. When the television first starts up there is a dark gray and then it turns black. Any suggestions?

  6. Greetings! We have a Samsung LN46A550P3FXZA. I believe the Main Board part number is BN94-02077B. The TV cycles on and off for several minutes the first time we turn it on each day. Sometimes, it makes these horrible hissing noises with the distorted picture. After researching and much reading, it seems like the main board must be replaced. Do you have a good tutorial video with the necessary steps to replace main board for this particular model? Thanks in advance and for the great videos! 

  7. i have a samsung tv model no.HPT4254X/XAA , when I plug the power cord in the wall outlet the tv makes a clicking sound and when I press the power on button it still just clicks and wont turn on.I replaced three capacitors that was bulging,150uf 250v 105c, 1000uf 35v 105c and 1000uf 25v 105c,and it still clicks and wont come on,whats the next thing I can do

  8. Hi, I have a Bush 3d tv 42 inch. Last night had sound from tv speakers. But come to turn it back on no sound. Picture is fine. Now I've hooked it to my surround sound system and it works via external speakers. Changed hdmi Cable still no joy and tried all ports. Tested another tv via same hdmi cable and works fine. What could be the cause? Please help.

    Many thanks

  9. hello
    Led Eu46D5700
    after handling the menu hides the screen remains black and more red light (power supply) 🙁 
    t there is there a way to reset without access to the TV menu (via map) 
    and if not what card I need to change

  10. i have a samsung  hlt5676sx/xaa TV and the reoccurring problem is that the picture will start of fine when powered on but after a while flips to a green picture.  The image is there but just in shades of green.  After an hour or so it switches back to normal.  This continues in repetition.  The menu is not in normal colors either when the picture switches to green. 

  11. Hello: I have a Samsung LNT5265FX.  We heard a small crackle and the picture went black, but sound was continued.  We turned off the TV, and it worked OK for about 5 minutes, and went black again.  After that, the screen was black every time it turned on. Sound is fine. 
    So I need help telling if its the T-con board or the inverter board. 

  12. NEED TV REPAIR HELP?! If you need help repairing your TV, please comment below the www.ShopJimmy.com video or send us a YouTube message. Please include your TV model number and the symptoms or issues your TV is displaying. The more details you can include the faster and more accurate our response will be!

  13. hola tengo un LE24FD08 no prende absolutamente nada despues que cayo un rayo a simple vista no hay nada que mado como si la fuente estubiera muerta no enciende ni luz de stand bay desde ya muchas gracias

  14. Hey guys I have a Samsung 42" TV and the model is: LNT4665FX/XAA. The TV cuts off sometime by itself and when it is on I experience little color dots and streaks all over the screen. Might you know what my TVs problem is?

  15. Hi, I have a UN60EH6050FXZA Samsung 60" LED. The screen is squashed in half at the top horizontally, the bottom half is changing digitized colors. The menu is also squashed up into the top half. All inputs do the same. Any idea what part, board or ribbon might be causing the issue? Link to photo: https://plus.google.com/114476607692098860417/posts/aZmLyyVfook

  16. I have a LN46A500T1F LSD. Is anybody know now to disconnect the stand from the TV body. I would like to be able to hang it on the wall, so the stand need to be disconnected. Please give me an idea how to do that!

  17. Hi team

    ua40f5500amxrd, 40inch smart tv.  im getting a backlight on and sound, no picture just a black screen. when i turned my tv on i turned it off quickly and now it doesnt have picture.  have done the flashlight test but cant see picture. Have taken apart the tv and can see three boards. sounds like i need a replacement Tcon board. if so what is the correct part as i would like to buy.

  18. Hi, I have a Samsung DLP HLT5676sx/xaa. Last night I left the TV on, and when I got up there was no picture or sound but all three led lights were on. I have unplugged it and I turned it back on, there is no picture and no sound. One of the green led lights comes on and it sound like it wants to turn on and when I look in the  side where the bulb is, it comes on for 4-5 seconds and goes back off and the TV turns it's self back off in about 15 seconds. Any idea what causes this. Thanks

  19. SONY model kf-55E200A this tv sat lamp sam time on stan by  no picture no light 

  20. I have a Samsung LE40B530P7WXXU and I cant use the remote control or the buttons on the tv to change channels or do anything else. Sometimes the menu will show up. What do you think it could be. Thanks

  21. I have a Samsung Model #LNT4042H  Model Code #LMT4042HX/XXA TV and all of a sudden it don't play in color no more. Everything shows in black and white. Any suggestions??

  22. William hi I have a Samsung tv model Lnt5265fx/xaa when I use over the antenna I get picture and sound but when I hook the cable box I get no picture no sound

  23. Hey guys, I have a Samsung UN55h7150af tv. I'm getting sound but no picture. I changed the Tcon board but the problem still exists. Can you help? Thanks

  24. i have a samsung  UE32F4000AW that just stopped working .No output not even power led.
    Is there a way to test to powerboard i have . So i can be more certain what has failed before i buy a new one off you. i have some experiance with electronics and a multimeter.
    All caps look good as do the diodes
    Any common faults with these boards?
    Any help appreciated.

  25. Hello, I need Samsung MAIN BOARD bn68-04094a-04, if you have, can you write to me. TV model no: UN65ES8000FXZA. HDMI does not work . Thank you.

  26. Hi, my Samsung 40" F6400 has a serial number of UA40F6400DKXXT and main board parts number of BN94 07094U. Will main board with serial number BN94-06227C work with my TV? Do you have any main board in stock for my tv?

  27. Model number 60e550d1fxza plasma tv .  sound but no picture. for a while the picture would go off and we had to wait around 1/2 hour before we could get the set to turn on again. now no picture at all just the sound comes on. geek squad came out and said the part needed to repair it was no longer available from Samsung.

  28. Hi,
    The main board of my Samsung TV UA40D5500 RRMXL needs to be replaced. Samsung unable to help. The part numbers written on the back are BN68-93297G-00HL and BN-032988-01HL
    My mobile number is +91 9717296925
    K Raghuram

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  30. Hi My TV main board is BN94-07341R – and it doesn't really exist anywhere, i am sure if i will call samsung in my country then they will charge me a fortune for it. Is there any other PCB board will do the same job ? Whats the last LETTER "R" stands for ? because i found some on the internet end with E and M and A . Not sure what do they mean by the last letter.

    My TV is UA60H6300ASXRD and its in NZ. Need to replace the board. Thanks

    I saw this online ? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Samsung-UN60H6300AFXZA-HS01-Complete-TV-Repair-Kit-Version-1-/272298031371?hash=item3f663a390b:g:qHcAAOSwkl5XfJDH

  31. My Samsung tv model AU55F6100 cannot connect HDMI source, please help.

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    I have a defective tv Samsung LE32C450E1W, has sound but no backlight. Any available parts?

  33. Samsung un60h6203afxzc with orange lines on screen (vertical) started with burnt pixel, replaced tcon board same issue any idea what part could be the issue? thanks

  34. I got a main logic CTRI board for you guys to fix a vertical line problem that i have with my Samsung Plasma tv PN42A450P1DXZA,and it did not fix the problem,could that board to bad are is something else,my main logic board seem to be working good.what you think could be ,Help me if you can.thank you.before i send the board back to guys,

  35. Hi guy, I´ve a Lcd Tv Samsung UN55C8000xm and so the board start but there´s no video on display and they let restart, and the red led it´s (clicking) and sometimes appear video on display. now i don´t know how cai i reppair BN91-04999w on ticket and BN41-01353A print on the board. Have you´ll guess how can i reppair? thank you very much

  36. i have a samsung model number ua40h5003rxxa i need to know the mainboard part number

  37. Hi team

    I have a samsung ua55d7000lm (i know old model) and on the power board just under square metal bit i think its a resistor there is a burn mark. My query is because i cannot find that model board any where is there another power board that is compatible like the ua55d8000 or 6400. Thanks

  38. If the last letter of a Main Board is a Letter, can I use it as a replacement of my defective main board ?
    I see a eBay model ending in B where mine was a D.

  39. Hi,

    The main board of my Samsung 3D TV is faulty. But I couldn't find the same board to replace it. Could you please help me to fine some substitutions. My TV model is UA55D6400UMXXY. The main board I'm looking for is BN94-05539V. It fits the panel of LTJ550HW05V.

    Thank you.

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