#ScreenfreeFun Unplug & Play! تقليل استخدام الالكترونيات عند الآطفال

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing so good and welcome again too my YouTube channel. My topic for today is one of the most important ones that I always like to talk about no matter what and always shed lights on and I always get blamed and so many people think that I am an old fashioned mom but I don’t care because in parenting there is n nothing called old or new ways as we hear lately Parenting is a one school that never changed its principles that never changed its principles until nowadays The difference between them is that there’s Raising children or only Feeding for children From this point, I want to start my topic especially nowadays in the ”modern era” of technology. let’s see what it is. our topic is about limiting screen time with the kids because this is the childhood stage where we need to raise healthy kids mentally and physically The American Academy of Pediatrics AAP always maintains regulations in its researches in this regards It lately confirmed that kids who are less exposed to the excessive use of screens during the day are more interactive with their peers in society More respectful and polite with their elderly ones They sleep better They sleep better And most importantly They eat healthier which is also another critical subject these days; eating. Let’s dig together and see what strategies we can follow to limit that time of screens for the kids and make it a joyful time for them at home. First step to get them busy away from the screens is to do some activities together at home like sharing with them some of the house chores like sharing with them some of the house chores like sharing with them some of the house chores and they do like that kind of activities and enjoy it. This is not only enjoyment for them but teaches them responsibility as well. The second step I want to add is To stay away from starting our day with watching TV or play on his/her tablet in the morning that does change a lot better in their personality as being used to play or watch a screen in the morning increases their temper and aggression. because watching a screen in the mornings adds lots of more angry temper to them I don’t blame kids for that but I do blame parents for not warning their kids on that critical danger. So we better change this routine to do better ones as to make them responsible for their own personal cleaniess and making their own beds and rooms and prepare their breakfast together and let’s keep the electronics to a later time in the day. or make it as a reward for them and not a basic one during their day. Because watching that screen in the morning causes a defect in the brain cells and lack of concentration for the rest of the day. The Third step that I always encourage is eating a family meal together without watching TV. A child has to learn that eating is a time for food only and not a playtime. The fourth step I have is to encourage sensory playtime which is to make them use their senses in playing The fifth one is to explore nature around you. going out to the outdoors whatever your surrounding nature is desert, beach, hot or cold weather. Hot or cold, let them go out and explore. Outdoors helps children develop their brain cells properly and reduces those damages of the brain cells as the ADHD that is lately spreading dangerously The seventh step I will add which is related to the previous one is to make for my kids what we call the Creativity kits at home. make those kits from whatever used items you have like old playing cards, papers, toys collect them in a small box to use it after we get bored from all our toys and games which we played with lots of times. You may not know how much these small or invaluable kits that may look to you and me how much it means to the kids as it increases their ability of sensory and exploring things we never noticed. And those kits help introduce the STEM program to the kids which is now going to be applied in most of the schools and I personally ask all the mothers to discover their kids’ one STEM ability because all kids would have at least one of them if n to all. Every child is distinguished with one special ability. Before I conclude, I’d like to remind all the moms that you can figure out your own possible way with your child at home I do give some of the strategies that worked for me the best but you can choose your own. I just need from all of us to raise healthy kids mentally and physically. All the love from me to you all. See you again next Thursday with another important topic. Stay tuned.

Bernard Jenkins


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  5. كلام سليم جدا. انا ضد تواجد التكنولوجي بين أيدي الأطفال. افضل طريقة هي عدم شراء الإلكترونيات من الاساس حتي ما ندخل بمنع او تحديد وقت للالكترونيات الي ان يصل إلي السن الصحيح لاستخدام الأجهزة . مع انه البعض ممكن يعترض و بقول نحنا بعصر الإلكترونيات. لكن هذا لا يعطينا الحق ان نلغي خيال ووقت لعب الأطفال الذي هو اهم شي لتنمية حواسه وشخصيته الذاتية والاجتماعية. معظم الاهل مقتنعين بهذا الكلام لكن هم الاهل قبل الاطفال واقعين بالضغط الاجتماعي (peer pressure) . فيديو مهم جدا . الي الامام ريما

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