Senator Elizabeth Warren Reacts To Sexual Harassment On Capitol Hill

Bernard Jenkins


  1. It is really sexist to insinuate that only men are sexually predatory and misuse their positions of power and influence. It may not happen so often, or in the same way, but some women also abuse their positions of power. And sometimes men are the victims of male or female oppressors too. Equality and freedom is only equality and freedom if it applies to all.

  2. Thank you Ms. Warren for encouraging women to not continue putting up with sexual harassment on the job, and that it's not okay anywhere. When I was in my early 20's, I worked for an oil exploration company that did seismic surveys to find oil deposits. Only about 15 percent of employees were women. One Summer, the air conditioning broke and it was hot in the drafting department where I worked with 3 other women. We decided to all wear shorts one day since it was so hot. Our boss's boss told one woman she wasn't allowed to wear shorts because it was too distracting, but it was okay for the rest of us. When I asked why it was okay for me to wear shorts, but not Tracy, he said, "Because YOU don't look like her!" Yes, Tracy was very beautiful and didn't need shorts to distract a horny guy. Turns out, the bossman's REAL issue is that Tracy rejected his advances. Several weeks later, this creep caught me alone in the supply closet and grabbed me, kissed me, and stuck his nasty tongue in my mouth! He acted like I should be flattered by his "attentions", but I felt like vomiting every time I saw him after that. I didn't tell anyone except the women I worked with. We all agreed that I would be fired if I spoke up, so I got transferred to another department and worked nights so I wouldn't run into "Mr. Creepy" anymore. I wish I could say that was my only sexual harassment incident at work, but it was just the first. Trump likes to insinuate that "ugly" girls don't get harassed. Not true. We are less likely to speak up sometimes because we are victimized again when we are told that only pretty girls are sexually harassed.

  3. Tantrump needs to resign. He admitted on tape to the very thing his accusers accused him of. It's not locker room talk…he was bragging about sexually assaulting his victims. And he did an interview admitting that he walked in on girls as young as 13 naked in their changing rooms because he was the owner and "I can get away with things like that" its absolutely appalling that there isn't an outrage for trump to step down.

  4. I wonder if we'll see Stephen talk about is good ol pal and buddy Charlie Rose getting caught with his pants down or if he'lll just blow over it.

  5. For those who wondered why she didn't throw Franklin under the bus with an absolute answer, it can be very hard knowing that someone you worked with and respected is capable of such horrible things.
    I liked Senator Franklin as a comedian and am sad that such a funny man could do something so horrific. I can only imagine how it would feel hearing the stories after actually knowing him and working together with him for several years.

    Personally I admire that he owned up to it and made it known that he'd answer to a committee rather than making a scandal out of it like Moore has done.
    That does not excuse his actions by any means, but him accepting accountability for his actions is a small step in the right direction.

    Elizabeth Warren's response was a reasonable one in my humble opinion

  6. Colbert: Should senator Al Franken step down?
    Warren: blah blah blah blah blah blah blah 2.5 minutes pass and that’s why captain crunch whoops all berries has long been the superior breakfast cereal.
    Audience: applause

  7. You already know that the mouth breathers in Alabama are going to vote in Moore. They are about 20 years behind.

  8. It is obvious what the Republicans are trying to do. They are trying to bury Franken and stop the allegations about Moore and Trump. Except if Franken goes under the bus and he is forced out, the special election will turn up somebody more progressive than him because of the massive backlash against Trump. And every single politician will be on notice: The bar for sexual harassment will now be "Comedian pretending to play grab ass at a photo op", which means that no politician who ever propositioned an intern or perhaps grabbed pussy or perhaps bragged about walking in on Miss Teen USA dressing rooms is safe from such allegations. I doubt many politicians will escape such allegations at all, apart from Pence who is constantly chaperoned by his wife wherever it looks like women are there at all.

  9. i think millennials will make the change easily. men of my age (50s and up) will have the hardest, most rsentful, time of it. you GO Senator girl!

  10. Why does this all of a sudden remind me on Madonna who forced her tongue down the throat of a background dancer who had to force himself to get through the show afterwards?

  11. what's really disheartening is that a lot of men and women don't actually know what counts as sexual harassment and therefore, don't know when to report something or to change their behavior

  12. Conservatives can't take the moral high ground when they just elected a self confessed sexual predator to president, and are likely to elcet a child molestor ahead of a liberal in Alabama. Sick fucks.

  13. I guess I am probably one of the only people who isn't crazy about Elizabeth Warren… She seems like the type of person who's never done psychedelics, probably doesn't believe in expanding your consciousness in anyway and is too "normal" for me I guess… Not cutting edge…

  14. What about Net Neutrality? Trump's FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai, is on record as saying he wants to destroy Net Neutrality. That's another thing people have to, yet again, rally to stop.

  15. I was so hoping she would do an extra step and do a call-out to men to be supportive of other men or anyone considering doing something offensive by stopping that accountant, or shift manager or whomever. Men need to be accountable for their gender, and standing back and letting something happen is the same as enabling it. This goes for any human, but chances are way higher that abuser is going to be male and will more likely listen to another man telling him to reconsider than anyone else.

  16. That's the answer I'd expect from someone who pretended to be Native American to land a job at Harvard, screwing a real Native American to get ahead. That is Elizabeth Warren.

  17. haha thank god we hold our senators to the same accountability as our president amirite

  18. Elizabeth Warren a Democrat afraid to upset the DNC due to lack of funding. I like her questions though during hearings, this woman goes for the throat.

  19. and vets not getting care in the VA Boston Healthcare System. refused service and treatment!!!!

  20. she needs to visit a fire department then for a day!!! o wait her ability to ignore vets and dodge questions is like magic and turning voters off of voting for her.

  21. Here's the thing about all this : rape and molestation are one thing. 'Harrassment" is another. That being said, I was around in the 80's, when women were being flooded into management positions in an effort to 'balance the equation'. I saw many instances of what would now be considered inappropriate, or worse, behavior. This is not a gender issue, it is a power issue. It will be years before the pendulum swings and men start to 'come forward'. But it will happen. I wish we were a more enlightened species, as a whole, but I'm not hopeful :/.

  22. Roy Moore has as many sexual harassment accusations as Bill Cosby there is no way he can win.

  23. She needs to be better prepared for these questions but also answer them where she doesn’t come across like she’s campaigning or trying to be popular.

  24. Al Franken volunteered to be put through an ethics hearing. Roy Moore refuses over and over again while girls come up with more and more proof. They could his fingerprints on and his signature in a 14yr old girls year book and still deny it was him.

  25. Americans are so dumb, myself included. Now we’re on a sexual harassment accusation kick. Obviously there’s some inappropriate actions going on, but this ain’t an epidemic. This will all pass and there will be a new political wave of something completely different and all the obsessed, radical people will join in. I think we need to have a protest about something new here, maybe on the streets.

  26. Once again, very clearly and cogently spoken, Senator Warren. Much appreciated

  27. If you told me that Donald Trump would resign the presidency only if Al Franken, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama went to jail, yeah, I'd take that deal.

  28. Both parties are blood thirsty , and evil. America needs revolution. not Communism, or Religious extremism. but healthy revolution.

  29. Don't call them "donations" from donors. Call them what they are: bribes from douche bags.

  30. I agree Senator Warren-But how are they gonna decide “maybe it’s not a good idea?” Call me cynical but I don’t think they will decide so because of their big hearts. Something needs to compel them to refrain from treating woman this way

  31. Congrats on deflecting the question, Senator. As a liberal Democrat myself, but first as a woman – and a feminist at that –  I am deeply disappointed in this response. YOU are the "shift manager" in this analogy, Elizabeth. And YOU are being asked a direct question about repercussions for actions that you yourself acknowledge being "enormously disappointed" about. So answer the g'dam question! When I listen to responses by folks I consider to be on my side of the aisle, I always test myself by imagining how I would feel if I were listening to the same words coming out of a Republican/conservative's mouth. For all my otherwise great respect for the senator from Massachusetts, I'm afraid you did not pass my test on this. And that leaves me feeling "enormously disappointed."

  32. This deviant behavior stems from not being raised with morals…. my mother taught me to respect all women and I will teach the same to my son !

  33. There was another allegation against Franken? What is it this time?

    He admitted to half of the first allegation and questioned the accuracy of the other half but even if it happened exactly as the women said, that is still not nearly enough for him to need to step down. Short of rape, he should not be stepping down for something like this; I know this is gonna enrage a lot of PC-tards but there are far more important issues than this, issues that affect the lives of millions of people. Franken has been a great senator for the Left and to throw him away due to this would be beyond stupid. The first allegation is not that serious but depending the nature and validity of the 2nd allegation, and if he does it again, than yes, I think would be appropriate to ask him to step down. Right now though? Fuck no. Not to say that he shouldn't receive some punishment if the investigations finds validity to the allegations but to step down? Fuck no.

    For these reasons, I can understand why there are Republicans who will still vote for Roy Moore even if they do believe in these allegations, depending on how bad they think the Left is. A lot of the Left seems to think that much of the Right is just absolutely evil so is it strange for there to be those on the right who feel the same about the Left?

  34. I'm not sure how the shift manager is more important than sitting members of Congress, forgive my ignorance.

  35. mmm i agree with everything but that the dem in alabama is a great candidate. pretty much like all the others in establishment.and tjat dirty jokes can be okay with context. …. a joke wont hurt you

  36. I hope this marks a turning-point – really.

    My cynical side remains concerned.

    Glass half-full.

  37. She has all the qualities of a great president. I hope the DNC takes note of how popular she is with the democratic base. But that might be asking for too much at this point.

  38. I agree with almost everything she said. I’m still going to quieting and discreetly discuss the work place “ killer ass” with my male co workers though, sorry.

    I guess I’m a piece of shit. I’ll go kill myself now.

  39. Why should democrats be held constantly to a different standard? Franken should resign but the rapist defiling the WH is voted in by his base? And they defend Roy Moore? As usual, democrats want to do what's right (which is why they're progressives) and Republicans just want to screw people over who aren't in their "tribe".

  40. Serious question: Is office workplace sexual harassment still a thing? The pressing up against women at the photocopier sort of thing. To my knowledge, big companies have taken a very dim view of this sort of thing over the past ten years, and HR departments are quite responsive. I don't work in a big company though, so I have no idea whether anything has actually changed. I live in a bubble.

    Note that I'm not referring to small businesses, medium-sized companies, CEOs, upper management, politicians, famous people, the retail industry, the restaurant industry, prisons, the military, universities, or the developing world. I fully expect sexual harassment of all kinds is still alive and well there.

  41. If it is a Democrat that does this, it is a double standard and it is not going to be a big deal.

  42. ladies, I'll make you a deal…when you snapchat bitches and instagram sluts stop dressing like whores and begging for attention from every man you see…I'll stop giving it.

  43. Liz, I really don't want you to turn into a regular politician. Please just always be for the people

  44. I LOVE Warren, for real, but I gotta call bullshit on this totally biased answer. You KNOW if Franken were a Republican she would rail on his ass to step down TOUT SUIT! Sorry, but I gotta keep it 💯…

  45. Sick how all you Democrats defend rapist. Where is your outrage about Conyers and Joe Biden. You people really are disgusting.

  46. For all those liberals who ask for an investigation to take place and wait until the findings I applaud you. Just remember to do the same for republicans as well. Innocent until proven guilty

  47. Yes, Elizabeth, except, many, most men don't do that, while my experience of women on the job has been mixed. They call it "screwing your way to the top", something I couldn't do, and frankly, some of the women I've worked for were utter sh.tbags.

  48. We are now in the age of Aquarius, patriarchy and misogyny will no longer be tolerated! The New World has begun.

  49. I don't see how the ethics committee can do anything to Roy Moore if he's elected. As this has all come out b4 he was elected.

  50. Stephen is asking what Congress is going to do once infected by mold and rot. Senator Warren is responding “the American people won’t let it get that far.” And after all this sadness, I find it refreshing to hear someone with faith in our democracy.

  51. What a sidestep on Senator Franken. She well knows the Senate Ethics Committee has a longstanding precedent of ignoring claims that occurred before a member was elected. (The only instance he has admitted because of irrefutable evidence) But his latest accusers say he assaulted them after he became a Senator and he continues to deny those accusations. Senator Warren might have some moral high ground to stand on if she had refused to stand on the same stage as Bill and Hillary Clinton over the years.

  52. If I understand well, women are vulnerable at work from propositions or even jokes ? Then if women are so vulnerable, why do we promote "diversity", i.e. mixing women and men together at work ? Shouldn't we aim for some form of separation to avoid all this harassment ?

  53. Warren backed Hillary over Sen Bernie Sanders and is now denying that the primaries were rigged after first admitting that they were. She moves at the behest of the political winds and has showed her true colors. Sanders Turner in 2020.

  54. Out of all of the candidates I was hoping for Warren first and the Bern after that.
    Now for my statement –
    A couple of decades ago i was a super enduro freak and had a body that showed it.
    Most of the sales team of the company that I worked for were women and I was regularly offered, by them, to have a go at them.
    They were extremely vocal when most other males at the company expressed interest in them because many of them were the type that wanted to stimulate hormones in the opposite sex, and they made hella sales from their strategy.
    This is so obviously not a one sided issue to any fair mind.
    I never groped a woman unless she grabbed my hands and put them on her parts and I gotta say that the picture of Al doing a stupid man thing isn't shocking for a guy. You should see the pictures of what I've seen women do to men.
    As horrible as men are portrayed nowadays, you are either a liar or ignorant if you don't think that women haven't victimized at an equal level if not more than males have.
    I trust and honor a good person, regardless of what genitals they have.
    I'm curious if there will be an honest statistician that would have the courage to tell the people what reality probably is.
    They'll be lynched if they do, most likely.
    The queen of Spain destroyed entire civilizations and should we get into the queen of England?
    Get fucking real, folks.

  55. As business owner, I no longer allow or tolerate any hugging or kisses between men and women. They want hug each other, go to back alley like prostitutes do. Enough is enough with these pathetic bitches

  56. Oh what Lizzy Warren wouldn't do to get just any sexual attention … suck it up Pokohontas

  57. "Women, women, women all across this country…" Majority of victims of sexual assault in the United States are men. Majority of victims of any kind of violence in the United States are men. Over 70% of homicide victims in the United States (and the world) are men.

  58. Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren pretending to be Native American for political gain is a joke. She fits right in with the liberal lefty Democrat Party and the main stream FAKE NEWS (tell you only what "they" want you to hear) news media. Go Team Trump!

  59. Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren pretending to be Native American for political gain is a joke. She fits right in with the liberal lefty Democrat Party and the main stream FAKE NEWS (tell you only what "they" want you to hear) news media. Go Team Trump!

  60. you are a spineless fraud Pocahontas…you lie about your heritage and condemn people who are not as evil as franken__

  61. WOW…. what I was about to say about women who get parts based on sexual favors she came right out and said in a professional way… nice. And yes, sexual harassment by both sexes AND positions/promotions/raises based on sexual favors needs to stop.

  62. I was not happy with the question dodging, all the questions. I love this woman but; she's becoming more of a shifty politician every day. She also needs to be very careful they are coming for her and it will be ugly.She would be a great President. I understand the dodges because they silently tell us all she's running.  Just clean be careful. These people are not above murder, yes really.

  63. This is clearly more then just political colleagues refusing to call for their colleagues to resign. They're actual friends, some have been for decades. So sadly they are putting their personal feelings and friendship ahead of the political responsibility. I know it would be hard to speak out against a good friend and get them to quit their job. But Franken should resign. On the flip side, it's easy for hill Republicans to speak out against Moore because they don't know him and never liked him anyway.

  64. She, Lizzy Warren, in no way resembles that beautiful native American woman, Pocahontas! Even though "Lizzy lied" , Predident Trump should not have her 'Pocahontas'.

     No,  because Lizzy LIED about being an Native American with her " I HAVE HIGH CHEEK BONES" statement (Real Racial SLUR!) he should have called Lizzy Warren by her rightful Native American name:


  65. I'm sorry, but a rehearsal kiss and a picture where Al Franken pretends to grab a fellow performer's breasts (look at the picture. He's not even touching her!) simply does not compare to Trump's grabbing and Roy Moore's chasing 14 to 17 years olds and attempting to rape a 16 yr old.

  66. Do you trust someone who claims to have Cherokee lineage? Cherokee Nation has said there is no history of her claim in their records. How much money she has made annually for the past 16 years? Where did it come from? Which way did she vote on the California Amendment that Legalized the Prostitution of Minors (you can look it up)? Why is she just now reading it? Just gotta ask those questions no matter what your party line is. Can't trust any of them…….

  67. Politics as usual, not answering the question and then making big, unreal, statements.


  69. Support her or you're racist, sexist or just stupid. Where have we heard this before. Oh I remember in the comment section.

  70. Help Elizabeth Warren help Julian Shapiro beat cancer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=9&v=1_KJE95kMAc

  71. Hillary Clinton sponsors CNN, she is interfering with elections. Biden is facing allegations of sexual misconduct.

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