Sessions Berkeley mantle clock service / repair & case restoration – Part 1 #americanclockrepairs

This is a Sessions Berkeley mantle clock in a bit rough condition on the case marks there on the inlays there up at the top down the side and what we’ll do with that once the mechanism has been removed I’ll restore the case and French Polish it and it will come up quite a treat compared to what it is at the moment original key and the original pendulum bob look at the back of it that’s the movement you’ll notice one of the springs is unwound I tried to wind it before but it would’nt wind up the going side is but the strike side isn’t wound so either we’ve got a problem with the click or the click spring or the spring is broken we won’t find that out until we remove the movement which we’re going to do now that’s the paper label on the clock first thing to do before starting work on any old mechanical clock is to remove the hands I’ve got a 5 mm spanner here to loosen that nut remove it put it aside see if the hands come off easily now a couple of fingernails under the hour hand it’s a bit tight so I’ll use a hand puller to remove it once again being careful of the dial we’ll line it up under the hands and then wind the screw down and as we wind it down it lifts the hand off no damage to the face now we’ll take the movement out right there’s the movement we’ve got four screws to remove one there one there one there one over there so we’ll get them started okay first one all right that’s all the screws removed because the spring is unwound it’s pretty tight to get out so I’ll remove the gong by undoing this nut here on the base now pull the gong up and remove the movement [Music] here’s the movement out of the case right we look at that in the moment to see what’s happening collect all the screws and put them aside now we can have a look at the movement spring seems to be in one piece not broken so it means that we have a look at the front and I was right we’ve got no click we’ve got no click spring you can see it’s missing down in there so we’ll have to clamp that spring pretty tight otherwise it’ll let go and probably destroy some of our wheels so I’ll let down the going side first onto a main spring clamp to hold it then we’ll clamp down this open spring then we’ll start to take the unit to pieces I’ve selected the right sized main spring clamp that one there we’re going to put it around the going side spring we’ll pop that in there push it on around a bit that’s pretty tight so we won’t have to let it down very much now using a letdown tool you don’t use a key for doing this is if it slips it’ll make a real mess of your thumb put the let down tool over the winding arbor tighten it up just slightly and then getting a screwdriver into the click we let the pressure out on the spring hold the click back and slowly let the pressure out of the spring until the clamp takes all the pressure there it is let’s spring is now safe to remove another problem the suspension spring is broken just hanging on there so we’ll replace that will keep this spring for measurement so we know where to start off and putting another spring in now we’ll clamp down this other spring put a 300 mm cable tie around the spring and tighten it down to stop the spring going off when we remove it I’ll put a second one on just as a backup okay that’ll hold that we can now start taking the movement to pieces first I’ll remove the crutch and pallets and put them in our tray of going side parts that’s the fast slow regulator we’ll pull that out and then we’ll loosen these five nuts right we’ll loosen off the nuts using a five and a half mm spanner put them in a dish so you don’t lose them now we may find they’ll still be a little bit of pressure in between these plates when we lift them off so we’re very careful not to lose any parts a little bit of pressure down there on the top of the posts and very carefully up a bit more and the top and another one pallets have come out now we’ll take the top plate off a little bit of spring there a little bit not a problem we have removed it and that’s our mechanism there the escape wheel is still stuck in the plate look at the gunk on it wont even fall out that is the amount of rubbish that’s stuck in there they need a serious clean we’ll take the movement to pieces once we put it through the ultrasonic barth to clean it will then check the pivots and bushes to see if we need to do any rebushing we’ll take the going train to pieces first third wheel second wheel then take the spring off so we can get the first wheel out first wheel remove the spring now that spring this one’s got a click on it which is very nice and a spring put that down there now we’ll remove the strike side fly first we’ll have to undo these wires first we’ll have to undo these springs so if we can take the levers out the second one remove the j-hook first which is that piece there so named for that lever goes into the strike side take the third wheel out and we’ll remove the lift lever that lever there sits in the cam that lever there arrests that post there on the warning wheel this is the count lever we’ll have a look at that and that is a bit rough on the end we’ll actually clean that up with a file before we put it back in again take that out as you can see there’s no click and no click spring we’ve got spares of those so we’ll replace them before we put them back in again after we’ve cleaned and greased the spring now second wheel comes out easily that’s the cam wheel first wheel very very dirty that lantern pinion has got gunk on it solid oil and we’ll take out the hammer and then these two pieces like so and that one it sits in there that’s called the motion works that’s the cannon arbor where the hour hand sits held by friction on there that smaller arbor in there is the minute hand arbor you can see it’s square on two sides the hand sits over that and turns finally we’ll remove the count wheel this wheel here by removing the clutch on it a bit of a move to the side like that and that just slides off the strike side that’s the count wheel I’ll put those over there now we’ll undo the springs and clean them and grease them so that we can then put all the brass parts the wheels etc into the ultrasonic and clean them.

Bernard Jenkins

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