Bernard Jenkins


  1. i would like to see more of this. A series of making Patty uncomfortable.

  2. What does HR stand for? And would it be ok to lay my balls on my friend's cheek?

  3. If I grab Paul after lunch and toss him on the ground. Then T-Bag him but with my pants ON. Is that okay?

  4. So much lost productivity now that Glenn can't have her "Jizz List" 🙁

  5. Glenn is currently my new favourite new person on AA. Like she could totally be my life guru.

  6. She's awesome. Her demands are perfectly reasonable! Can you claim McDonald's breakfasts back as an expense? 😃

  7. Pffft, what a task master that HR lady is. How could anyone work at Above Average? I do those things daily (heck, I am doing one of them now). Scratch them off the job list. :/

  8. Can I eat at my desk?  Can other people eat at my desk?  What's your policy for cooking at my desk?  Also would you like to see a menu?

  9. Can I make a Jizz List in the Shitter?  Is that even possible since I can't jizz and shit at the same time…..

  10. U should have said "i need to drain the main vain" or "download some viruses on the wed" haha

  11. If on my birthday I throw a quick birthday party in the break room but instead of a birthday party its a sex party, is that ok? There will be cake of course but also alot of sex.

  12. Why does Patty think Andrew would not be accidentally be under Glenn's butt? Cut that guy some slack.

  13. 1. Must employees wipe their ass?
    2. Must they use the provided paper, as opposed to say, their hand, or assignments?

  14. i love these. feels like patty is hearing the questions for the first time everytime OR she just has a really great "fake laugh"

  15. Who would you report yourself to if you were to catch yourself masturbating at work?

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