Solution for Ignition key won’t turn/stuck (Most vehicles that use a key)

So here’s the situation. You are parked in
a parking lot somewhere, you go out to your car and this could be any car with an ignition
key. You put the key in. You go to turn it, and it WILL NOT turn! Even if you step on
the brake, nothing happens. So the first thing I would like you to do, is put your foot on
the brake, put your key in the ignition. Make sure your shifter is in PARK! Take your steering
wheel, and push it in one direction and try to turn the key. If your key does not turn,
then try to turn your steering wheel in the other direction until it moves. Now try to
turn the key… That’s it! The steering wheel lock was stuck against the mechanism for your
key. That’s it! Now you can drive

Bernard Jenkins


  1. Thanks it was about to rain and I couldn’t get my key to turn and it worked so🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH. So worried as I was heading to work. Scared the crap outta me.

  3. Saved my life if I’m ever rich and famous contact me and I’ll send you money or something.

  4. What should I do now ? My brake is NOW STUCK along with the steering wheel & still the key wouldn't turn !!! Help

  5. Thanks from me too. My wife called and was stranded at a gas station until I found this video.

  6. An excellent suggestion. This is because the ignition lock has a spring loaded deadbolt projecting inward through a slot in the steeling column tube. Within this tube is the steering shaft, which also has a slot that when lined up to one specific position, allows the bolt to slip in. IF steering wheel is wound fully left or right ( Tires not straight, but severely turned one way ), this will put a huge force against the lock bolt, which must RETRACT while turning key. This back pressure will win over turning the key extra hard, and you will have a bigger problem, key broken in ignition.

    On TOYOTA, MOSTLY 1991-2001, and some models up to 2007, as well as all Honda-Acura vehicles since 2002ish…… there is a different design flaw that will give either the same symptoms as above, or key can get stuck partially tuned. This would require the services of a qualified locksmith. Beware of fake ads online…. legit locksmiths can be found through the nonprofit that represents the industry www.findalocksmith.com . This is a free service, no one will call YOU.

    Yet another issue is a worn key. Even slight wear, as most locks have VERY tight, fussy tolerances, is enough to cause a key to turn poorly. A good locksmith has the ability to provide a re-shell of even a chip or remote head key with a FRESH, CODE CUT BLADE.

    A VERY important note: NEVER use most spray lubes in locks, except for HOUDINI. In a pinch, Silicone lubricant spray or CRC-5-56 can be used. NEVER graphite or Teflon containing products.

  7. I just finished washing my car at one of those self service stations and it’s really late at night and I was freaking out! Life saver!

  8. To quote the comedian Drew Carey, "Thank you, citizen!"

    I had this problem yesterday morning and this morning with my 2004 Corolla. I am camping, and 2 nights ago I parked slightly up hill. Last night I parked slightly down hill.

    This morning, the key was so stuck, I was worried I would not be able to start the thing. I did get the engine started. After driving to the library, I see my key is now bent! I'll bend it back with my vise grips.

    I'm thinking it would be worth the time and effort to pull the steering wheel and remove the plate that keeps the steering wheel from turning when the key is not in the cylinder. I expect one of the local car parts stores has a steering wheel puller that I can borrow.

    If you do this, be sure to remove the negative battery cable first! Otherwise, while you're tinkering with the steering wheel, the air bag could deploy! And that air bag comes out with enough force to break your arm.

    And when you are working on the battery, the negative cable comes off first, and goes on last.

  9. Thank you! And thank you for getting straight to the point. So many YouTube videos start out with like 10 minutes of talking before they get to the point. You answered it right away.

  10. Thanks my mom said don’t turn the car off and I did 😂couldn’t turn the key until I watch video

  11. Thank you so much. I work in a scout camp and it empty right now. My key got stuck and I was freaking out. Such a great help

  12. this is soo great, we got stuck in the parking but this hack worked out for us. Thank you soo much

  13. My mother had to borrow my car because hers is down and now this happened and I have to try to talk her through this simple thing but to no avail smh.

  14. I’ve been sitting in the street mad as heck for so long and watched this and it worked instantly

  15. I Just Now Got Stuck In This Parking Lot And I Looked Up Any Video Suggestions And This Video Popped Up And Saved My Life 🤣🤣🙌🏾 Thank You 😊

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