Solving The EXTREMELY DIFFICULT Vending Machine Puzzle!! (Solution is GENIUS)

Bernard Jenkins


  1. Hand raised! Yo, great job solving this beast! Thank you for having the patience to conquer it, and thanks again for another epic video!

  2. So dude I made you a puzzle it is made out of metal it is a level 10 I would say I spent 4 months on it so if you want it you can just send me your address or your local mail station

  3. This one was absolutely fine nominal to watch you tackle..watched it all the way trough loved the experience 😭🙌🏼

  4. It think the color is the different color lines on 8:43 those thangs made out of wood I think

  5. Bruh I can solve that in 5 seconds flat. Grab a hammer and start swinging mah dood

  6. Great video. I don't mean to sound sexist, but it struck me halfway through the video, that this is most definitely a guy's puzzle. Certainly based on the girls and ladies I know, they'd fiddle with it for a couple of minutes, then conclude that it's stupid and a waste of time anyway!🤨

  7. That thing is awesome. I bet you could put like a hundred dollar bill in there and challenge your friends for 20 a try and the one to open it gets the money. That’s pretty neat.

  8. Before readin the comments and maybe answers, imma guess u put the battery to the control on top of where that empty round slot is?

  9. It took you an hour to run the magnets along the inner grooves? That’s one of the very first things to check bro

  10. That was so cool and made very interesting content. Thanks ❤️❤️🖤❤️❤️

  11. the magnet pops off because of repulsion caused by north and south poles being forced together.

  12. I love that there was no external clue to that ball bearing n the tube. Well done for persevering!

  13. Just want to say it’s always so delightful to watch your videos! Love your content and personality

  14. The Puzzle For Us: Man I Wished I Could Do That But Sadly Not Its Just Impossible
    The Puzzle For Chris Ramsay: Impossible= Im_Possible

  15. Yoh where can i get this!? :O EDIT: like, is this available in a local store.?

  16. This is an early Christmas gift for all of us! What a great puzzle! Great video!

  17. The magnet falling through the tube induces so called “Eddy Currents”, which slow the fall of the magnet.

  18. 24:15

    It popped off the vile because the magnet attracts the hook, but the bearing repels that magnet holding the hook which acts as a force, pushing the vile away.

    Get physiced by a 15yr old

  19. The https://youtu.be/5pQvM9ZY41k prophecy movie,it will change how you see life

  20. Idk why but whenever I watch your channel i think “he should do this but in asmr” 🤦🏻‍♀️

  21. Scared the shit out of me when I had my volume all the way up at the beginning of the vid.

  22. Can anyone subcribe my channel god will bless you with good health and wealth thank you 🙏

  23. Put the remote into the gap?? Use the plug for the button?
    Edit: Oh that is so cool. Miniature plumber action going on there

  24. NO it means if you're eating too much snack this kind of thing would brake you. Stop you from eating all the snack and go eat some veggies.

  25. The red knob looked the same size as the circular cut out on top. Whats with the colors red yellow orange maybe thats the combo

  26. Ok so I'm 16 mins in and my thought has been to try putting the metal piece on the inside of the glass. Then using then red piece slide it up to get the vial from the left hand side. Haven't finished it so, have to go see if I'm right.

  27. The thumbnail looks like there’s a blue penis in the box

    Now you can’t unsee it

  28. For half the video i thought the device in his hand was his phone with all those things looking like apps…

  29. i'm sad i watched this to its entirety, now i'm never going to be able to try and solve this myself 🙁

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