Sony Xperia X Charging Port Repair Guide

Take out the Card Tray. Heat up the edge. Focus on the bottom. Use plastic or poker card to open the Back Cover. Insert the card to gap and remove the Back Cover. Release the Battery flex cable and Power Button flex cable. Rear Camera flex cable and Remove Rear Camera. Release the screw here. And remove the shield. Release the Front Camera flex cable and remove it. Release the Headphone Jack flex cable. Undo 5 screws. Loosen the plastic bracket, and remove it. Release the Charging Port flex cable and LCD flex cable. Take out the Microphone PCB Board. Remove the Motherboard. Lift the Loudspeaker up. There’s sticker underneath. Cut the sticker on the edge of charging port. And remove it. Tear off the protect film. Adhere it to the board. And install it. Put back Loudspeaker. Put back Motherboard. Connect Charging Port flex and LCD Screen flex cable. Put back the bracket. Tighten up 5 screws. Connect Battery, Power Button and Headphone Jack flex cable. Check if the new Charging Port work normally. Put back Rear Camera and Front Camera. Put back the shield and tighten up the screw. Put on the Back Cover Sticker. Make the sticker adhere to the Back Cover. Remove the protective film. Install the Back Cover. Make it match well to the phone. Put back the SIM Card Tray.

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  1. i change it with your tuto and now i have 3 time red led and my phone doesn't work .

  2. 1 very interesting question: Is there any way we can mode the USB-C charging port of the other (like X-compact, XZ, or XZ premium) on the Xperia X

    that would be awesome !! and those OEM ports connectors look very similar !!

  3. これを見て、SONY Xperia X Compact (F5321)のUSBコネクタ部品の交換をしてみます

  4. It was almost a breeze to follow the video, and repair my phone with your parts and tools!
    My only complaints would be:
    – The missing suggestion for the hot air temperature.
    – One step is skipped in the video: remove old sticker thingy from the back, before applying the new one, but that is (or should be) trivial

  5. Wit Rings does it support Xperia X F5121 model. Reply me. Very urgent my xperia x not charging .

  6. Hi sir, I'm from India. How to buy this charging port for my xperia x

  7. Thank you very much for this perfect tutorial did it myself and worked 100% fine

  8. My charging port is becoming a bit loose after just four months after accidently getting dirt in there (old Xperia Z was sealed but was a bulletproof phone!!). I'm guessing these ports are not replaceable under manufacturer warranty? Thanks for the video.

  9. Can u help me my xperia x charging port is damaged i want to se d new charging port howwill it possible

  10. There is a charging problem in my phone xperia x f5122 charging port is totally damaged can you solve out this problem

  11. My phone charging slow and connects to charger aftr 5 seconds i insert the cable and usb is connecting to pc… Shld i change my port or any other issue

  12. can i use other brand of android for my xperia x charging port repair? because i cannot find sony spareparts in my country cause sony smartphone is no longer exist in my country. my sony xperia x cannot be charging while the phone is being used. i need to turn off the phone to be charged. and it's stucks

  13. Never attempt to remove the part unless u know wat u doing. Wear face shield Even professional repair guys sometime make mistakes and have battery blow out in the face. Update current all 2018 after model battery is make BY AU brand in china. LG, SoNy, pixel and Nokia using this battery. Well u know that is the brand that blow out in that tech guy face.

  14. Sir sony xperia x performance sov33 model and F5321 F5121 F5122 model Usb charging port is same or different. because i need sov33 Usb charging port from ebay or ali express but i m confuse which one i can by for sov33

  15. How do i buy through website charging port & back cover sticker to sri lanka 🇱🇰 ??? Plz helm me!!

  16. Is this a common problem? Cannot not charge my phone completely dead.

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