SortEngine 360 – Smart Sortation Solution Connecting Multi-Sites

There’s a lot that goes into your high speed sorting operations – multiple sites, different processes, and a range of machines – all of which add complexity, inefficiency and cost. Now, there’s a better smarter way to drive success. Introducing Sort Engine 360 from BlueCrest. Powered by business logic processing, Sort Engine 360 aligns with BlueCrest sortation solutions to enhance your operations, providing complete networking for streamline productivity. With Sort Engine 360, you can lower costs, reduce your footprints and improve processing speeds by optimizing a single sorter for essential tasks, including incoming mail and parcels, outgoing mail and parcels, data communications, and metering. Consolidate your sortation processing across applications and sites. Add capacity, without adding additional hardware, and lower cost on every job you run. It’s simple with Sort Engine 360. For more information visit us online at www.bluecrestinc.com

Bernard Jenkins

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