Start a “push button start” car with a dead smart key/fob battery #21

Alright, let’s get you going! If your car,
truck, or motorcycle has a “push button start” option, your engine won’t start,
and you have a message on your dash similar to this “No key” error, then follow these
steps. Try to start the vehicle as you normally would by placing the transmission in park.
Then, after applying the brake, you must then push the start button on your dash not with
your finger, but with the tip of the FOB! This method will start your vehicle even with
NO FOB battery! How? Well your vehicle will have an “exciter winding” located very
close to the start button on your dash. This winding will induce electric energy into the
nearby FOB which also has a winding in it allowing your FOB to transmit its signal back
to the car to allow it to start. Of course, with no battery in the FOB your
power door locks and other features will not work, but you will be able to start your engine
and drive away. Note! This method is “usually” not found
in vehicle owner’s manual. Take a look for yourself! You have just saved yourself a “Tow
bill”. Thanks for watching!

Bernard Jenkins

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