StatSoft Solution – Churn Analysis

Acquiring new customers is expensive.
Keeping high-value customers is critical. So, how do you nurture customer loyalty
and minimize churn? By identifying who is likely to churn: why, when, and what cost-effective steps you
can take to successfully retain them? Obvious, perhaps, but it can only be
accomplished if you have accurate models to work from. The StatSoft Churn Analysis Solution provides a complete platform for agile
management of churn models, so you can identify
successful campaign strategies for building and solidifying customer
loyalty. It also provides efficient model life-cycle management and automated tools for monitoring and
recalibrating models, so you can respond quickly and
effectively to changing customer tastes or demands. As an example, one of the
major US cable service providers uses STATISTICA to run hundreds of
unsupervised models overnight to predict churn for the next
30 days. Automatically generated reports are used
to guide marketing campaigns, which are then monitored through the
system, providing an accurate picture of KPIs, trends, and how to successfully affect
those trends. STATISTICA has received the
unprecedented recognition of being ranked number one in every review and survey of users for
the past 20 years. And, because it doesn’t depend on
proprietary languages, data storage, or interface technologies, it’s the
easiest solution to implement and integrate with your existing IT
assets and infrastructure. In fact, because all functions are accessed
through the familiar Windows interface, no programming skills are
required. Founded in 1984, now with 30 full-service offices and more
than a million users across the globe, StatSoft is one of the largest
providers of analytic software worldwide and the largest manufacturer of
enterprise-wide quality monitoring and improvement software. To learn more
about our solution’s unmatched capabilities for churn analysis, call us for a free consultation with one
of our experts.

Bernard Jenkins

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