Subnautica | Part 18 | REPAIRING THE AURORA

Bernard Jenkins


  1. Your all alone on a planet (thats you) your starving and want to go home to your family, (AKA your dog) You her caren for da first time, you think, HO! i should make her a wonderful home! but you never had friends you have no idea how 2 treat them. So being you you make her a home, trashcan. be cuz she DUMPED You


  3. who else is rewatching this series in anticipation (I nearly forgot how to spell anticipation while typing this) of Below Zero?

  4. the reaper leviathan is named that because its species name is reaper and leviathan is its size class. other leviathans include: the sea treaders, the reefbacks, the ghost leviathan, the sea dragon, and the sea emperor.

    this does not include any early creatures from the below zero DLC.

  5. Ok, theory for what this could be.
    What if Subnautica is part of the same universe that the Alien franchise is set in. Think about it, Humans going out to Terraform otherwise uninhabitable planets for human colonisation, huge ships that are equipped with fabricators and the like and computers that seem very similar to MOTHER in the first Alien film.

  6. Karen has found out markiplier was spending more time with the Cyclops and seamoth

  7. is anyone else counting down the seconds until mark runs out of air? (sorry mark)

  8. Mark:
    "-Blah blah blah brb
    Ten seconds later…
    Oh look It's nothing brb
    One anterity later…
    So brb"

    – Brb Mark brb

  9. Hey Mark l am a big fan but I don’t play but i heard there is a secret island hope you find it

  10. Hey! You might remember me but you also make me happy when I am sad I am 9 years old!

  11. The 1000 meter point which you entered in the last episode might reach to 11,000 meters because the Mariana Trench is.

  12. markiplier you are the best pls I want to buy your merch but I cant my mom and my fsmily don't have the money so im sorry so Im hsppy thst you played this game

  13. It is ridiculously painful watching this video in 2019 and seeing him not doing things and wondering if it's just Mark not doing it or if it's not in the game yet….

  14. Only Markiplier could laugh about casually eating a fish alive in front of its fellow fish friends while talking about dropping a dead, cooked one in with the rest — and be adorable about it.

  15. Dude.. A Reaper Leviathan. Hm. supernatural fangirl powers go into action If you know ANYTHING about the basic Supernatural lore, you would know what a Leviathan is. Or a Reaper.
    AHEM, cracks knuckles Lego bitches.

    A Leviathan was a creature that God had originally locked away around the same time he did as he did his sister, The Darkness, which leads into a bunch of The Mark Of Cain crap which I'm sure you don't wanna hear about, although he locked them away in Purgatory, the place where monsters go when they die; he locked them away because they were as evil as the demon Lillith, all of the Knights Of Hell, The Seven Deadly Sins, and the knot that ties us all together- The Darkness. They had mouths full of shark row teeth, they could just lean their head back and their mouth would expand, of which they used to pray on their victims.

    A Reaper I don't really need to explain. A ghoul that collected the souls of the newly deceased and determined whether they go to Heaven or Hell if said souls decided to go the afterlife, of which is in said Heaven or Said Hell mainly looking for their boss, the last Knight of Hell- besides Abbadon, Death's opinion. They often wore Black suits w/ ties, often appeared as old withered men or women, rarely a woman. When you would die, your soul would leave your body and the Reaper would change it's appearance to a more appealing figure, to try and comfort you and do their best to bring you to the afterlife, of course you could also choose to stay as a lost soul in the area you died and live only where the item/body you're attached to is, and later become a vengeful spirit as your rage grows while your ability to move objects progresses, ANYWAYS….. like if you watch Supernatural, the Reaper named Tessa appeared as a girl named Tessa right after being spotted by Dean, while hovering over his body as a white ghost covered in white rags while surrounded by a white mist.

    Supernatural fangirl powers disengage A Reaper Leviathan.. so noice 🙂

  16. There was actually two things that where islands, one was a land mass and one was a geological formation.

  17. Mark, you should've named your Cyclops computer boyfriend "Jack" 😏😏😏😉😉😉😏😏😏

  18. I'm watching these in 2019 cause I saw the new videos you posted sorry for the late views. Much love.

  19. watch out going very very very far where the aurora is mark u will see a ghost leviathan!

  20. 8:03 The funniest thing about the line “sugar tits” is that that’s actually a nickname for one of my best friends 😂😂 In our trio I’m Sugar Tush and his twin brother is Sugar Baby XD

  21. If anyone is curious what happened to the egg…
    The aquarium has a max population of 10 fish. The fish he put in bred to that cap. When the egg hatched, the stalker died since the aquarium was over populated.

  22. 4:23
    “did this get smaller? .., i don’t , get that asked hat question a lot shut up-“

  23. did you say: reaper leviathatan ?

    @castiel @dean @sam y'all on this??

  24. If you're going to expand your base and wait for the sea creature to come at you should you have a super weapon

  25. the egg hatched into a baby glowing fish thing I saw three even though you only put two and the third was tiny 1:00

  26. The fish at 11:28 where having a full on rave aboard the aurora

  27. Markiplier: oh hi sand shark bo de bo-

    Sand shark:shut up mark.😡

    Markiplier: U CAN TALK?!?!? makes sense.😏

  28. Mark:
    What do you mean Karen of course you are my only computer wife

    Lila from the uss fuck the ocean (cyclops):
    Excuse me what the fuck

  29. My idea is out the door give markiplier a flame thrower i am dumb under water

  30. You ate the brother fish at the end 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅

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