SurfLink Mobile 2 Troubleshooting

[MUSIC PLAYING] SurfLink Mobile 2 provides
easy connectivity to a variety of smartphones and
other personal devices. However, occasionally
patients may experience minor difficulties
with streaming, pairing, or sound quality preferences. I’m Dr. Luis Camacho, with
the education and training department at Starkey
Hearing Technologies. And in this video,
I’m going to show you some quick and
simple troubleshooting tips for SurfLink Mobile 2. Rarely, intermittent streaming
of phone calls or no streaming will occur. Typically, this can be
solved by unpairing the cell phone from the SurfLink
Mobile 2 and then re-pairing the two devices. There is a chance that
the cell phone being used does not have a compatible
Bluetooth platform. If this is the case, the current
cell phone cannot be used with SurfLink mobile 2. A list of compatible cell phones
is available at Starkeypro.com Sound quality and
volume preferences will vary from
patient to patient. If the volume of a streamed
signal is too loud, there are a number of possible
adjustments that can be made. One solution is to reduce the
default volume of the stream boost memory. This is done within
the Inspire X software. With the hearing aids
connected to Inspire X, click on Stream Boost and
decrease the overall gain. This will result in a lower
volume once streaming begins and the stream boost
memory engages. Another option would be to
disable the stream boost memory completely
and stream using other programmed memories. To do this, navigate to the
accessory screen within Inspire X. Then uncheck Stream Boost. Now, SurfLink Mobile 2 will
stream in whichever memory the patient is
currently using when the stream’s signal begins. Another simple solution
to this problem would be to reduce the
volume of the streamed input from the streaming screen on
the SurfLink Mobile 2 itself. If the patient reports
the stream signal to be a little harsh or tinny, a
simple adjustment to the stream boost memory can be made. Within Inspire X, select
the Stream Boost memory and reduce the gain for
high frequency sounds. If that doesn’t
solve the problem, try increasing the gain
for low frequency sounds. If neither of these
approaches is successful, sound quality
issues may be solved by changing from open ear
buds to occluded ear buds. It is simple to change
the ear bud style and see how the patient reacts. It is important to identify
this change within Inspire 10 via the Acoustic Options screen. This allows for an accurate
display of the hearing aids’ frequency response. Lastly, when using the
Remote Microphone function of the SurfLink Mobile 2, there
may be occasional instances of static. Possible solutions
to this include turning down the
hearing aid volume or muting the hearing aids
completely while streaming from the Remote Microphones. Increasing the distance
between the hearing aids and the SurfLink
Mobile 2 can eliminate the occasional static. And finally, adjustments
with Inspire X could also solve
the static issue. With the hearing aids
connected to Inspire X, try increasing mid-frequency
gain or decreasing gain for high frequencies
and the overall MPO. SurfLink Mobile 2 truly is
one device that does it all. And with the personalization
provided by the Inspire X software and the customization
of the mobile device itself, any difficulties that may
arise can be easily addressed. Thanks for watching. And for more information on
this topic and many others, please see our quick tips.

Bernard Jenkins


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