Nokia 6 Teardown – Build Quality Review – Repair Video

It’s time to tear down the Nokia 6 and check the build quality, and see how it managed to pass my durability test so well. Depending on what side of the planet you’re on, Nokia could also be pronounced “Nakia”.… Continue Reading


Sesh True Wireless Earbuds | Troubleshoot Pairing | Skullcandy


Galaxy Note 7 Teardown – Screen Repair, Charging Port Fix, Battery Replacement

Today I’m going to show you how to take apart and fix most everything on your Galaxy Note 7. I will link all of the replacement parts and tools that you’ll need down in the video description below as soon… Continue Reading


LG G5 Complete Teardown – Screen Replacement – Charging port fix

In this video we’re going to analyze the build quality from inside the LG G5. I will show you how all the components are replaced like the charging port and screen. When I picked up the LG G5 for the… Continue Reading


How To Fix An iPhone That Won’t Turn On 2019

Is your iPhone not turning on you’ve come to the right place What’s up, it’s your boy Kel and if you’re here, it’s probably because your iPhone isn’t turning on but don’t stress you guys There’s plenty that can be… Continue Reading


Multimeter basics for automotive use | Hagerty DIY

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LG G4 Tear Down, Screen fix, Phone repair video

In this video I’m going to show you how to take apart and fix a couple things on the LG G4, one of LG’s newest smart phones coming out in 2015. This one has the leather back with the center… Continue Reading


Troubleshooting car electrical problems using USB Autoscope

Test ElPower Electrical problems troubleshooting The ElPower test allows you to troubleshoot vehicle starting and charging systems. For example, if the engine is difficult to start due to slow cranking speed the test will determine whether the battery or the… Continue Reading


Lead Acid Battery Desulfation Using Epsom Salt — First Test, Adding Solution Part 1 of 6

Lead Acid Battery Desulfation Using Epsom Salt  — First Test, Adding Solution   Part 1 of 6

today i will be showing you how to do sulfate a let acid battery / preserve that ass batteries service life by use of a common chemical home epson salts found at just about every dollar store for a dollar… Continue Reading


How Do Lithium-Ion Batteries Work?

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