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– What’s up guys? Tahj here, Tia’s brother, and Tia’s at home with the baby right now so me and my dad, I brought him along, we are holdin’ down the fort
for this quick fix episode, and we are here to answer
all of you guys’ questions. (upbeat music) – Tia was very mischievous. (Tahj laughs) Very much so. – As I got older I became like
– Hip. – Hip to it, in my head they were always like the goody two shoes, you know, and I was the bad one. Being the little brother you gotta take the blame every now and then. – He took a lot of blame. – I did it! (Tahj laughs) – A lot, okay? (upbeat music) – We have a great family
where we have so much joy and we’re so blessed.
– Yeah. – Our parents taught us how to be thankful for everything we have, so I think with that we
all sort of have that fun loving, thankful attitude. – Provided that atmosphere. – Yeah, home life was always fun. – Loving, you know,
like Tia’s show cooking. We always ate together at dinner. – Oh yeah.
– Big, big dinners together. That was important.
– Oh yeah. (upbeat music) My biggest pet peeve, oh my gosh. They were like, and I’ve
probably said this before, but they just used to
sing like top of their– And not just any song,
like, Celine Dion songs where it’s like belting. (Tim chuckles) And they would just be around
the house just belting, especially when Titanic came out. It was just not something
that you wanna hear… – All day.
– All day long. I just be like, “Shut up!
You’re not Celine!” (Tim laughs) But that didn’t stop them.
– Nope. – I’d say that was probably
my biggest pet peeve. And then once they got older they both– You know when you’re a
teenager you stay in your room and your door is closed.
– Oh yeah. – Obviously I went through that too, but when I was younger I was like, “Come on, what’s up, open your door, “what are you doing, chill.” (Tahj laughs) – Separation. – Yeah, I didn’t understand that. – Yes, especially from him. (Tahj laughs) – I didn’t understand that. – There was never a dull
moment when Tahj was around. – Yeah, and then I let
them stay in their room once I got my younger brother, ’cause then I could just chill with him. – Yeah.
– I didn’t have to worry about the Celine Dion lyrics. – Oh my gosh. (upbeat music) – All the time.
– Yeah. Especially being twins, I think it’s that built in, like you know, you’re with each other 24/7 there’s bound to be some arguments, and those are always fun for
me to watch. (Tahj laughs) – There were some good ones, I’ll tell ya. – Oh yeah. (Tahj laughs) – There were some good ones.
– Yeah, that’s normal. But I will say the good thing about being so far apart in age, us siblings never really fought. – No. – Me and my brother are seven years apart so there’s not really
– The age difference. – a lot to fight about. They’re the same age,
– Right. – so it kinda makes sense. (upbeat music) – When she was growing up she would help out a lot in the kitchen, but not really cook. I would say that she would have a lot of communication with
me when I would barbecue. She would pop out there, ask some questions, because she always loved my barbecue, – Everybody loves your barbecue. – And the spaghetti. She really enjoyed the spaghetti. She was inspired by those dishes. – Those are his top two, man. – Yeah. – But I remember growing up, Tia was obsessed with ice cream, – Oh yeah.
– especially from Thrifty. I don’t know who’s watching, but back in the day when
you wanted ice cream you would go to Thrifty, like, that’s where you went. (Tahj laughs) I don’t even know if they
have thrifty anymore. Do they have Thrifty anymore still? Wow, we gotta get some ice
cream today. (Tahj laughs) We used to always have
little family outings to go get our little cones at the Thrifty, and Tia used to destroy – Tear it up. – Chocolate chip and mint chocolate chip. – Mint chocolate chip, yeah. – Oh my god.
– She would tear it up. – Tear it up.
– Yeah. – And they both have a horrible habit, still to this day, of, they don’t sit down when they eat. – Moving. – They just…
– Move. – Moving or they’re standing up, and til this day will be at family dinner, and it’s like, “Sit down! Sit down! Why
are you standing up?” (upbeat music) It’s funny because they used
to get things against me. – Yes. – I’ll never forget, it was at Paramount Studios, and my mom had just picked us all up from school or something. It was me, my mom, and Tia and Tamera, and we went to Paramount for this audition and they stayed in the car, right? So my mom took me to the audition, I came back, was on cloud nine, nailed it, you know what I’m sayin’, like, probably gonna book this one. It is what it is. Get back in the car and
I see Tia and Tamera lookin’ at me like, (Tim laughs) and I’m like, “What?” They had gone through my
backpack, (Tahj laughs) remember I mentioned grades earlier, so we weren’t allowed to have C’s. If we had a C on our report
card that was not cuttin’ it. This particular report
card I had a few C’s, so I hid it for like two months, right, and I was just like, “Yeah, mom, the report card
hasn’t really come in yet.” Wait dad, (Tahj laughs)
you can’t tell everything. So I get back in the car and they pull out my report
card from my backpack and I’m like, “No.” And they’re like, “Mom,
look what we found.” I’m just like, “Are you for real?” – Yeah. (Tim chuckles) – Like both of y’all went
against me in this situation? – Oh yeah. – So yeah, it was mostly them. (upbeat music) To be honest, partying
issues didn’t come into play until I became older. – Yeah. – Again, I was the bad one. (Tahj laughs) Tia and Tamera weren’t partiers. Our parents were so good at knowing what was going on you couldn’t
really hide anything anyway. – We would always bring the party to us. – Yeah. – We’d bring all their friends in for a sleepover, a camp over, – Yeah.
– Barbecue, whatever. So we could check out
everybody who they’re with. – So they could have a watchful eye. – Yeah. (Tahj laughs) Johnny Joe, you know? (Tahj laughs) What’s up with Johnny Joe? – When I became a teenager we had places like Club One Seven, which was like a cool underage club that me and Raven would
hang out at. (Tahj laughs) My dad would literally wait right there at Sunset and Vine until we were done and pick us up. (Tahj laughs) – Yeah, I didn’t want anything to happen. – Right, thanks, dad. At that 7-11. (Tahj laughs) – Support him. Again like with Tia and Tamera they were always so busy, – Yeah.
– There was always working on their craft. Not that we were pushing them they just wanted to try to be the best. – When they were in college if they had homework, like, they had homework. They probably did more
than they needed to. (upbeat music) They’re both very lively and outgoing, but you’re hilarious. Yeah, my dad is hilarious, and growing up he just
always was cracking jokes. As far as like, my boys,
and my sports buddies, they would all love my dad, you know what I mean? Some you were even like
a father figure to them. – Yeah. – My friends who didn’t
have dads, so that was cool. But he used to have us dying. – I always wanted to be involved, especially when the boyfriend time came. – Oh yeah we used to… – Some of them had to move on real quick. – We used to get heated
with their boyfriends. – Remember when we had
pagers, back in the… (Tahj laughs) Have him
paged, give me his number. – Yeah, he would talk to
their boyfriends on the phone and be like, “Nah, it’s a rap.” – No, yeah. – If they came over to pick
up my sister or something, I would do the mean mug
brother thing, (Tim laughs) I’d just be like, (Tim laughs) Then they’d be like,
“What’s up Tahj, what’s up?” I’m like, “What’s up?”
– Yeah. They were good about it,
they were good about it. – Well yeah, no one’s gonna fight the ex army first sergeant, also police officer at the time, father. (upbeat music) Well I definitely was the
hater brother at first, you gotta hate a little bit. I was the little brother
that’s what I did. Like, “What are you doin’ with my sister?” They were together for
what, seven, eight years, – Yeah, seven, yeah.
– before they got married? Maybe even longer.
– Yeah. – He real quick became part of the family, you know what I mean? You could always tell which ones who are actually there
for the right reasons, and obviously Cory was one of them. – Yeah, Cory didn’t come
across like a smooth roller. – No, he was very chill, very real. – Yeah, and humble. – Yeah, and super humble. – Very humble, and he was on a struggle. He had came from Chicago, and livin’ in Englewood
with two other friends, and didn’t have any money,
and catchin’ buses everywhere. – Now he’s in every movie like ever. – Yeah, he’s doing good. – Make sure you watch Cory’s new show, it’s called “The Oath” on Crackle. – It’s’ the bomb. – So make sure you tune in. (upbeat music) – We used to go rent a Winnebago. – Yeah. – A camper, and do Thanksgivings, just havin’ a real good time. – Yep. – You remember the one year where it snowed, rained,
and the beautiful sun? I mean it was so warm. – Yeah, and I also remember
’cause Tavior and I were in a bed over the driver’s seat and the condensation from the window soaked the entire bed. Oh man, I was so mad, just wake up soaking wet and
it’s freezing, snow outside. I was like, “Dad!” – And then we would barbecue. – Oh yeah.
– Yeah. – It’s cool because
anywhere we did a trip, and I didn’t even realize it really til like at this moment actually, how much food actually
means to our family. ‘Cause no matter where we were vacationing we had a kitchen so we could cook and have family dinners. So like if we were in Hawaii, or if we were in the RV… Our Thanksgiving dinners aren’t just little Thanksgiving dinners. They’re full on, so to do it in an RV is
kinda saying something. – Yeah. (upbeat music) – I tried. – Yeah you tried with baseball. – Yeah, tee-ball. – Oh yeah.
– Tee-ball. Didn’t go well. They were more focused on dance. (upbeat music) Their schedule was so hectic when they were doing Sister, Sister, they would work three weeks and they had a thing called “hiatus.” – Yep. – They understand now
why I did what I did. I used to put them back in
public school for that week, okay, or when they weren’t
shooting, for social skills. To me they had the upper hand
’cause I wasn’t always there, I was in the army comin’ back and forth. I said, “No, no, no, no, no. “We’re going to public school.” – Most actors when they’re
in school growing up they just get home schooled. – Yeah. – And you miss… – They weren’t having that. – People always ask us, “Why are you guys so normal?” That’s one of the reasons. Our parents forced… The real life aspect into our– – Turn it off.
– Yeah. It was a job.
– That was my thing. Turn it off. – Now I’m so thankful for that, that I can turn off the glitz
and glamour of Hollywood. That’s just how we were raised. (upbeat music) It’s insane, and it’s hilarious, and with little Ariah now I think she’s gonna be really stoked to have another little lady around. – Oh my god, no, I’ll tell ya, I’m on a mission to be the best
grandfather there ever was. – You are, Pops. – I tell ya, I love my grandkids. When this princess comes, it’s on. – It is on, I can’t wait. – Tia’s different than Tamera.
– Right. – In so many different ways, so I’m waitin’ for the difference between Ariah and the princess. – Tia and Tamera being
twins, when they have kids… Like Cree and Aiden are
basically half brothers, – Yeah.
– Because their moms are twins so you see that, so I can’t wait to see the connection between Ariah and the new girl, because they’re basically half sisters. It’s the dynamic is crazy,
– Yes. – Cree is the oldest so he’s the leader, “Come on guys, come on.” – And he is being a leader. – He’s definitely being a leader, “Hey, watch these two, alright?” He’s like, “Alright, I’ll go, alright.” We’re super, we’re so excited. – Yeah. – Well, guys, that was it. I hope you guys enjoyed
– Yeah. – me and my dad answering
you guys’ questions. It was fun, nice trip
down memory lane, right? – Oh yes, oh yes. – Maybe you guys will see us again soon. If you have any other questions just leave them in the comments. This is Tia’s Quick Fix. – And thank you. – Yes, thank you. (upbeat music)

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