Tech Talk – Terminator Waterproofing and Repair

Hey, I’m Brian. And I’m Eric. We’re with American
WeatherStar—welcome to another edition of Tech Talk. Today, Eric is going to work
with a new product: 6:22…Terminator 622 and Terminator 624
XT. XT, it just means it’s a thicker product. And we’re going to show how it
adheres primarily as an underwater repair item. Terminator comes available in two different sizes: 2 gallon pails and 28 ounce caulk tubes. Even if there’s water on the roof, when
doing a repair like this, you’ll locate the hole and you’ll start to apply
Terminator with either a brush or a trawl. In this instance, I’m using the
trawl. Locate the hole and apply evenly about three inches away from the hole to
ensure you stop the leak. For demonstration purposes, I’m just going to apply a strip of fabric into this Terminator so when we come back 24 hours from now I can
show you that this product had cured even underwater. The product bonds extremely well to all types of different substrates ranging from metal, granulated modbits, EPDMs, single-plys,
smooth modbits, concrete, and more. Well, it’s been 24 hours or a little more
and we’re back out the roof deck for Eric to do a pull test on the 622 he installed on the roof deck outside. As you can see, the water is fully evaporated. The Terminator is dry but hasn’t fully cured, so it’s still all pliable to the touch. Now that you tug on it and see that’s actually adhered enough to the roof substrate, you want to test the actual poundage that
it’s pulling at. It started pulling and I’ve reached five and a half pounds worth of force on here, and it started actually removing the Terminator along with part
of the substrate. That’s how well-adhered this coating is to this roof. That concludes this edition of Tech Talk. Stay tuned for more editions of Tech Talk from American WeatherStar. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us at 1-800-771-6643 or visit our website americanweatherstar.com.

Bernard Jenkins

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