Tempstar Furnace Troubleshooting

I need Tempstar Furnace troubleshooting help. I need a million bucks. I will help you with
your furnace troubleshooting, then you can help me with the million bucks. Oh very funny. I was hoping you would be able
to help me. I am just joking, I can help you my dear.
Most Tempstar furnaces are gas models that are powered by an electric regulator. Check to make sure that power is getting to
your unit, by checking the circuit box or fuse box, and making sure that all the power
is on. OK, I can certainly do that. What else do
I need to know? You can also check to make sure that the gas
valve feeding the furnace is open, and that fuel is getting to the furnace properly. Once you have checked out all these issues,
you can assume that the problem is with the thermostat. OK, I am following you so far. Luckily, as
I am not too handy. Make sure that the thermostat is set higher
than the current indoor temperature, to make sure that your furnace kicks on. What do I do if it still does not blow heat
adequately? Your thermostat may be broken, and you need
to call a repair professional. However, if your thermostat works fine, there are some
other things you can check. Gee, more mechanics, oh joy. You should also check the furnace filter,
to make sure it is clean. It could be interfering with the furnace operation. You should also make sure that the fan motor
is not a problem. Oil the furnace fan, to make sure it is operating efficiently. Also, pay attention to any unusual noises
the furnace may be making, as it may indicate some operational problems. The gas burners
may need to be cleaned, or the belts tightened. Thanks for the Tempstar furnace troubleshooting
tips. I will get started on this right away!

Bernard Jenkins

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