Testing Car Software Solution – Software Testing

As far as I’m concerned, the best answer here is stress testing. We’re not doing regression testing because regression testing always involves taking inputs that previously made the system fail and replaying them against the system, and the way I described it that wasn’t the case here. We’re probably not doing unit testing because the software under test running on this processor, even if it’s just one part of all of the software running on a car, still has many modules. It has an operating system. It has some communication software. It has the actual application functionality, whatever it’s doing, controlling airbags, and so we’re most likely not doing unit testing, although if you answered unit testing that’s not a bad answer. But my personal judgement is that it’s not the best one, and we’re certainly not doing white box testing because we haven’t considered at all the structure of the software under test here. This is really a kind of black box testing.

Bernard Jenkins

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