The Time Zack Morris Committed International Kidnapping To Fix A Chess Game

♪ Zack Morris is trash ♪ (bell rings) – [Narrator] Zack Morris
is calling the chess game. – Touchdown!
– [Narrator] Poorly. And missing no opportunity to
disparage smarter students. Screech, Bayside’s champ
prepares for battle with his lucky beret from
his girlfriend, Violet. Screech wins, he’s heading
to the finals against Valley. Zack sees a green light to leech. – Well, with the right
promotion, he could be famous. And I could be rich. – [Narrator] Zack
manhandles Screech mid-date to sell tacky, overpriced shirts with his unlicensed image. Two Valley students who must’ve
been held back a few years see if Zack wants to put some
action on the chess game. Zack, a degenerate gambler, jumps at any opportunity to lose. Then takes a direct shot
at Screech’s confidence. – You’re gonna win, right? – [Narrator] But Valley
has a secret weapon, Peter Breschnev, a
Russian exchange student, related to some of the greatest
chess masters in history. Screech is scared, but Zack gives him a substance-less pep
talk, solely motivated by not wanting to lose cash. He says nothing of Screech’s abilities and tells him the only deciding factor will be his lucky beret. Screech is training. Zack forcefully intrudes to sell a photo then harasses an uninterested woman. She’s Allison Fox, writing an article for Chess Boy magazine. Zack can’t believe
she’s not there for him. Zack shadows them to mope. He can’t drop it and whines loudly, throwing a horny tantrum. Allison wants to continue
her interview over lunch, except Allison is from Valley. She’s here to break up Screech and Violet so he’ll be too sad to compete. Her plan is working, as her attention makes Violet uneasy and
because Screech has learned from watching Zack
disrespect women for years. He lets Allison wear his hat in front of the woman who gave it to him. Violet is pissed. Allison’s leaving, when
Zack snatches the hat to loudly declare Screech needs it to win and he should go put it in his locker. Unable to read the massive
signs, he hits on her AGAIN. Shut down again. Zack reveals Allison is from Valley and she stole the lucky hat. Because Zack tied Screech’s
entire sense of self-worth to a piece of red fabric, he is lost. While Screech’s real friends
think of ways to help, Zack tries to dig his way out of this hole with another beret. He lies and says they
found his hat at Valley then turns around to sell them for his third parasitic
black market enterprise in two days. Screech tries to patch
things up with Violet, who only gets angrier when
she sees that he lost her gift and is wearing a cheap knockoff. Screech is, once again,
hopeless at rock bottom. Instead of consoling
him, Zack just shrugs. But Zack still feels good about the bet, despite the fact that Screech is ready to jump off a goddamn bridge. He stops Peter to say
it’s an American custom to get a pre-match picture then shoves him in a close to beat him up, steal his clothes, and shave his head. Zack, having assumed the identity of the foreigner he kidnapped, attempts to throw the game. But he can’t even do that
right and declares surrender right at as a humiliated
Peter emerges from the door Zack did not properly lock. Guess Zack had a Peter wig lying around? That’s somehow worse
than the head shaving. Zack explains. He only kidnapped this
Russian to cheat at gambling. Belding is less than satisfied
with this explanation and wants to shut this whole mess down. Zack offers to call off the bet if he’ll let them compete,
shirking his wager, as all avenues to cheat
have been exhausted. But Screech still needs his beret until Violet takes two seconds
to boost his self-esteem, a page missing from Zack’s
morally bankrupt playbook. Screech wins! Zack sees a new opportunity
to sell more garbage. And we never see a
disgraced Peter ever again. He probably fucking killed himself. Let’s review. Zack Morris exploited his
friend to sell T-shirts. Then, after gambling on high school chess, made Screech believe he owed
all his success to a beret. And, when Screech was
clearly being set up, didn’t notice because he
was too busy being a creep. After Zack’s loud mouth
got the beret stolen, Zack tried to make it all better with lies and bootleg head wear. Then, in a last-ditch
effort to fix the match, committed international kidnapping, escalating tensions with Russia in the final days of the Cold War and failed there, too. When all he had to do was be
a human being for two seconds. But that’s impossible for Zack Morris. Zack Morris is trash. ♪ Zack Morris is trash ♪ (bell rings)

Bernard Jenkins


  1. Still to come:

    • The time Zack dressed up in drag to make Screech fall in love with him.

    • The time Zack robbed Jessie of her dream to go on a field trip.

    • The time Zack shamed a girl for being stronger than him.

    • The time Zack dreamed of being a famous rock star who betrayed all his friends.

    • The time Zack recut yearbook videos into personal ads for teen girls.

  2. Saved by the bell was my favourite show on TV.zack and kelly were and are still my fav TV couple…..then why am I enjoying this …..👀😶😄😄

  3. After Good Morning, Miss Bliss ended and the show became Saved by the Bell, we never saw Miss Bliss, Mylo, Mikey, or Nicki ever again. I think we can all guess why.

  4. U should do one of these about a different show, their really funny but _ is trash could apply to almost any character in any show

  5. Wait a second, Slater went along with the scheme Zack concocted. So doesn't that make him trash too?? But in his defense, he's had years of exposure with that blonde narcissistic sociopath. Zack Morris is Fucking trash!🤬

  6. Do u mean to tell me that, the hot nurse, russian chess master dude, girl in wheelchair, heavy set gal, hollywood actor dude, and everybody else who only came out one time on the shows killd themselves? Whoa talk about ppl who were suicidals and @$!#%

  7. I don't want to live in a world where we give Russians human rights…

  8. At the end of this series you should tally up all the years Zack should spend in prison

  9. He KIDNAPPED this Russian to CHEAT at GAMBLING! That’s three sins in one sentence!

  10. Slater was just as involved with kidnapping and assaulting Peter

  11. It was trashy of him to pick on Peter just because he was Russian. Russia 🇷🇺 is not our enemy!

  12. "Belding is less than satisfied at this explanation."

  13. I loved watching this video. It looks like Zack Morris is Trash could now be one of my favorite Friday shows.

  14. The more you see these, the more you realize how good this show was. And I don't down play how good it was, it's just you forget how good.

  15. “We don’t see Peter again, because he probably fucking killed himself.”

    No, he was killed by the KGB for failing his mission.

  16. I think that Zack, had a system to brainwash the entire school, after each episode, in order to make everyone forget what happened. Because I cannot understand why everybody has not decided to ignore him yet.

  17. Wait…. where’s the episode where Zack Morris got Becky the Duck killed due to oil

  18. "Zach explains he only kidnapped this Russian to cheat at gambling."
    😂 Oh how I will miss these subtle reminders that he is pure trash.

  19. Why they got 35 year olds playing high schoolers for that opposing school? I thought the casting directors on 90210 only did that. 😂😂😂

  20. Even as a kid I hated Zach Morris, I always thought he was an asshole. But I mistook Slater as the same as Zach, hes not. Skreech is such a pussy stooge though he’s hard to feel pity for. Your supposed to feel sorry for Skreech but it’s hard to because he never stands up for himself. Skreech makes milhouse look like fucking Rambo!

  21. I can see your hatred for Zach is growing, embrace the anger and rejoice in it.

  22. Let's see..wears sunglasses, unleashed some rodents once, backstabbing (constant), manipulates people to get his goal, kidnapping, that's it..zack morris is:….WESKER.

  23. In the 90's I was a teen and thought the show was innocuous entertainment. When it is broken down like this I realize in horror how insidious Zack really was 😮😮😮

  24. I wonder what Mark Paul Gosselaar thinks of his character of Zack Morris and what he thinks of this ZMIT show?

  25. Who else wanted to bang Screech's girlfriend back in those days?

  26. I think that Zack Morris character is that creepy criminal stalker mistreatment myagi's from the original karate kid films long surrogate son

  27. I wonder if dashiell will fucking kill himself from the trauma of zach morris shenanigans

  28. I love these videos but my problem is that the other characters aren't held to the same standards as Zach like when Screech or Slater does something douchey, it's excused by blaming it on Zach or when Slater does something good, he's praised but when Zach does a similar good thing, his motivations are twisted to be something bad even when it's not necessarily true.

  29. Okay, but Slater’s dimples got me questioning my sexuality…. i think Im straight

  30. Lmao zach morris almost single handedly prolonged the cold war!

  31. Oh my god lol I just now realized that violet is played by Tori Spelling xD

  32. Should do the zack Morris is trash when they were at Malibu beach sands and he met stacy and she was looking for her father and before he realized it he called her father a jerk

  33. Lol those guys remind me of those 2 assholes from mighty morphing power rangers

  34. I haven't watched Saved by the Bell, but I hate Zack Morris. Zack Morris is absolutely trash and makes me angry.

  35. I remember watching that episode and thinking that it was unfair that the Russian exchange student had to play an important chess game after experiencing a traumatizing and humiliating kidnapping experience.

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