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– Hi guys! So, as you know, I have a
new addition into the family and that is my beautiful
daughter, baby Cairo. And with that comes change. So I wanna let you guys
in on how I am balancing my new family dynamics. (upbeat music) Where do I start? Let’s see. I have a newborn at home. It has been awhile since I’ve had a little baby at home. My son, he’s seven years old so there’s kind of like
this big gap there. And let me tell you, I am learning quick. (laughing) I am learning fast. There’s loads of diaper changes. There’s schedules that you
kind of have to stick to. I think the biggest change and challenge is trying to balance giving my son the attention that he deserves. He’s used the being the only child. And it’s been awhile that
he was the only child. I also like to be real
and frank with you guys. He had come up to me one
day and he said, mommy, you give Cairo more kisses. Oh my gosh, my heart just dropped. He’s old enough and he’s aware
that a lot of my attention is going to my baby. She needs lots of attention. But that doesn’t mean that
I have to ignore my son or not give him the love and
affection that he deserves. So how I’m trying to
balance (laughs) it all, or try to tell myself
that I’m balancing it all, is I’ve created date nights for my son. Every Sunday, it’s just me and my son. We talk, we have fun. Sometimes we’ll go out to eat. It’s just him and I and
I’m asking him questions about how he’s feeling, how was his day. I’m just giving him the
attention and the love that he deserves and needs. I’m now involving my son in
a lot of my daily routine. If I’m changing baby
Cairo, I’ll say, hey Cree, hand me that diaper cream. Or her Cree, wanna throw the diaper away? (laughs) If I’m putting baby
Cairo to bed, I’ll say, why don’t you come and join me in the bed and we’ll watch you know
something on television together and he’s really become a great help. And I feel like incorporating
him in my daily routine is really helping him feel involved and loved and just a part of it all. You know, my dynamic is
interesting and I think a lot of people are also
interested in understanding how my family dynamic works with me being married to an actor. Is it easy? No. Is it hard at times? Yes. Many of the times he’s
gone filming and shooting and so it is just me with two
kids and it can be challenging and I’m telling you, moms
out there, you single moms, I bow down to you. You are incredible. You are amazing. Taking care of two kids by
yourself, it can be challenging but how I try to balance
it all, I ask for help. When I first had my child Cree you know, this is your miracle child. You love your child so much. You feel like you’re the only one that can give him what he needs. But that doesn’t last long. (laughs) Because you only have two
hands and it’s really true. It takes a village to raise a child. And I feel like what I’ve learned is it’s okay to ask for help. I was working on this
television show, long hours, all days of the week. I was exhausted. And I said, dad, can you
come over to the house on Saturday and just help
me take care of the kids. And my dad did. He got in the pool with Cree. He even held baby Cairo
for about two hours while I took a little nap. So don’t be afraid to ask for help. And I would say that’s kind
of like how I’m balancing this new dynamic. So now that my husband and
myself, we have two kids, things have changed a bit. When it comes to the
husband and wife dynamic. We definitely aren’t doing the
things that we normally do. With just one kid we kind
of found a way to sneak away on date nights and really kind of catered to our relationship. Which I think is really really important. But when you have a newborn at home and when you have a
seven year old at home, those kind of date nights
really do escape you. We will get back to it though,
once baby Cairo gets older. Nobody’s getting any sleep. (laughing) Let’s just say that. I have learned how to
function being a little tired. I have learned how to sleep
standing up with my eyes open. I’m sleeping right now. (laughing) Yeah, I’ve learned, okay. My husband has insomnia. He’s had it ever since I’ve known him and it’s almost like a
little blessing in disguise because on hard exhausting
days, like I said, I am breastfeeding, so a
lot of the night feedings, it’s just me. But he’s like, Tia, why
don’t you just go ahead and pump a bottle for me
and I’ll let you sleep for a couple of hours
while I feed baby Cairo. He’s been really beneficial with that and it’s just the cutest
thing when I’m in bed, I’m still sleeping with
one eye open, trust. (laughing) But I’ll see him trying to
change her diaper at night. It is hilarious because he
takes forever and a day. And she’ll end up peeing
all over the place. I’m like, Cory, come on. You gotta move faster than that. But he’s just so gentle with her and he’s like talking to her
and he’ll even sing to her. It is just the sweetest
thing and he’ll feed her. He’ll burp her. He has really helped with
the baby and we tag team. He’s like you’re it. And I’m like, okay, well you’re it. And whenever I just get overwhelmed, he’ll just take over for me and I am forever grateful for that. I think what we have done to
try to just keep the romance (laughing) alive, because let me tell you. Pregnancy and having a
baby, it’s not glamorous. Let’s just say that. I’m just being real and
I’m just being honest. There are some amazing beautiful moments. Don’t get me wrong. But to try to keep the
romance alive what we’ll do is we’ll just have dinners inside the house. Order take out, order something
from our favorite restaurant and we’ll just sit there and
eat for about 20 minutes. Because that’s all we have. (laughing) We definitely make time for
each other because I think it’s really important. I think it’s important that
you do not lose yourself within this process of being
a new mom or just having this new dynamic in the household. And I also think it’s
important that you don’t lose spending quality time with each other. I find that now that I have two kids and especially a husband
that travels with work, and I’m sure there’s a
lot of women out there that can relate or even
single moms out there. You can feel overwhelmed at times. Have I had a good cry out? Yes I have. (laughing) I am not gonna sit here and lie and say everything has been peaches, okay. It’s been hard and there have been times where I had a great cry out. That is okay, girl. Cry it out. You will feel overwhelmed at times. But what I tend to do to
not feel so so overwhelmed is I make a list. I’ll create this sort of list
of things that need to happen, things that need to be done. I’m also forgiving of myself
if I don’t complete that list. There are gonna be days
where you go straight through that list and there are gonna be days when you only can complete
two things on that list. And guess what? It is okay. I prioritize that list. So I put the things that are
really really important to me on top of that list. And guess what? You know what’s on top of that list? Me. I think it’s really really
important for women out there who are mothers to take care of you. Take care of yourself. And sometimes especially
when you are a new mom, you feel like you have
to be this supermom. And yes, we are super
women, we can be supermoms. But guess what? Sometimes, Superwoman takes her cape off and you can too. And that means getting
away for a bubble bath. Even if it’s just 20 minutes. Making time for yourself
to do some workouts. Whether that’s workouts
at home or a great workout while your baby is
sleeping or in the swing. Get back to yourself and
don’t completely lose yourself because you are worth it. How can the goose lay the eggs if she doesn’t take care of herself? So guys, that is how I am
trying to balance it all with my new family dynamics
and make sure you share with me some of your ways of
how you balance it all. And don’t forget to follow
Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix for more episodes. You know what’s next. I’ll see you next week.

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