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– Hey guys, what’s up,
Kendra and myself here. You probably remember Kendra when we did a YouTube video
together called Holiday Hair. Today I’m going to show
you three romantic looks for natural, curly hair
for Valentine’s Day. (upbeat music) These hair styles are actually
inspired by a photo shoot that Kendra and myself did a while back. (upbeat music) So the first look that I’m
gonna do is called The Afro. (chuckles) We are going back to
the 60’s and the 70’s. I just washed it and conditioned it. I kind of put it in sections and then used the three
combination, right? – [Kendra] Curl Cream, Curl Revitalizer, and a Curl Enhancing Spray. – Prep for the look. I air dried my hair, so
instead of using a diffuser, I just let it kind of air
dry or get dry naturally. I find that when you air dry your hair, as opposed to blow it out, the curls are like, your natural curls. – Your natural curl or natural texture. – The next step in
getting The Afro (laughs) – Shake it out. – And just kind of like shake out my hair. Sometimes what I’ll do is, I’ll
just use my hands like this or you can just use a pick. – [Kendra] You don’t want
to comb all the way out to the curl, you just
kinda lift up a little. – [Tia] And this is just kind of like, volumizing the hair, right? – Yeah, giving it volume. – [Tia] Why is it important that we put our head down to do this? – For most people it’s
just more comfortable. You can get more control all at one time when you tilt it over.
– Okay, okay. – With the hair for most people. – If you don’t have a pick, you can always just use your hands. – Now let’s try it with your hands. – Okay, alright. – Just stick your hands in
and then just shake it around. – Shake, shake, shake.
– Shake, shake. (laughs) – Shake, shake, shake. – Oh yeah, shake, shake, shake. Woo-hoo! (laughs) – And there you go! (laughs) – The Afro yeah! Sometimes I notice that my hair will have different curl patterns, like some will be straighter than others. – Than others, sometimes
that’s due to blow drying or if you straighten your hair in between. And then your ends will tend
to get a little straighter, and we have a trick for that. – Yes! – A skinny curling iron or curling wand. If you have the wand you would just use the barrel like that. If you have a curling
iron, because some of us have a little lip, you
can just open it up. And you don’t want to
do this all the time, if you have the time you
can roller set the ends, and let it dry. But if you don’t, just want
to curl it around like that. – You know, I used to wear
my hair curly all the time during Sister Sister. And then, once I was in my twenties I was like I want to start
wearing my hair straight. And I started doing that for years that I actually lost my curl pattern because I would always
use heat, curling irons, and just blow drying it all the time. And I lost my curl pattern
and then Kendra was like how about we just start all over. We just cut it really, really short. – [Kendra] Big chop. – The big chop. I was like oh my god! – It was really cute. – But this is what has
happened since then, and this took how many years? – Two. – Two years and I have
like my curly hair now! Hello world! (laughs) The thing that I just love about the whole kind of like natural hair movement is you’re embracing you. You’re embracing who you are. I’m just gonna be real
honest with you guys. – Tell. – I would wear my hair like
this when I was in school and they would call me names. You know, they were like oh,
she looks like Buckwheat. You know what I mean, whatever. – Yeah. – And I was like, no! I just love that this whole
kind of natural hair movement is being accepted and there’s like this whole
kind of community where all these natural hair girls
are coming together and showing you how it’s done. – That’s right. – So woop! Woop! – Woop! Woop! (upbeat music) – Now onto another easy romantic
look for Valentine’s Day is the Side Part Afro look. And I actually did this look
for the photo shoot as well. – We’re gonna part it on the side. – Okay. – [Kendra] Separate the hair, try not to mess up the curls too much. – With curly hair, you
shouldn’t mess with it too much because that’s when you kinda start to loose the curl pattern, right? – Yeah. – So, speaking of
embracing, I have gray hair. And a lot of people are like,
oh well, should you color it, should you not? But, I just feel like this is me, this is who I am, and I’m
just embracing all of me. So, yeah, I have gray hair, don’t care. (laughs) Okay Kendra, so you’re
just putting a little bit of gel in there? – Yeah, just a little edge
control, to control the edges. To kind of direct the hair. – Oh, edges. – In the direction that you want. – What is a good tip about
keeping your edges, Kendra? While we are here. (laughs) – Don’t put too much stress on your edges. Too much heat, too much pulling, I mean if you’re wearing it
back in a pony tail a lot that can start to wear around the edges. – Okay. – If you’re wearing braids,
braids can tend to pull it out. – If you put them too tight, right? – If you put them too tight. If it’s pulling, you know,
you pull the bulb out and sometimes it will damage the follicle. – One thing that I love about curly hair, and natural curly hair is it’s
like the bigger the better. And they say – The bigger the fro, the closer to God. (laughs) – A lot of girls, they
ask me about hair care. Say for instance, I have this look right? And it’s time for me to
do my night time routine. What do I do? You use a Silk Bonnet, and the Silk Bonnet
actually protects your hair. It keeps the moisture in, it locks it in, and then also, it kinda
protects the style. And it’s cute too! (laughs) – It comes in different
colors, I have the black one. – Okay. And you kinda just put
your hair in the bonnet. And then, you go to bed. (laughs) You just start to count sheep. One, two, three, I probably
get to like number 10, and I’m like out. (laughs) And then in the morning, you just kind of, take it off and then you just shake your, ree-jush your hair, shake it out and then your hair is back to
normal, ready to go, right? – Back to normal. – If you don’t want to
use a bonnet you can use – For married girls, – For married girls (laughs) – Who wants to sleep pretty (laughs) If you don’t like putting
your hair in a bonnet or tying it down, silk pillowcase. – That is so cool, and what
does a silk pillowcase do? – Most people sleep on cotton. – Yes. – Cotton tends to pull moisture, it dries your skin out. It dries out your hair. It will snag and cause it to break. With the silk, it’s just the opposite. – It says that brittle
hair can be nurtured and remain static free. There you have it, you can
use a bonnet or a pillowcase. (upbeat music) Now for the third look, the Fro Hawk. I put it on my Instagram, and like loads and loads of
comments were just flooding in saying oh my gosh I absolutely
love this hair style. So I wanna recreate it for you guys. – So I’m taking your hair, to get control, I have sectioned it in three sections. – Okay. – And I’m just taking a large bobby pin, pulling up the side, giving it a little twist, and wa-la. – Awesome. (laughs) – [Kendra] I just do it one more time. – Okay, and you’re just kinda like pulling it all in the center to kinda – Pulling it all in the center,
I give it a little twist. I stick in the bobby pin. There, this side is almost ready. – Wow, that was like so quick and easy. – And you can see how
its starting to shape and form the Fro Hawk. – Fro Hawk. – Just a play on and Afro
being shaped into a Mohawk. – If you guys are thinking
about the big chop, which I highly recommend, make sure you think about accessories because you’re gonna have
short hair for a while, and you wanna change up your hair. Some accessories like bobby pins, or cute little head bands, or bows. Another idea that’s really cool, I think that helped me in my
decision is protective styles. You can always just throw on a wig, and that is just the coolest
thing about wearing wigs. You don’t have to worry about how short or how long your hair is. Or, if you wanna change
up the color of your hair, I even tried a blonde wig. Kendra, I feel like you
just gave me that little Michael Jackson curl. (laughs) Another protective style is braids, and Kendra would actually
just braid my hair up in these individual braids,
and it just looks really cool. It’s easy, and you’re
also protecting your hair at the same time. While your hair is starting to grow out. Am I done? – Yeah. – I’m done! (laughs) – Yay! – That was so fast! See how, oh my gosh, I
love this hair style. It’s just so cool! It’s like bad ass. (laughs) One thing I love about this hair style is you can accessorize it. You can put pins in it, you can put like crystals in it, or you even can put flowers,
I mean it is Valentine’s Day. Maybe have your, you
know, significant other pick out a flower for you
and put it in your hair. (laughs) I hope you enjoyed these three looks. I hope you enjoy your Valentines, and make sure you subscribe! I’ll see you next week. Bye! (upbeat music)

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