Tia Mowry’s Hot Chocolate Recipes For The Holidays | Quick Fix

– I love hot chocolate. Okay, well, I’m obsessed
with hot chocolate, especially during the holidays. So I’m gonna show you guy some
of my favorite combinations. (festive music) First up, I’m gonna show you
my gingerbread hot chocolate. So in a saucepan, I’m gonna add some milk and if you wanna use almond
milk, you can do that too but this is just regular milk. I’m gonna add some
bittersweet chocolate chips and I’m just gonna– (laughing) Oh, my gosh. There we go. And I just want my chocolate
chips to melt down. You wanna make sure that
you just keep on stirring because you don’t want the chocolate to stick to the bottom of the pan. I have loads of memories of
just drinking hot chocolate during the holidays. Whether that’s a few days before Christmas or just during the holidays in general. Hot chocolate just does
something to the soul. It really, really does. My milk is starting to turn
brown from the chocolate chips and that’s how you know
that everything is working. The chocolate chips are melting down. I’m gonna add some more chocolate, making this really nice and chocolatey. I’m gonna add some chocolate syrup. Look at that. This reminds me of Willy Wonka
and the Chocolate Factory. I was obsessed with that movie. I loved that movie. Couldn’t watch it without eating any candy or I just had to have
a chocolate candy bar. Leave me a comment and let me
know if you watched that movie and you had to have some candy too. So I’m just gonna give it a nice stir. Now, I’m gonna add my flavors. So, I’m gonna add some ginger ’cause this is my
gingerbread hot chocolate, allspice, which also
reminds me of the holidays and cinnamon. All right. I am going to give this a whirl. Just make sure all of this is
whisked in and melted down, just adding flavor to your hot chocolate. I’m gonna add my vanilla extract. I always say I love to add flavor to anything that I’m cooking just because it adds personality,
you know what I mean? To the food or to the drink,
whatever you’re doing. Because I’m not boring, okay? And I don’t want no boring food. (laughing) Now, I’m gonna pour my
hot chocolate into my mug. There we go. And now the fun part, the toppings. I can never drink hot chocolate
with just hot chocolate. We gotta add lots of fun stuff on top. My son, this is his favorite,
he loves whipped cream so I’m just gonna add some whipped cream. I love it too. (laughing) Okay, gonna add some marshmallows. I love marshmallows in my hot chocolate. Sometimes I can’t make up my mind whether I want whipped
cream on my hot chocolate or marshmallows so why not do both? And now, of course, this is
my gingerbread hot chocolate so I’m gonna add a little
gingerbread man on top and just kinda have him
chilling out right there. And voila. You have the coolest
gingerbread hot chocolate. I’m gonna have to take a sip of this. Mm! This is so incredibly good. My next favorite combination
is my peppermint hot chocolate. So I already have my base here. Now, I’m gonna add my peppermint extract. A little goes a long way so I’m just gonna put
just a little bit in there to give it that nice peppermint flavor. There we go. Stir it up. Ah, you can smell it already. And then I’m just gonna
pour it right into my cup. Gonna add some whipped cream and then I’m gonna add some white chocolate peppermint crumbles. (laughing) It’s raining
peppermint candies. You can never have
enough peppermint candy. Then, what are the holidays
without candy canes? ♪ Voila ♪ Ah, this smells and looks delicious. How about I have a little taste? Mm, mm, mm-mm-mm. This is so good. I love the way you have those little bites of candy, like, right
in just one little sip. Mm, I can sit here and drink this all day. But I have another one to show you. Next up, another one of
my favorite combinations my fluffernutter hot
chocolate and that’s with peanut butter and marshmallows. Again, I have my base here. What I’m gonna add to that
is some peanut butter. Just gonna whisk it. ‘Cause I want my peanut
butter to melt down, which happens rather quickly. Now, I’m gonna add my marshmallow cream. Just gonna put like a dollop in there. Have you ever had a
fluffernutter sandwich? Oh, my, gosh. It is, like, the best. Pour my hot chocolate into the cup here. Ooh, that looks so delicious. I’m gonna add some more marshmallow cream. Ooey, gooey goodness. This just looks so good. Gonna slide you right in there. There you go. Gonna add some marshmallows, some peanuts just sprinkled in on top. Gonna taste this. Mm, mm, this is amazing. This is delicious. I hope you guys try it out. And make sure you subscribe. I’ll see you next week. Happy holidays.

Bernard Jenkins

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