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– Hi guys, so I’m thrilled to say we have built an incredible community here at Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix. I’m always coming at you
guys with some great ideas to make our lives easier, right? But today, I’m gonna
do something different. This is my life story. (upbeat music) I was born in Germany in a place
called Gelnhausen, Germany. My parents, they were in the Army. They ran away to be
married at 18 years old. It was kind of like a little bit of a shotgun wedding should I say. They had myself and my
sister at 21 years old. I only know (foreign language). (laughs) Which I think is good morning, which is probably terrible. (speaking foreign language)
which means good night, and (speaking foreign language)
which means no (laughs). We ended up leaving when
I was two years old. We moved to Texas for a bit,
we didn’t stay there long. After Texas, the family
ended up moving to Hawaii. I like to say that I was raised in Hawaii. I just love everything about Hawaii. I remember (speaking foreign language) if you are from Hawaii,
you know what that means. I remember just smelling the pineapples, being on a beach every single weekend. We would camp out and I
was always around food. My dad, who you all
know, he did this video for me when I was pregnant. He would actually go spear fishing. He would catch eel, and
he would catch fish, and he would bring it back and everybody would just, you know, barbecue. Tamara, don’t kill me, my sister she actually got stung by a man o’war. I don’t know why I’m laughing (laughs) but it’s a sibling thing (laughs). I just remember seeing
my sister just like, (shouting) just screaming and crying, and she had gotten stung. I also experienced my first
hurricane ever in Hawaii. My parents would always
have hang outs at the house and they were you know doing
kind of like a luau situation, which is where they put
like a pig in the pit in our backyard (laughs). Go figure! We had this swing set and, you guys, this is not, I’m not even joking, there was a hurricane and the pig that we had in the pit
ended up on that swing set. I’m like oh my god, the
memories of my first hurricane. But, you know, that’s Hawaii. (upbeat music) And this is where it all began (laughs). The acting bug literally
bit me and it bit me hard. I remember watching and being
inspired by several shows. The first show was Star Search. It was a show that was
hosted by Ed McMahon. Destiny Child was on there, Beyonce. I remember saying Mommy,
I wanna be on that show. My sister and myself,
we were part of a group called the Fancy Prancy Dancers (laughs). Yeah. We auditioned for Star Search. We did this dance routine and we didn’t, we didn’t make the cut (laughs). I remember being so devastated, but as you can see, I didn’t give up. I saw Lisa Bonet who, a lot
of people don’t know this, I am obsessed with. I remember seeing her on television and going oh my gosh
this girl looks like me. She’s really cool, I
wanna do what she’s doing. And my mom was like well, you
know that’s, she’s an actress. And I was like oh, wow,
that’s cool, I wanna do that. My mom put me into pageants (laughs). Believe it or not, I am Miss Killeen. I am Miss Ft. Hood (laughs). And then my mom was like, okay well then, let me put you in print. You know how when you’re
looking in catalogs and you see like people modeling
like for Sears? (laughs) Back to school stuff with the backpack, and you see little kids like. I was doing tons of those in Texas. And then I started to, you know, slowly get into like local commercials. I just wanted to just evolve. But unfortunately, you
cannot expand and grow with your career in Texas
you’d have to go to Hollywood. What my mom ended up
doing, and a lot of people don’t know this, is during the summer she had taken me to LA and
she made a promise to me. She said if you book something, whether that’s a commercial, whether that’s a television
show, a guest spot, then I would move the family to LA. Tell that to a 10-year-old or 11-year-old, you’re like what? I was like okay let’s do this! One of the first auditions that I had was an audition for a commercial where I had to double dutch. I didn’t know how to double
dutch to save my life. I remember practicing, and
practicing, and practicing, and practicing, and
practicing, and practicing, and I was not good at it (laughs). So the time came where I had to audition. Small room, you know,
clipboard or whatever, alright slate, say your name. Hi, my name is, you know, Tia Mowry, I’m 12-years-old, blah, blah, blah. And then they said oh, and by the way, you don’t have to double dutch. That’s all you have to do is single rope. I was like what? (laughs). I never jump roped so hard and so fast. I was like wee, I was like
oh yeah this is so much fun. And I ended up booking the job! As soon as I booked the job,
I was like looking at my mom I was like okay mom. My mom was in the Army and
you can’t just quit the Army. She had to present her case to the courts and she, I will never forget all of the, I don’t know why I’m about to cry. Just reminds me of, if weren’t for my mom, I wouldn’t be here. She worked so hard for us (laughs). I didn’t expect to cry
and I can’t use pregnancy as my excuse anymore. Sorry. I remember the day when
my mom said, we did it. They let my mom go and
she said alright girls, we are going to Hollywood. They would only let one of
my parents out of the Army. So my dad actually had to
stay in Texas for awhile. He was later transferred back to Germany for another two years. Once you are no longer stationed, or living on base, you’re
part of the real world, you have to pay for everything. We had moved from a house to a
really small apartment in LA. We didn’t have any money. We, I remember, our Christmases were 99 cent store Christmases. My mom would like show us
little tricks and stuff, where you know if our jeans were too high because we were outgrowing them, she would just roll them up
so they would be in style. I remember having these white shoes and my mom putting powder on them to make sure that the shoes, you know, I’m about to cry again. Just don’t realize how hard things can be and then here you are. I think a lot of people think
that success is so easy, but you know it’s hard and you start from really humble beginnings. I will never, ever forget
my humble beginnings. To make ends meet, my mom
would take graveyard shift jobs where, you know, it was
just my sister, myself, and my brother Tahj at the time, we would have to take care
of my brother at night while my mom worked these
long hours into the morning. Just to make ends meet,
and then at the same time, make her days open so that she
could take us to auditions. (upbeat music) My brother Tahj, he first started on a show called Full House with (upbeat music) the Olsen Twins. And my mom couldn’t afford a babysitter, so my sister and myself
we would hang out on set. There was this one
producer that was there. She said wow you not only
do you have this talented, you know, young boy Tahj, you know, who was like maybe six
years old at the time who was killing it. She said wow you have twins, too? Let me see what I can do. So long story short, my sister and myself we ended up meeting a woman by
the name of Suzanne de Passe. Suzanne de Passe is the one who discovered Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five. Some people think that
my sister and myself, we auditioned for Sister, Sister. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Sister, Sister was created for us. We went to all networks, ABC, NBC, FOX, and we just talked. How I’m talking right
now and we had, you know, some sort of idea of
a twin show, you know, we sat down with a writer. Kim Bass, shout out to
Kim Bass, whaddup Kim. He had created shows like All That. He was really popular with
a lot of the kid shows that were very popular. This is all new to us, we had only been in LA for three years
when this had happened. And (laughs) lo and behold
ABC at the time said we want the show. Sister, Sister started out on ABC, then it ended up on the
WB, we ran for six years, over a hundred-something episodes, and boom, we hit fame and
success at such a young age. I was 14 years old when
I did the presentation, 15 years old when the show got picked up, and I ended the show when
I turned 21 years old. My mom always told me that your education is the key to success. She just thought that
college and just learning, and reading, and just opening up your mind to other things was really important. So, after Sister, Sister, ended up going to Pepperdine University,
graduated, woop, woop. So proud of myself, but around that time, that’s when I met my
husband, Cory Hardrict. Sister, Sister had ended, I ended up doing this crazy terrible movie,
please do not look it up, it’s called Hollywood Horror. This movie was terrible! But I always said that I
did it to meet my husband. He was like wearing
Birkenstocks, you know, I was like oh my god, what
is this guy doing (laughs). I wear Birkenstocks, I think they’re cool, but for some reason I just didn’t think that they were cool on a
dude, you know? (laughs) I’m like what are those? Is that what the kids do now? We courted each other for about a year. My sister was a third-wheel,
she hated it (laughs). I would drag her to all
of my dates with Cory. He won my heart. We ended up having our
first kiss at a park where he asked me and then that’s when we became boyfriend and girlfriend. My wedding was incredible. I had the best wedding,
it was so much fun. We got married in Santa
Barbara at the Four Seasons. And the reason why we chose Santa Barbara is because that’s where Cory and I, we would always kind of leave for, you know, secret rendezvous (laughs). And if you guys watch
my baby shower video, you’ll know that Kenny Lattimore
sang For You at our wedding and it was just beautiful. And I’ll let you in on a little secret, I literally laughed walking down the aisle because I was so tipsy (laughs). I remember just taking back
the champagne, you know? And I was like oh my gosh,
maybe I’m taking back too much, and I just remember just laughing, and just smiling going down the aisle. They were like you didn’t
look nervous at all, I’m like yeah because I had downed a few glasses of champagne. My dad was amazing, he
walked me down the aisle. It was just an incredible,
beautiful experience. And here we are two kids later! We ended up having Cree, now baby Cairo, you guys got to meet her. She is the love of my life. She’s smiling now, she has
such a great personality, she’s just so full of joy. 19 years together and 10 years married. The love of my life, my best friend, he gets on my nerves, but
boy do I love that man. He’s my heart and I feel very blessed to have him in my life. After Sister, Sister I ended up doing a television show called The Game which a lot of people know me from. For five years I played Melanie Barnett, one of my favorite characters
that I’ve ever played. I worked with Pooch Hall, Hosea. I’m gonna try to get Hosea. Let me know in the comments below if you want me to do a video
with some of the actors that I worked on The Game. They love my YouTube channel. Brittany Daniel, Wendy, oh my gosh, that would be so much fun. After The Game I ended up
doing this reality show with my sister called Tia and Tamera. Had so much fun on that. Documented my pregnancy, we
documented her getting married. We did that for three years, and then after that I ended up doing a show called Instant Mom. I did that for three years,
we did about 65 episodes. I loved doing that television show. I was also the executive producer. I ended up becoming an author. I wrote Oh Baby!, I have my cook book, did some other books called
Twintuition with my sister. It’s out right now if you
guys wanna check it out, it’s so adorable. Then I wanted to show the
world that I love to cook. I am obsessed with cooking shows from Giada, to Bobby Flay,
to Barefoot Contessa, and lo and behold I ended
up doing a cooking show called Tia Mowry at Home
for the Cooking channel and Food Network, and I
just kinda made my presence in the culinary world. And that’s how Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix kind of, you know, started. I’m a mom, I’m an actress, I’m an author, I’m an entrepreneur, and I have
this social media following where I wanted to get to
know my audience more. And what I mean by audience, are you guys. I remember saying I’m a busy working mom, how ’bout we come up with a show where I can inspire? And to uplift people to make life easier. ‘Cause life is freakin’ hard, man. And here I am, lo and behold,
Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix! I wanted to inspire people
to get back into the kitchen. I wanted to inspire people to not be intimidated by life and enjoy life. I wanna continue to
create amazing content. You’ll continue to see
me doing more movies, TV, producing things, and
I am so, forever grateful for my family because I
did not get here by myself. I definitely have a
community that supports me, and uplifts me, and I wanna be that kind of community for you. Alright guys, so that’s my
life story in a nutshell. Make sure you follow Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix for more episodes. I’ll see you next week!

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