Tig Notaro’s One Mississippi Season 2 Tackles Sexual Assault and Harassment

Bernard Jenkins


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  2. A tv show getting 100% is really common. If it’s certified fresh 100% then it’s rare. But reg tomato high ratings doesn’t mean anything really.

  3. I won't even read any comments. It's being tough to avoid idiotic Trump-supporters defending sexual predators and claiming feminism and empowerment to be some sort of anti-American nazi movement (when supporting Trump is much much closer to nazism than female empowerment is).

  4. Jimmy, about your tie…. You habe to decide whether you want Ravenclaw or Gryffindor.

  5. if I would look like Tig Notaro
    i wouldnt be worried about sex assaults……..

  6. That show seems terrible. Everyone in middle and southern America is dumb and we're gonna show you how dumb.

  7. Before it was 'coming out int he news' but after she called Louis CK out for it.

  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18foq__Yut0



  9. Tig is awesome! What’s wrong with looking androgynous? She jokes about it in her comedy, especially since her double mastectomy. Why are people such assholes??

  10. Love her! Just binged the show, was hysterical. It's so dry, honest and funny. The interactions between the characters is so raw, it literally feels like im watching someones real-life and not a show.

  11. I watched the first and second season forever ago, we want the third season ASAP! Tig is awesome!

  12. For all the hateful comments she is a woman not a guy. It's what is called androgynous and not all women need to have long hair to look like a woman just as not all men need short hair to look like men.

  13. I like hmmm not like but love 1 mississippi, its not like any other lgbtq movie w/too much sex, violence or hate. They are on points on issues and able to address it profoundlyand subtle way. More seasons i hope for 1 Mississippi.

  14. Tig HAS TO make a sequel show to One Mississippi, with all the original cast. Come on, people have been begging for it all these years. Please.

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