Toilet repair leak between Tank and Bowl P1

between bowl and tank

Bernard Jenkins


  1. Until I watched your show, I was completely lost as why the space between the tank and the toilet bowl was leaking. I never realized that I have to tighten the bolt with that extra nut to the tank and set the tank on the bowl. After i followed your instruction, can you imagine it did work and there is not leak. Thank you so much

  2. Thank you very much kind Sir. With today's world more people claiming to skills they dont have and even more want more money over anything else. I'd have no problem giving but as you noted I can barely spare the large expenses to provide monthly requirements already. Still I live with God everyday and give whenever I could. You just help another person and God does see even if the world does not see or care.

  3. Different problem. My toilet is leaking from the little pipe NEXT to the little crack. Same repair strategy or what?

  4. Thanks for sharing this video, Claude. My toilet was leaking this morning, I watched your video, and fixed it up myself.

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