TokenPay l Zero TokenPay showing in Wallet troubleshoot fix

hello everyone
it’s Ruben here and today I’m going to help some people who have the issues with 0 TokenPay showing in your wallet so there is a fix for this and in order to
do this we have to navigate to our wallets so going to open the TokenPay.exe
always run as an administrator so right click and after you have loaded your
wallet you have to navigate to tools debug hit
the console tab and type in rewindchain1000 okay after you have done
this close the console close the wallet you can choose to restart your PC but
it’s not necessary and run your wallet again of course run as an administrator
and if correctly your TokenPay should show now i’ve tried this with several people
reported issues with 0 TokenPay showing and this fixex it for them if this
still doesn’t fix it for you feel free to hit me up on telegram or any of the
other admins like: Ali-Bao Ark, Danny, Sakib you know them so that’s
pretty much it hope this will fix it for you if not let me know have a great day
do not forget to follow us on the TokenPay youtube channel of course
TokenPay twitter instagram and facebook and join us on telegram as well to stay
up-to-date to the most recent TokenPay news have a great day I’m out
bye bye

Bernard Jenkins

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