TRIATHLON NEWS November 13, 2018: Pro Triathlete Harassed, Armstrong an “Icon” & triathlete mom

– What’s up Trainiacs? Welcome to this week’s
Triathlon Newsday Tuesday, where in this week’s edition of Newsday, Callum Millward, pro
triathlete, gets harassed during the run portion of Ironman Kona. Speaking of Ironman Kona, the NBC airing premiered
just hours ago, and Lance Armstrong just cycling
back into the world of cycling. (island music) I didn’t realize there were going to be a
lot of ‘cycling’s there. (exciting synthesizer music) What’s up triathletes? Welcome to this week’s edition
of Triathlon Newsday Tuesday, where every single Tuesday we go over stories happening from the triathlon world over the previous week. Make sure you stick around til the end, where every single Tuesday we go over everyone’s favorite
part of Triathlon Newsday and that is a story from
the Trainiac community. And as always, full links
to everything I talk about will be in the description below. Let’s start it off with the showdown between pro triathlete Callum
Millward – Cupcakes with Cal and pro triathlon coach
Cameron Watt from Trisutto. Now what happened is that on social media Callum Millward posted that during the run portion of Ironman Hawaii, he wasn’t having a good race, and while he wasn’t having a good race, pro triathlon coach
Cameron Watt from Trisutto rolled up to him on a bike, started shouting expletives at
him about how useless he was, how out of shape he was, and then actually ended up running into him with the bike in front of other pro
triathletes and other coaches. Of course, none of this
was caught on camera so there was an
investigation done by Ironman for these allegations, and just recently they handed down a sanction
against Cameron Watt. Until now Callum Millward has
been keeping quiet about this. He’s told me that, as the
sanctioning process was going on, he didn’t want to disturb that
by talking about it publicly. He just recently talked about it publicly on the FITTER Radio podcast, which I will link to in
the description below. It’s fantastic how he explains this. Very unfortunate that Cal
had to go through this. I am glad that Ironman has
taken very quick action to get this issue resolved
for Callum, and maybe Cam. Speaking of Ironman, the
annual Emmy Award-winning NBC coverage was premiered November 12th, Monday, just yesterday, in New York, with pro triathletes Patrick Lange and Sarah
True in attendance. Age-grouper Marcus Cook, who
we recently had on the podcast, was in attendance. And, as always, went smashingly well, and on November 24th, on NBC, will be the world-wide airing of this very much anticipated
piece of triathlon coverage every single year now. I don’t want to brag, but we got our coverage out
about 16 hours after the event. Yeah! Now a fun story about #Girl power. Air Force mom of two, Jamie Sloan, recently came out explaining that during half-Ironman 70.3 Tempe, on October 21st this year she decided to pump breast milk during the run portion of the race. Coming into the race, she was intending on stopping
during the race and pumping, but when she got into transition two, she was like, ‘Holy Smokes, I am going to set a PB here. I ain’t stopping to pump breast milk.’ So she took the pump, headed out onto the run, and pumped as she was running, finishing in a time of 6:12:44. (hand smack on table) That’s badass stuff! And, of course, I could not let a week go by not talking about Lance
Armstrong when he is in the news. Former Tour de France champion, Sir Bradley Wiggins from England, has just recently come out
with a book called Icons. In that book, he talks about the founder of the Tour de France, over a hundred years ago, envisioning the perfect
winner of the race. An iconic, archetypal champion. And Bradley Wiggins said that
Lance Armstrong is likely that perfect champion. (Hoo) Now, Lance Armstrong is currently in the middle of a lifetime ban from basically all of cycling, not even just competing, but even being discussed! His name comes up, and people in cycling just lose their stinking minds, as they did in this case,
where UCI president, Dave Lappartient, said
that this is very strange and unbelievable that Sir Bradley Wiggins would talk about Lance Armstrong that way. I am interested to hear
your thoughts on Lance. I know he’s a polarizing topic, I know everyone has a very
passionate belief about Lance. I am interested in hearing
from you in the comments below about Do you think, A, Lance
Armstrong should be banned from all of cycling? And B, Is what he did so
awful that he should basically never even be spoken about
whatsoever in cycling? Is it that bad? Now, for the first time in
Newsday Tuesday history, we do not have an Ironman
triathlon to talk about! No ITU triathlon to talk about, but the USA Triathlon Nationals
was held in conjunction with the Miami Man Triathlon
over the course of the weekend, kind of wrapping up the
USA Triathlon series. Large Miami Man Half
Ironman distance event was won by Justin Lippert, who is a two-time USA
Triathlon National Champion in the Sprint and the
Olympic distance races earlier this year. He won the Half Iron distance in 4:04, while Leslie Brainard won
the women’s side in 4:50. That wasn’t a Half Ironman
National Championship. There were National Championships in multiple different races in this multi sport festival that
occurred over several days. There was the National
Championships in the Aquathon, National Championships in the Half Ironman Duathlon distance, And National Championship in the Aquabike. Congratulations to everyone that finished. Now a quick update in podcast land. Yes, the Triathlon Taren podcast is still the most highly rated
and ranked triathlon podcast in the world and it’s thanks to awesome guests like we had this weekend, publishing the interview that
we did with Lisa Roberts. You may not know about Lisa Roberts, but she has been a pro
triathlete for over a decade. She was a fantastic surprise guest. We have a new chocolate friend – well, she’s not made of chocolate,
but she loves chocolate – and we’re going to trade
chocolate across the border. And the first triathlete
that we’ve had on the podcast that has intimately
trained with Daniela Ryf. That’s up right now. This weekend is Sam
Long, one of the youngest pro triathletes out there
on the Ironman circuit who is tearing them up. Make sure you’re
subscribed to that podcast. Do not miss this weekend’s episode. Now, let’s get into the goods
that you all came here for. The Trainiac story from this week which comes from Keltie Gibb, who says, ‘Everyday my
boyfriend and I start our evenings together by watching
your daily YouTube video.’ That sounds terrifying…a
thing of nightmares, Keltie. ‘Each Tuesday, he gets all excited hoping that the Trainiac
story will be mine.’ So here it goes, today’s the
day, Keltie and Mr. Keltie. ‘I did my first triathlon at
12 years old, 33 years ago. I dabbled a little bit
at it through teen years, and did loads of track as a sprinter. After graduation, life,
family, and children took over and I literally forgot about
the sport of triathlon. At the age of 38, I started
running again and getting fit until my left hand went numb
during a run, then my right. Weeks later, both my feet went numb. Months later, I was diagnosed
with multiple sclerosis. Depression, a walker, and
sometimes a wheelchair, treatments, and a divorce later, and I just completed my first season back at triathlon amongst all that. You see, it took a very special
man to come into my life and remind me what life
meant to live again. To do the sports that I loved again. Last year, I was his biggest fan. Early morning races,
transition encouragement, being a photographer
and loudest cheerleader, I was silently willing
myself to enter a race. Standing in the crowds, waiting
to watch the triathletes at an ITU event last summer
I said out loud to myself, I can do this, and I should be doing this. He heard and completely agreed, so we started encouraging
each others’ training and reporting back to each
other after we completed it. Fast forward to May of this year, when, after cheering him into the pool, I lined up to get my own timing chip. So many emotions flood over me, could I do this? How would I finish? Would he still be proud
of me if I finish last? Nothing has felt better all year, than to cross the finish
line on my own will to see his happy face. We love this sport. Three triathlons later,
we are going strong and training for the 2019 season where we will compete at ITU Pontevedra and he is training for an Ironman. Multiple sclerosis may be my diagnosis but it does not define me. Richard and I love you
and we are triathletes.’ Congratulations, Keltie and Richard. That one gets me a little bit emotional. It is so cool to see how you two have got together through triathlon and encouraged each other and enjoy it very clearly as a couple and not letting your sickness get the best of you. This is inspiring stuff! I love this! Thank you very much
for your story, Keltie. If anyone wants to get
their story shared here on Triathlon Newsday Tuesday, email me at [email protected] and if you aren’t yet subscribed, hit the subscribe button below. Thanks Keltie. I like that one. That is a good one. Later, Trainiacs.

Bernard Jenkins


  1. Sure, Armstrong cheated. But so did the current world champion cyclist. The lifetime ban is abusive and vengeful.

  2. I think Lance gas earn the right to left alone, and to have the tight to get on the saddle. I’m sure he’s got more interest in helping and fund raising, and has great potential for it. The ban is just wasting that potential.
    And he is still a cancer survivor who got back on his feet and played with the best … might not like doping, but since it was (is!?) a reality, got to recognize what he is done and achieved.

    Wow, that trainiac story pulled some tears. Beautiful, and inspiring!

  3. Lance is a piece of shit. Cheating is one thing, the careers and reputations he went out to destroy is another thing completely.

  4. They all dope! Go hold 400 watts for hours and days on end tell me you don't need a deca shot. hahaha!

  5. No and no. Lance did what everyone else did. He just won and his attitude makes him stand out and so they … anyway, I am a super Lance fan!

  6. No ITU races!? What about Miyazaki World Cup, Santo Domingo CAMTRI, Santiago CAMTRI, Agadir ATU!? Common Taren!

  7. I think Lance should be able to race again. I don’t think people are so mad about the doping (because as much as they won’t admit it, everyone was doping at the time). I think it’s more the way he lied about it and treated his peers throughout the process. I have respect for him, and he’s done his time.

  8. Lance is great!!! We all make mistakes, although his was common among pro cyclist, he got punished while others did not, he paid the price for this several times over, past time to burry the hatchet!

  9. UCI used Lance to clear its conscience….love him or hate him, Lance put cycling on the map.

  10. While I’m in the “cheating is wrong” camp, I’m also of the belief that Lance was incredible to start out before any drugs got involved. Performance-enhancing more of the chemotherapy it broke his body down as well. Also a firm believer that, at least here in the states, Lance did for cycling what Tiger did for golf- golf and cycling both being looked at as needing a lot of money to get into, but then these guys made it so popular that the companies started making more affordable bikes and golf clubs to to allow any easier entry point. I may be wrong, and YouTube world might disagree with me, but without Lance Armstrong, cycling wouldn’tBe nearly as popular as it is currently, scandals or not. Should he be banned for life, I’m not sure about that, because I mean really, I’m pretty sure whatever drugs were in his system are probably gone now and he’s not exactly young anymore….just my uninformed opinion. Great stuff Taren

  11. Waiting for the Newsday Tuesday title to be "NTK Becomes TK: She is signing up for her first triathlon!"

  12. The fact that one of the greatest cyclists of all time, Wiggins, still gives Lance such respect for his accomplishments says a lot. All of the top guys Lance beat say that he won those races. There are so many dopers that have been caught, and more importantly hundreds that haven't been it's just impossible to truly know. Lance CLEARLY deserves to be considered one of, if not the best ever. However, a lifetime ban from competing may still make sense for PR reasons and things.

  13. Lance wasn’t the only one doping at that time. It’s how he handled being investigated and the threats and bullying that is the difference. Had he just come out and said “yes I doped, check the rest of the peloton as well” he would’ve been just fine.

  14. Fuck Lance Armstrong. I don't care that he cheated in pro sports, all pro sports have cheats. Lance is a heap of dog shit because he used Livestrong, the not-for-profit that was originally called "the Lance Armstrong Foundation" to shield all of his cheating. When you hear people say "but look what he did for cancer" understand that they are still under the whitewashing blanket of the Lance Effect. If things would get tight on the cheating side, he would make a commercial or give a speech about Livestrong. Doing this he was using the dead and rotting corpses of people I knew and loved as an umbrella. There is no justice. Lance's other ball would have rotted off if there were. If you stand by him, that's fine. I support your choice of being wrong. I spent over a decade within Livestrong and know what I know. I know because I was there. Fuck Lance Armstrong.

  15. Lance is a good dude. He lives down in Austin, TX. The city of Austin actually uses him as a spokesperson for a local event, and the first year he was the spokesperson, it literally TRIPLED the size of the event. Tell me how many cyclists can do that after being accused…

  16. Dear Taren,

    This was a great clip and thank you for sharing Kelty’s story. (Apologies if I spelt her name wrong) and we all wish her and her partner continued success, fitness and joy against all the adversity she/they face. Lance is a cheat and a fraud and whilst he may have trained and has the talent you cannot be a winner by cheating the system. Was he used as an example? Yes for sure, was the ban too harsh? Possibly, but like in any other sport, do a mistake once eg, footballer Tevez biting Italian defender Chiellini once and he was banned for a few months from all football, instead of life ban, do it repeatedly and yes the punishment should reflect that. So I agree with the ban as you get what you deserve. Should he be allowed to enter this sport, debatable, but if monitored closely and used specifically to educate aspiring triathletes as to what not to do and how to achieve success the right way then some good may come out of this I think. Only question I have is, how many are going to take him seriously? When he says without suffering, pain and dedication you will not achieve the goals you thrive for…how will we all interpret that, knowing he opted for an easier way out to cheat his way to legendary status as a rider, all be it in the fake manner it ended up to be. I still believe that it’s more story’s like of Kelty that we all need to be thankful for what we have and to get motivated to leave that front door and crush that work out towards our own personal goals. And of course all your superb videos Mr.T 😉 Thanks again and keep up the great work. Good day to all.
    Alan Azzopardi

  17. Yes I believe Lance should be banned for life not just from cycling but from all competitive endurance sports

  18. He will be always the cheater who got caught and pressure others to do the same, as long he was the guy taking advantage on the end, fuck this loser, nothing will clear his name, once a loser always a loser.

  19. I bet the cancer was all a lie, this way he could make more money with the fucking livestrong bullshit

  20. Lance didn't just cheat, he destroyed lives of people around him/in the sport. That being said, I don't really give a sh*t what he does anymore. Which says enough in itself, I think.

  21. I couldn't care less about the drug abuse. The entire peleton is full of it, the UCI is currupt beyond measure, who takes that sport serious at this point anyways. What set Lance apart was his absolute determination to destroy every single one who claimed he doped. He bullied Eddy Mercks out of buisness and into bankrupsy, he insulted and harrassed his former masseuse and a wife of a former teammate. He insulted former teammates because they called him out. He was the biggest star in cycling and he abused that power to make the lives of people who told the TRUTH about him a living hell, suing them into poverty. That set him apart. All of that while using cancer survivers as human shields for his actions. That should tell you all you need to know about Lance Armstrong.

  22. I would say Lance is an absolute no go in cycling. He's definitely not a bad person and he will always be an icon. BUT he is not just some schmuck who cheated and served his sentence. He was the most dominant Athlete in cycling ever. And all of this fueled by doping. Just imagine the thing that made your sport to what it is was a complete hoax. It deminished the value of cycling as a whole in the public eye. Since then no winner of the tour the France has been taken seriously because everyone says it's just doping. Imagine sacrificing so much just so that everyone says "he was doped anyway".

    And the argument that everybody doped anyway is not a good one. Because he was a big part of why a lot more people started doping. He even forced his teamates to start doping.

    This behaviour was despicable. And it's sometimes sad to hear him talk about it and realise deep down he hasn't really grasped the devastating effect he had.

  23. Yes, Lance is awful, he should serve the full sentence and we should not waste any more time with someone that has destroyed the livelihood of so many people in and around the sport. He is not just a doper, he is also a bully. Your constant mentioning of him is nothing short of a crude exploitation of public interest to generate views. Please, stop, it's beneath you.

  24. Taren, I'm curious when Daniela is going to get pee tested… any rumblings there?

  25. You asked for thoughts on LANCE, I'll add my 2 cents – Life ban is too excessive. He is crazy talented and I feel we are missing out on letting the world see him work. Sir Bradley – should be allowed to write what he believes. If you don't like it, don't buy it. I will buy the book. Thanks for asking.

  26. Lance was the greatest, everyone was cheating aswell. No one would stand a chance without doping the years he won. Hate the game not the player

  27. Of course, talking about Lance Armstrong must be legitimate. The strange part is calling him the archetypical Champion, UNLESS it is so that every pro is doping anyway, and he is just among the few that get caught. I sure love to think that this is not so, but who knows.

  28. Lesley Brainard…winner, winner, oreos for dinner!! Congrats to LB and her mom Sandy for their wins. Miama was Thunderstruck!!

  29. Wether you like or dislike Lance, he put cycling on the map. He is paying big time for everyone and this lifetime ban is a joke and just hypocrisy. What about all the other cyclist who got caught and are now competing in triathlon and even Kona?

  30. I went to school with Justin Lippert! He graduated from Clemson last year #gotigs

  31. Love Justin’s pink speedo and pink socks. All he needs is a sombrero to complete the perfect podium look!

  32. Lance is straight up the greatest cyclist of all time. Dope, no dope, no matter. His training and dedication to diet and fitness is what put the dude above all others that were in the ranks with him. They all doped before Lance, with Lance, and since Lance, and still no one can match his prowess. Of course, after saying that, he should not have a life time ban. He did the same stuff others were doing, he just did what most can't or don't have the stomach for, which is lie to bitter end. If media peeps dig as deep in other athletes as the did with Lance, they would find ridiculous amounts of illegalities in the sport. For the most part, cycling can be a clean sport, but when it comes to the attention placed on the 3 GT's, these guys just cannot help but to try to do something be a head up on others, and that is doping. Wiggins stated a fact, the French hated it then, and hate it now that an American whipped them hard and still France can produce no winner, so of course their knickers will always be in a twist with anything concerning Lance. Lance to the beating the entire peloton should have taken but it solved nothing, Lance lives on, Lance thrives and is still a force to be reckoned with. I am a lifelong fan of the guy, probably would never like him as a friend, but he IS a CYCLING ICON!

  33. In the last interview Lance said if he were to go back again he would still cheat to win.He was also not apologetic towards his actions. This demonstrates the heartlessness of Lance. Because of this interview I would say keep him out of racing until he was ready to say sorry to the world and all of the peoples careers he screwed up and victories he stole.

  34. I respectfully disagree with most comments here. Armstrong was hardly different than the rest of the competitors taking drugs. The team was getting destroyed in the races and were nowhere near competitive until they got on the program, like everyone else.

    Ben Johnson was hung up like this for steroids in the 88 Olympics. Years later the entire line of sprinters were tested (pee was kept on ice), all the sprinters were on drugs. Mr. “Smiles” Carl Lewis, Linford Christie, and line all took banned substances (5/7 failed the clean expectation – k not all). Also, to think any one of us would have behaved differently is untrue. “Ordinary Men”, “Tipping Point”, “Stanford prison experiment” and many others clearly describe how one’s environment deeply changes you. In Armstrong’s shoes, we all would have gotten with the program (or been sent home).

    Is he an ass without remorse? Dunno. But for me, I think he is a different athlete today. I believe he understands why people are upset. But why aren’t they as mad about A-Rod, Manny Ramirez, or any of these 65 guys: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Major_League_Baseball_players_suspended_for_performance-enhancing_drugs ?

    Anyhow, my $0.02. Love what you’re doing Taren, keep up the good work.

  35. He can’t compete in whatever sport period. But he is a voice to be eard about about cycling, Tour de France etc

  36. The whole world is rotten, one way or the other. Get over it. Lance inspires many people and should be allowed to compete as an AG'er in races. Many cyclists from that time was doped – no doubt about it, but no one talks about winners before Lance. Is it because the tests was'nt that good before… they are still mentioned as big champions.

  37. THEY ALL DOPED!!! Dope or no dope Lance was and still is one of the BEST pro cyclist ever. I love his podcast The Move. The cycling community needs to learn forgiveness and let him back into the cycling world. If you ever listen to his podcast he sounds like a man who is very humbled.

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