Troubleshooting 3d Prints. How to find the perfect filament temperature

hi here’s a quick guide to helping you
figure out the perfect temperature for any given filament bear in mind that some issues associated
with incorrect filament temperature are caused by other printer problems
this guide is assuming that all other printer settings are correct download the file linked below print the
cylinders using single wall thickness no top or bottom layers and zero infill
set the print temperature to a generally accepted temp for the filament that you’re testing the print
will produce to hollow tubes side by side once you
printed these check for excessive stringing between
the cylinders take note of how clean the surface is and most importantly attempt to pull
them apart and see if the temperature is high enough to give good layer bonding if you can pull the cylinder apart too easily
you should raise the temperature by five degrees and try again you might ask why not just print at high
temperatures all the time? the benefit of lower printing temps
are smooth finishes better clarity on some transparent
filaments less stringing as well as better overhangs and bridging
quality you just need to find that sweet spot between excellent print quality and excellent
strength doing this test will mean you’ll end up with a bunch a little
cylinders they’ll also have some nicely tuned
filament temps. Hey thanks for watching I hope you found this video useful if
there’s anything you’d like me to cover in another body in just leave a comment below if you’re in
Australia or New Zealand and you want printer, parts or fun just check out
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