Troubleshooting At 40,000 Ft, But I’m Still Not Your Repairman!?

Yukata Cowboy Season 2, this week’s episode is “Yukata Cowboy” “OCCUPATION” I thought one of the ways to fit in and connect with the people around me is to tell them my occupation. “DINNER PARTY” I’m invited to a dinner gathering at a house of a businessman. They ask me about my work, so I tell them. “Video artist” “Video artist. How wonderful. I wonder if
you can help us with our cable connection.” “Great idea. Do you mind? Our daughter’s favorite show is coming up in 10 minutes.” “BUS” Another time, I’m taking one of the long-distance
buses in New England, and the bus driver asks me my occupation.
“Video artist, huh? Do me a favor, buddy? Can you check if the video player
is working back there?” “AIRPLANE” One summer I’m taking a plane. I hear the
woman next to me struggling with her inflight video system, but I pay no attention and keep dozing off. Then the plane starts to rock.
I glance up and see a passenger coming down the aisle. “Ah, it’s you! I was at your screenings downtown and at the Miracle Mile” “Ah, you’re a videomaker, you think you can
fix this?” “Well, there’s a videomaker that looks a lot
like me.” and I always get mistaken for him. I actually work for the inland revenue service. “oh, oh, I better pop into the rest room.
Nice meeting you.” “Ah, never mind. I think I’ll just read a
novel. I didn’t deduct this from my business expenses. Totally private. This trip, totally private.” Please watch our other episodes of Yukata Cowboy! Subscribe to our channel now!

Bernard Jenkins

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