Troubleshooting Intertherm Furnace Problems

I need some help with troubleshooting Intertherm
furnace problems. I can help you with that. There are some basic
things you can do to troubleshoot whatever problems you are having. OK what do I do? I am a willing student. I am not really sure of the nature of your
problem, but a common occurrence with Intertherm furnaces is that the furnace is blowing cold
air instead of warm. You are psychic, that is exactly the problem
I am having. Well you are in luck buttercup, because I
know how to remedy that. First take off the panel on the front of the furnace. You may
need to unscrew it. Once you have done that you should be able
to take out a shiny box that is inside. Inside this box you will find a a limit switch. Make sure the limit switch is set to 90, 120
or 200. These are standard furnace settings. OK, that doesn’t sound too difficult. What
else should I do? Once you are sure that you have the limit
switch on the right setting, you simply use a white switch to reset the blower. That sounds simple enough. What if the blower
doesn’t start operating at this point? Well, at that point if you have reset the
switch and it still is not working it may be time to call in a repairman. You can only do so much when troubleshooting
Intertherm furnace problems. Oh the dreaded repairman, I hope it doesn’t
have to come to that. Well if it does, make sure that you get someone
who is qualified and equipped to deal with Intertherm furnaces. I will certainly do that, and you have been
most helpful. Thank you for that, and my tip jar is on the

Bernard Jenkins

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