Troubleshooting Pedalboard – Nick Know How #3

I’m trying to hunt down a problem on my pedalboard. I’m getting some volume loss. I think it’s coming from a bad pedal. And I thought we could check this out together. You’re gonna hear my guitar going straight
into the amp getting a fairly full tone. Then, I’ll plug into the pedalboard and you’ll
hear it going through the board sounding really thin. So it turned out to be an easy fix. I was able to take the tube screamer off the
board, try it with no tube screamer at all. Worked great. I put a second screamer on there and also
worked great. What could it have been? Well, obviously the first tube screamer could
have been bad. Maybe the cable’s bad but was still managing
to work with the second tube screamer. Or it could have been that the input jack
on the first tube screamer just didn’t like the way the cable was making the connection. We got it up and going and I was able to use
it on the gig that night. Took a picture. You’ll see that. Dig the red shoes. And, I think that’s it. Thanks for joining me on this. And make sure to like and subscribe if you
haven’t already and I’ll see you on the next one. Thanks. Bye.

Bernard Jenkins

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