Ultimate Solution to Good Health (अच्छे स्वास्थ्य का मूल मंत्र) – Dr. Khadar Valli (in English)

Bernard Jenkins


  1. 1:49:55 I am happy give her a “slap”??? instead of clap. 😂
    Have all these talks being proved scientifically or just naked eye observations.

  2. Sir gr8. Where can i get your literature. Please provide the path. Bcoz some of the pronunciation I could not understand regarding types of millets and quantities. You are real god on earth.

  3. Does it cure auto immune problem like ILD and auto immune hepatitis ?

  4. Sir, names of the millets in Hindi also please, also of kashayas.

  5. Salute SIR
    The quality and the DNA characters has to be preserved
    There should not be any Genetically modified crops for meeting the huge demands as every house will start using it

  6. Millet's(bajra/Ragi/Jawar mix kar k khane hai ya lag lag….plz help🤔

  7. Rajiv Dixit was a eye opener – but Dr. Khadra has stepped up this approach. High time it is followed and get due recognition.

  8. beta-hydroxybutyrate which is broken down from fat, is the other source of energy. Glucose is not the only one.

  9. what is your view about Barley? in the talk Barley was not mentioned . Is barley neutral, positive or negative grain?

  10. 54 min pr bewakoof mobil lekr baitha gonghu sunn le kush jahahahahaha pett mota ho rha hai sirf glusose h usme

  11. I really got a dent… Thanks for for sharing and awakening.. We need people like you

  12. Good information, too long. Too much repetition. Presentation needs to be methodical.

  13. Sir! Going solo will take too much time , please add people like Baba Ramdev, Dr N K Sharma and many more , So that we can save our planet, we are already late and dieing everyday.

  14. I think India worship “ COW” as Godess and they used milk for generations even before America is formed but still blame America for drinking milk. These stupid Indians take advantage of all American “ dream life” then start talk shit about America.
    India had child Marriage and many women gave birth to kids before age 13 in olden generations.

  15. Sir can Crohn's be cured with millets?? Is there a possibility?

  16. Good information, Majority of them can be found in Captain Ajit Vadakayil blogs

  17. I feel sorry for the 141 people who disliked this video.
    This video is Mind blowing and a big Eye opener.
    I stopped sugar and milk for 5 years now and feel good. I stopped my BP tablet after 3 months of diagnosis; and maintain a smooth work-life balance.
    The Key is NOT to be brand loyal. I rotate my tooth paste; rice and other items every time. Cos every item has chemicals and every fruit and veg has pesticides…………………………..

  18. If you feel 2 hours as long…..
    Tip: Click the Settings WHEEL and change the Playback speed from Normal to 1.25

  19. Sir.need ur no to talk to you my name is mrs.munmun mukherjee no is 7021182428.i saw ur program thats why need to talk to you.

  20. this should be promoted by the government as this will be great for our "annadata" the farmers also.

  21. I want to challenge Dr.
    This is may be 5% relevant.
    But this is no science to health.
    Only One Cure for All Diseases is science.
    Rest is drama.
    If he knew enough science he will not try to dramatise it.

  22. Buying Millets online is sooo expensive here in chhattisgarh..
    Why ppl will switch to Millets then? Evn if they take less water n pesticides grown cheaper but still companies sell them more expensive than rice and wheat.. Further many local online stores deliver only at south india..
    I think i have to drop the idea of healing with millets

  23. Dr Khader, your lectures are eye openers. Gid Bless you.🙏
    Our Government is responsible for all nonsense going in our food, Doctors and medical system.

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