Ultra Religious Muslim Women Violently Harass Iranian Lady For Not Wearing Hijab (English subs)

Islamist: Why are sitting like in the car? Lady: What is it to do with you?
Islamist: Get out the car now!
Lady: It has nothing to do with you. Islamist: Don’t you feel ashamed?
Lady: You have been oppressing us for 40 years. (Since inception of Islamic republic) Islamist: Get out now!
Lady: I won’t get out the car.
Passenger: Ms, what do you want with her? Leave her. Islamist: Why are you sitting in the car like this, get out now! Lady: It’s none of your business. Passenger: What do you want, you have made our lives hell. Islamist: Who told you that you can sit in the car like this?
Lady: Because I want to, go and do whatever you want. Islamist: No, you can’t sit in the car like this. Get out now. Passenger: Who the hell are you anyway? Lady: Do you have any (official) documents? Go get them documents. Islamist: We’re in charge of everything here, we’re in charge of everything in this country. Islamist: Get out the car now. Passenger: You’ve made out lives hell! Islamist: Why are you filming? Passenger: I do it because I can.

Bernard Jenkins


  1. doesnt mean islam is a bad religon, its because shes old and strict, this dont happen to me, and it looks planned

  2. The old lady probably thinks about the women safety for not wearing a hijab (scared the women might get caught or hurt or sth) & they are in Iran where the rules about wearing a hijab is rather strict. She might come across in a wrong way but pretty sure she meant well. I mean she’s an old lady, for goodness sake! I see the negative comments about her & Islam but where is your basic understanding & humanity. But of course it’s a lot easier for haters to judge & hate….. Have some mercy, come on!

  3. Fuck those 2 muslim whores. This is why muslims are hated. Dont force your ass backwards religion onto other people. Fuck Islamists! Piss be upon you Islamists bitches! Free Iran!

  4. Me: looks at my religion I'm Christian and believes in God,Jesus and Earth and Apollo Helios,and the moon!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ so would that woman also slap me and grab me for my beliefs

  5. stupid girl…just drive the car away from those bitches…why keep arguing with them???

  6. Hypocrite it is. When muslims were forced to remove their hijab in europe which the majority is christians, they criticized.
    But when non muslim students in bangkinang riau (indonesian) not wearing a hijab, they are forced to wear one, just to respect where they live and for the majority.
    is there any tolerance? Shouldn't we respect each other but not the majority? We should respect others like human, not by it's religions or covers.

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