Urinal Leaking From The Bottom

hello my name is Claude Taylor and for
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to cover in this video we’re in this is a church and we’re in the men’s restroom
of course because we’re going to do is we’re going to work on the urinals they have two urinals and both the
journals are starting to leak the road as you can see here in the video so
today what we’re going to do is we’re going to remove these p traps and the
spuds and we’re going to replace it now most journals today are made with
too intricate p traps meaning that the p-trap will built
inside the fixture itself so it’s not exposed and you don’t have access to it
but this is an older building and this is back when they had a lot of
speed traps that looks that were exposed me personally I kinda like these if I
was a drain text someone that clean drain lines because of the access is so
easy opposed to the ones with the speed traps
building this is the spud this is an inch and a half good and this
is the new agent ass but we’re going to put in here and these birds are no
different than the ones that you use on it again we have the flash tube and that
was just the discussion which is actually also called part of the trim
and this is the spud sometimes these birds tolerance but it’s
been on here so long that up they start to actually just sometimes
just willed them right off and this is an inch and a half but either way it’s a
half tallest bud and right now i’m using my own channel
lock pliers it makes it a little easier to remove
that night like I said this has been on here well
so a lot of cases you may not run into this especially if you live in areas
where the water is not so hard that’s spurred the washer yeah here’s the new spot the washer once you tighten and you can see that
the washer will splash up against it and seal ok now we’re back at the urinal yeah and of course this is our new inch and a
half spud yeah yeah and by the way when you’re installing
spuds on a taller on your home plumbing fixture best thing to do first before
you put the spot in places to make sure that the surface is very drive because
you have any kind of witness it will tend to spend on you and make it really
hard to install that up but of course pulling the old one out and kick we’re going to going to take this
cassette piece like this piece here but you can see the inside wall where they
have a PVC piping and we’re going to take the other piece the new piece is
going to cut it down just a little bit because the depth of the inside of that
sanitary t is not very not very deep so we don’t want we want to make sure that
we don’t cover the outlet end of the tea and causing a stoppage one thing about this song these journals i was very lucky that the
way system has been changed although they kept the old journals
which I don’t blame them there’s still some good journals and
working time that they did have someone come in and replace the drains me it would mean
myself are but prior to this knowing the age this building I’m sure that it was cast iron or some
type of lid which would have been an issue of at this early stage of the game
of replacing the journal so I looked out and they had that all replaced so all i
have to do is come here to replace the p-trap yeah yeah yeah this is the protective covering
covering for the discussion and also known as the trim the decorative piece
to cover hide this whole which is actually what about a little bigger
knees be but hey and what I am trying to do is to avoid
making that whole any bigger and destroying that wall leaving it looking
ugly I don’t think the customers gonna
appreciate that but I did let him know that it’s a possibility that I may have
to go into the wall but if I can save it i’m going to save it and this is just a random piece that I’m
using the kind of line up the trap and the actual piece that I’m going to
cut to put in there is no beer it’s gonna be a little longer than the
other piece that had up there and that piece right there that we put
in there is no more than just a it’s a half piece of tubing brass tubing yeah yeah yeah yeah mhm ki and I’ve got everything tightened up now
it’s time to test your out and I’m removing discussion to make sure that
the compression nut in the wall is not leaking because again remember I said
that we don’t want to have to go into the wall but the only way we would be
able to tighten that nut is to go into the wall so what I did is squeezed the tubing
back in here and we lucked out and it’s not leaking it’s in there tight enough so we don’t
have to destroy the wall yeah and the next video it’s going to be
another urine but this journal is going to be a little harder to get the split
up all right here’s the other journals and
this but that look too good the piping little bit too good uh this is one I had difficulty with and
you’ll see what that did to make it not so difficult yeah and as you can see on the back wall you
see that the compression nut is actually protruding from the wall so this one we
have a little easier access to the drain spot so I mean the drain nut so that
helps a lot so we can really ensure that we got this
tight enough and again if you want the same thing
with the other one of piping the PVC piping has been installed in the wall
and replaced from the being cast iron or later whatever was back at the time
because this is an older building yeah that would serve way to go yeah mmm yeah yeah in here we go for an adventure on
removing this spirit it’s really kind of frozen on here yeah yet we could turn it but the whole some
blood turn and that’s not what we want yeah yeah this is a little of a side angle of
grindr today keep with me for occasions like this the blade is a diamond blade and it’s
very good blade last a long time matter fact I probably had this one for
by about eight years already and i’m still cutting metal and cast iron and
everything else with it so what we’re doing here is we’re just
cutting a little slit down the middle so that we can split the brass nut that’s stuck in place and once we split
that it will make it a little easier to try to pry things apart and get out of
here and you do have to have a lot of patience when working on toilets and
your roles because of the porcelain could easily crack so you just want to
work real careful with this yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah all right let’s um let’s cut another
slit in here now this should make it a little easier of course getting the the nut off there
is not it’s it’s not to put too much of a fight of this time but we are going to
have issues with that of rubber gasket sets up in there is something there it’s been up there a long time so that
the workbook that loose to get the spread out yeah it’s not as much as a that the spots
been up there a long time the biggest issue is the all of the
corrosion and all of the build-up from you know use and everything dripping on
that the calcium buildup it’s making it really hard to get this
but off because it’s basically with the Gaussian just turned into basically one
piece and again I am trying to stay out the
way the camera so i put my best effort sometimes have to be put on hold and I
have to take my time with the camera and the way make sure I don’t practice of
ceramic porcelain Lee yeah yeah I’ll get the nut off now we have to
fight a little bit with this gasket and get it off yeah yeah yeah yeah ok ok yeah finally ok now let’s clean that surface up a
little bit dry it up and then we can put the new spot over here this is what the after the split been removed what we see
when we look up you’re an old one was look down the narrow the first two and that was just the
discussion which is which we also called part of the trim this is spud sometimes these birds Thomas but it’s been on here so long
that up they start to actually just sometimes
this will then write off and this is an inch and a half good way each and a half tallest good and right now i’m using my own channel
lock pliers it makes it a little easier to yeah yeah like I said this is going on here well a lot of cases may not run into this
especially if you live in areas where the waters man spread yeah the new split titan see the Washington push up against it seal no now let’s get back to our urine off
here we are at the year old again and just seeing the commercial tallit with
the inch and a half spud and again the same thing here once from the top and
one goes it Bob and again and before you put the spot and place
and start cranking down on it make sure that the porcelain is nice and dry so that the spot doesn’t spin internal yeah yeah yeah now we’re not going to put that piece
back we’re going to do I’m going to use that piece as the measurement and cut
the new one the exact same size yeah yeah so we take all of tubing cutters and
we’re going to cut the piece out make it to fit yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah you would you notice I keep turning the
tubing tool around and around and around but each time that turn it i crack down on the wheel and it
squeezes on the pipe and if you can see the temptations right there that were
just about ready to cut through it and given again remember this is all
inch and a half to be this is just a piece of ancient have tubing are more
most likely this piece here came off the other end of this jay been that I use
when I cut it down designed to fit so rather wasted we put it on this in and one thing about the smarts now that i think about it are you this is a usually a spot you just really
don’t go to places like Home Depot and pick one up are you you’re going to have to go to a
plumbing supply house although he’s hardware and true value I have randa to stores like those that
have had the to carry spots but one was likely at the home people clothes or
anything like that you’re really not going to find this bud I’m not saying it’s possible not
possible but in most cases I’ve never found them in the area home depot or lowes yeah yeah and you can hear me flushed it
constantly testing to make sure there’s no leaks
before we wrap up and leave out of here once again and I’m club Taylor thank you
for watching and if you liked subscribe and give me a thumbs up thank you

Bernard Jenkins


  1. Claude
    I was so surprised and happy to see your video in my subscriptions notice this month. Claude you've gotta know that there's some guys like me out here who appreciates your videos. I like the way you give your knowledge in easy to understand ways and the tips are great, for instance, who would have thought about the tube extension in the wall not being too long that it would extend into the drain T. I mean I know that but how many of us would think about that during this repair. I'll never forget it now however. Like I said, Claude it's good to see you back, looking forward to more from you.

  2. Shouldn't the tailpiece going into the bottom spud have a flange on top with a top hat washer?

  3. Hi there mate you or u ok there mate you or u ok GOOD Job mate I hop u you or u or ok mate u or u ok there mate form Greg Bouchard

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