Vermeer Engineers Designing Solutions: 604 Pro G3

– I’m Ben Helland, and I’m a senior project
engineer at Vermeer. I grew up on a family farm. I’ve been working in
engineering for 11 years. When I started at Vermeer, I worked on a tree care product line. And I worked to launch a new arborist series of brush chipper. While I’m proud of the
patents that I have, most importantly I’ve got a passion for working with the team, leveraging their strengths, and achieving great work. Every year, finding five
days of good weather to make dry hay is nearly impossible. Once seen as a rarity, baling high-moisture crops is taking the industry by storm. It helps operators overcome the weather and make higher quality hay. But, it takes a real tough baler to handle the rigors of wet, heavy crops. Vermeer knows haymakers in North America want a baler that can handle
the tough field conditions producers are up against. Built right, right here in Pella, Iowa, for North American customers, we are excited to introduce
the latest 604 G3 Pro baler, specifically designed for silage baling. (upbeat music)

Bernard Jenkins

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