Vespa GTS Radiator Fan checking it works

Hello everybody it’s Lurgs here and
welcome to my channel. And today how to check the Radiator fan on your Vespa GTS just to make sure that it cuts in when the engine gets too hot. But before
we get started I think we better have a nice cup of tea. ‘Hey careful man there’s a beverage here huh’ So this is my Vespa GTS 300
but this should be the same in all GTS models or any water-cooled Vespa models
and what you’re doing is you’re basically just running the engine till
it gets hot and checking that the radiator fan is going to cut in
correctly. So what we are going to do is just going to start it up. At the moment it is cold and we just can let it run for 5 to 10 minutes. And let the engine get warm. So
the radiator on my GTS goes right across the front there it’s just behind the front wheel. So let’s just pan down to the front So this is the other side of the
radiator here and the actual radiator cooling fan is at the back of this so
we’ve just got a little grate here so if we just have a quick look inside here You can just see the radiator fan there So we’ve got the engine running at the
moment it’s going to take 5 or 10 minutes just to warm up. Right so now
it’s getting nice and hot, now it should cut in when the temperature gauge gets
to about here if it doesn’t switch it off because you do not want to overheat
your engine. So let’s just keep an eye on the fan. And there it goes
absolutely brilliant so now that is going to start cooling the engine down
and cooling the water in the radiator and lovely jubbly so that’s just a really
simple check to make sure that your radiator fan is going to cut in and cool down your engine, as I say if it gets anywhere close to that RED switch off immediately! If you found that video useful please subscribe by pressing this button down here, really do appreciate you visiting my channel Guys and Girls,
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