VLOG. New Fitness Photosession. Harassing Football Players at Practice and Dancing the Can Can

I just got told by one of the football players to not Use that toilet because I’m pretty sure he just did some damage in there So I’m asking everybody a see if they can help me find the running track and nobody knows where it’s at I probably made the mistake of asking a bunch of smokers this guy I said hello, sir Do you know where the running track is he said no? I only have one he thought I was asking him for a cigarette no I am NOT So finally met up with C Photographer and we came in to chat and start dancing. Yeah, we Started showing Steve, what other options that had for wardrobe And we made a couple selects to see what we would shoot next I had to hide Penny’s balance because there was no changing General is a really beautiful sunny day. It was a little windy though hence why I’m doing this voiceover because None of my vocal footage went through is it the wind but look at me run look at me I’m like a stallion running up the stairs Swishing the hair yes like a gazelle on to the headphone Getting my fitness and the shoes which professional At this point I simply couldn’t resist and the boys were like whoo Wow I’m like you know what I Think we should dance together And I make them do the can-can with me watch our legs fly some of them got it others Not so much look at the two cool ones in the back like no. I’m not doing that shit Hmm well they missed out Again prancing dancing from the predator like gazelle Oh Cartwheel cartwheel cartwheel, but you didn’t know I could do that mm-hmm number 70 number 33 get that ball boy get it I Tried to play with them they wouldn’t accept me their loss How do you feel about issue That’s fine yeah, he was on the football field we saw him earlier And that’s it don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and give this video big

Bernard Jenkins


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