Volvo V40 T4 Business Sport vs Mercedes A180 Business Solution

We get to choose lease cars again. Volvo gained from the 14%
additional tax liability, D2 etc. Mercedes didn’t have that benefit.
We’re going to drive these cars again. The premium C segment is getting old. A3, A-Class, V40, 1 Series, and Lexus CT. We’ll have to choose.
Are we going to drive or are we done? Seeing them together… The red one has
sport wheels. Gray, 16 inch energy savers. The A-Class also comes with hubcaps. Let’s drive. First try. Look at the hood on the premium car.
It has no stick. One already wins for looks. I think the base model
A-Class is prettier than the base model V40. That doesn’t matter here. You selected them.
The prices are about the same. Yes. Both… Business Sport and Business Solution. Sport is obvious, but I don’t know
what kind of solution this is. It’s a solution for mobility.
– A mobility solution. I think it’s pretty. Both are facelifted,
but I don’t know how the A-Class changed. The same goes for the V40, except the headlights.
– Thor’s hammer. Thor’s hammer. I like that. Shall we go for a drive?
– Let’s do that. Why is there a shoe here?
You left your flipflop here. The one with glitters. Pick it up.
– Grose, no. Touch it Wouter, for the video.
– That’s funny. People want to see. I wonder where the person is. Is he in the bushes? A remote parking lot.
We’re going before we’re accomplices. You can leave Martijn behind. Let’s start with the ultimate lease car,
the Mercedes A-Class. This is a Business Solution edition,
the Mercedes action model at the moment. Mercedes offers a Garmin satnav,
back-up camera, and other goodies. You pay 32,000 euros. This is a good price for a Mercedes. It’s not looking its sexiest in gray and 16 inch rims. There are solutions for this.
We’re driving an A 180 gasoline car. That means we have 120 hp
and 200 Nm (148 lb ft) torque. This also means we do 0-100 kph
(62 mph) in 8.3 seconds. The theoretical top speed is 202 kph (126 mph). You’ll need a long road without headwind.
It doesn’t feel slow. Wouter will surely want a drag race,
so we’ll see how quick it is. We’re definitely going to do a drag race.
This one does 0-100 kph (62 mph) in 7.8 seconds. There are more advantages. I think this is a pretty car.
We’ve seen much of the R-Design on the V40 and the low additional tax liability cars.
This is a facelifted V40. The engine is new. It used to have a Ford engine;
smaller gasoline engines at Volvo. This T4 engine is bigger. 2 liter feels more solid. It’s a Volvo engine, so that’s nice. I dare to take on the drag race. 3, 2, 1, go. I don’t know if Wouter shifts gears like crap,
or if my automatic transmission is that good, but 57 hp makes very little difference. A false start for Casper. I think so. You see the difference between
a manual and automatic transmission. I have to do everything myself. A Mercedes AT
is a 7-speed, so it’s in 3rd when I’m still in 2nd. The gears are shorter,
which makes for a small difference. However, there is a large difference
at highway speeds. Really, trust me. If you squint, these rims look like
the turbine rims of the first generation BMW M5. No, they don’t look like those at all. They look like a cheap cheese grater from Blokker. From the Action. Is it your car kit? I can’t understand these guys. Another one. A friend. An A-Class Business Solution costs,
as this A 180, 32,000 euros. This buys you the manual transmission.
We have the 7-speed automatic transmission. That one is 34,000 euros.
In all it’s a rather complete car. It could do with a sexier design.
You’ll have to choose the AMG line. That one is 45,000 euros. The R-Design package on this Volvo V40
Business Sport costs 0 euros. It’s all inclusive. That’s why Sport
and Business Sport. The R-Design is included. This is the car…
The roof isn’t standard for the Business Sport. This one has Intelli safe line, which means
active cruise control, lane departure, etc. Those are extras, but 29,995 euros buys you
187 hp from a 4-cylinder 2.0 gasoline engine and a manual transmission.
Or a diesel car with 148 hp. Satnav, park distance, R-Design… That’s OK. I’ve been nice to you. I said 57 hp,
but you have 67 hp extra. I thought that if I left full throttle, the gap would
be too big and you wouldn’t see us in 1 shot. I saw him shift 2 times.
I think he used 1st, 3rd, and 5th gear. That’s fun to try. I keep looking at the car and it’s very boring. That can be fixed. I talked about the AMG package. 4,500 euros for spoilers and 2 exhaust tips.
I’m walking through the jungle. Will you talk to the people?
– 4,500 euros is a lot of money. I think it’s just bumpers. It doesn’t make sense. This is complete. Look, the folder. You have to pick the right color. There are 4 shades of gray.
– I like this green. Red is a pensioner’s color. It’s bordeaux red. Jupiter Red. And now the right rims. 16 inch? Look how low it is. Like this.
– Exactly. Everything buckles, except the springs.
Let’s not do that. Pick some good rims and it’s done. Plenty of rims. That’s not the problem. It is possible. We stressed the difference between the two cars. You have a good-looking car
and this one could’ve been sexier. Yours is 35,000 euros and this one is 33,000 euros. If we’re ticking boxes for your car… Then it’ll be more expensive.
Volvo already offers a great deal. I don’t think you’ll find this anywhere else. I think BMW or Audi compare
to the A-Class, not the V40. You’ll get everything. I’m enjoying the flowers behind you. You try to shoot a substantive video…
– Someone will know what flowers these are. Those flowers…
– I’m leaving. I’m going to shoot different things. Later. Subtitles – Maru’s Text Support

Bernard Jenkins

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