VSDC Free Screen Recorder: troubleshooting

Volume 2 Screen recorder Now, let’s move on and briefly review the most common issues you may experience while working with VSDC Free Screen Recorder, and see how to fix them. If you get the “Settings are invalid” error message when you try to use Screen Capture or Video Capture, you need to install the MPEG4 codec for your OS manually and try again. Use the link in the description to download the codec to your PC 2. If you get the “recording is interrupted” error message and the preview window is black when you intend to capture a video from your deskto make sure you are using “Screen Capture” If recorded footage is lagging, go to the “Settings” menu and select the “ffdshow video encoder” codec for the output video then change the framerate to 60 fps. In the description below, we’ve provided the link to download this codec to your PC in case you can’t find it in the dropdown menu Another option is to download K-Lite Mega Codec Pack and install it to your computer manually. If instead of the recorded video you see a green screen, , there are two ways to fix it. First, you can try using a different media player. And if that doesn’t help, try using the 32-bit version of VSDC editor. If you want to end recording faster using keyboard the default hotkey combination is Shift + F5. If the control panel disappears after you click the ‘start recording’ button please make sure you’ve checked the box named “Show panel when you start recording”

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  1. There's also a glitch with the Resolution settings
    It won't save my custom resolution..

  2. Hey! I have been using VSDC editor for a long time. Can you pls add Pop Up Effect!

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