Vulcan Convection Oven Troubleshooting

I need your input on Vulcan convection oven
troubleshooting. They have gas ovens and electric ovens, from
home sized to restaurant sized. You’ve probably seen their institutional and restaurant ones
too, that are glorified warming ovens. I think I saw their double stack convection
ovens in the bakery at the grocery store or pizza place. Yes, but those twelve thousand dollar ovens
are way more expensive than anything you’d have installed. How do I trouble shoot the oven I do have? I’m assuming rebooting the thing didn’t
resolve the errors. It just is not cooking things right. Like a lot of ovens, the problem could be
the sensors or the control panel. On a Vulcan oven, you have to remove the mechanical thermometer
before you can remove the control panel to replace the control panel itself. You have to disconnect the temperature probe
leads too, to get to the wiring harnesses. If you said things were burning, I’d suggest
checking the thermometer. If it wasn’t cooking at all, I’d ask if you were confusing the
cook timer and hold timer. I know it won’t cook if you set the hold
timer but do not set it to actually cook anything. Unlike a lot of ovens, the Vulcan ovens do
have a temperature control you can calibrate. You have to remove the right side panel, remove
the probe leads, remove the probe guards and such to get to it, though. I’d rather have a professional do that.
How would you rate their customer service? Vulcan’s ovens have a standard one year
parts and labor warranty. It’s the same warranty as Wolf, their affiliated company. If I wanted an over-priced, under-performing
oven, I would have bought a Wolf oven. I thought the warranty was longer than that. The drawer slides in the drawer warmers have
a lifetime warranty. That’s the least likely thing to go out. They consider leveling and calibrations the
responsibility of the installer, so if the service involves calibrating the thermometer
or balancing an off-balance oven, you’re stuck with the full bill. So the price to fix for pizzas cooking with
all the pizza piled on one side is still my responsibility. If the food above the burners burns while
the rest is under-cooked, I’d say the blowers are out. I’d know if the blowers were out by the
silence. If the oven wouldn’t run at all because
it doesn’t recognize the doors are shut, I’d suggest taking off the front cover,
disconnecting the leads, and replacing the door switch. Unlike a lot of ovens, the Vulcan ovens don’t
have problems with doors that do not seal well or hinges that break. No, they just tend to wear out due to the
heavy use they are intended for.

Bernard Jenkins

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