Water In Your Washer? Soap In Dispenser? DIY Washing Machine Repair

– There’s water in my washing machine, is it in yours too? Welcome to my world. I wanna fix this, I want you to come along with me, figure out what’s going on here, get the washing machine up and running, clean clothes, do I wear clean clothes? Make, fix, grow, cook, GardenFork. This is a story, come along
for the story, please. Stay to the end, see if we fix this. This all started out because, in here, in the soap doohickey drawer, the soap wasn’t completely clearing out, when you put a little soap in here, less is better with these
front-loading things, and I noticed that the soap wasn’t completely emptying out. So you go on the internet, and it says, oh, just wash this out,
’cause this hole, here, plugs up, so I did that, and it kept on just not washing out all the way. And ’cause I’m an observant person, people would tend to disagree with that, I noticed something when I was, ow, my fingers are stuck, let me show you. All right, this pulls out, and then see there’s some residue water there, press this down, and that comes out. And then, in here, water comes out of that to wash this into there. (washing machine tone) Watch what happens here. (washing machine knocks) (water gushing) Oh, cause the water’s in there it ran. It already senses there’s enough water. (washing machine beeping)
What would happen here, is that water would barely drip out, of up in there, okay? And that told me that there
was something else wrong. There’s not enough water coming out to wash out the soap dish. And then, there was
water, oh, that’s locked. There was water in here over the week, to the point that it flowed over, and, well, I got water in my basement. That’s some ghoulish
lighting I got going here. So that had me thinking, (tapping on washing machine) there’s something inside the machine, I think the valve that controls the water wasn’t opening enough,
and then couldn’t close. So not enough water powerful enough to swish all this out of here, and then when it would close, or the washer would turn off, it wouldn’t exactly turn off, but it would slowly trickle in and fill up the tub. That’s lovely lighting. I just have this fluorescent light, I’m in the basement, the
lighting is not terrific here. I looked on the internet for my brand of washer, and it ends up,
there’s a thing like that, soap not draining, washing out, and then this tub filling up. I mean the machine is turned off, and there’s still water running through the soap dispenser area. That’s not a good thing. And it has to do with the valves, electric valves in the back, clogging up. Here’s why I think it’s
really effecting me. There you go. Our well has always had, well,
I guess you call it grit. This is actually, granite? Our drill is hammer drilled, ’cause we own our own
granite here in New England, and so, this filter keeps the majority of this stuff out. But I think maybe when
I changed the filter, or maybe this isn’t sealed
completely on the top, some of this gets through,
and over the years has accumulated in the valve,
the washing machine valves, and maybe it got stuck open
and they don’t quite close, maybe they’re clogged? Oh, there we go. Tada! Soap dispenser unit. The drum. Electronics. Water valves, cold are blue, hot is red. Make sure this is unplugged
before you open it, okay? Learn from me. Using a Sharpie, for its correct purpose, I’m going to mark these, label these. One, two, three, one, two, three. Take pictures when you take apart. I took the hoses off, there
are little inline filters here, and then screws that hold
the valves onto here. It should be pretty straight forward, and then life isn’t straight forward, but I think I can do this. These filters are pretty crudded up, but just the fact that the drum fills up, means we have a bigger problem here. I’m gonna take those out. I really like having a
6-in-1 screwdriver multitool, I’ll link below to the one I
use, in the show notes here, but you pull this out, nut driver, nut driver, Phillips standard. Nut drivers are real
handy for removing stuff. Before we take it all out, let’s disconnect all this. There we go, okay. Ai, that’s horrific lighting, sorry, but we’re here to fix a washer, right? So this, I’m pretty sure
is just beyond repair. Oh, jeez, can you see in there? Wonder if I could get the camera. It’s completely plugged. Wow, look at that! There’s a screen in there. Ooh, that’s bad. If your washer is just not running the soap through well enough, it might be this thing, but because mine is also leaking into the tub, I think the sediment is
in the valves already, so, I’m gonna replace this. The magic of video. New valve, not cheap, ordered it online. I’ve already got this thing apart, I could try and clean the thing, but it looks like it’s all pressed into one big glub of plastic, so I’m just gonna replace it. You could try and just clean it, and let me know in the comments. What you think? Put this in. I’m also gonna replace
the hot water valve, ’cause it was inexpensive
and I bought one, so both of them, in. (upbeat music) Okay, these are the old ones
with the clogged filters. These are the new ones. This took, what, 10 minutes? Make sure you haven’t left
anything inside here, okay? Like the box that I found. Smart. Oops, yeah, don’t do that. Art, my helper is here. Let’s see if this works. (washing machine beeping) We’re just gonna set it on speed wash. (washing machine beeps)
Go. Let’s see what happens. (water gushing) What a beautiful thing. It’s working though, isn’t it? Aint that a beautiful thing? Be sure to unplug, turn off hoses, take pictures as you do this, all right? There’s more GardenFork,
a video be right here, why don’t you and I spend
some more time together, I’ll see you in the next
video here, all right? – [Woman] You and I are gonna spend time cleaning clothes now. – Yeah, while they’re watching this video. (woman laughs) – [Woman] All right.

Bernard Jenkins

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