WeKast – Plug & Cast Solution Makes Presentations Easier!

Do you guys have an adapter? Hmm…there’s supposed to be audio. What’s your WIFI password? NEXT! How did you get set up so quickly? Let me tell you about WeKast! WeKast is a pocket sized professional tool. It connects to any screen and lets you present
straight from your phone. Just plug and cast! No more cables, no more laptops and no need
to connect to Wifi. All you need is your WeKast and a smartphone. Just plug into any HDMI
or VGA port and you’re ready to go. You control everything from the app. Whether you’re presenting
slides, business docs or just pictures and videos on your phone. We made presenting easy
so you can focus on being your best! The best presentations are conversations where you can interact with the people watching. That is why we came up with WeKast Engage! A platform where you can
share your slides, collect feedback in real time and follow up with attendees, all through
our simple app, no matter how big your audience is. We’ve completed the design, refined the prototype,
and we are excited to finally share our solution with all of you on Kickstarter. With your help, we can make the perfect presentation tool available to everyone. If you are someone who shares great ideas and needs a professional tool that you can rely on, then back WeKast. Because there’s no second chance to make a
great first Impression.

Bernard Jenkins

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